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james Smith

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Auto League Stats

  • W-L This Year
    4,294 - 3,591 (.545 PCT)
    (#165 of 25804) in Wins
  • W-L All Time
    14,762 - 12,942 (.533 PCT)
    (#436 of 25804) in Wins
  • Playoffs: 88
    (#356 of 25804)
  • Rings: 15
    (#387 of 25804)
  • MVPs: 4 (#846 of 25804)
    CYs: 11 (#474 of 25804)

Custom League Stats

  • W-L All Time
    27,601 - 27,940 (.497 PCT)
    (#109 of 25804) in Wins
  • Rings: 10
    (#198 of 25804)

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Auto League Trophy Case

North Haven Ninjas

Best of 2000s

Ellenton Astos

Favorite Teams

Bradenton Tarpons

Best of 1970s

Ellenton Manatees

Best of 1980s

Ellenton Panhers

Best of 1990s

Ellenton Mayhem

Random Players

Ellenton Hammers

Best of 2022

Ellenton White Sox

Favorite Teams

Cubs of Ellenton

Favorite Teams

Cards of Ellenton

Favorite Teams


Favorite Teams

Cardinals of Ellenton

Favorite Teams

Tampa Yankees

Favorite Teams


Favorite Teams


Favorite Teams

Custom League Trophy Case

Seattle Mariners

🥎The Not So Favorite Teams Basebal..

Haven Hammers

Decades League: 1980-1999

Macerata Angels

International League

New England Revolutinaries

Pedro's Changeup

New York Knicks

1979: "The Time Machine"

Oakland Athletics

Favorite Teams Association

St. Louis Cardinals

Double Elimination Tournament: 2000

Cleveland Indians

The Owner's Choice Baseball League ..

Hartford Dark Blues

Defunct Baseball League

Cleveland Guardians

Double Elimination Tournament: 1995

Toronto Blue Jays

Texas League with a Twist Season 15

Chicago Black Knights

World Baseball League

Award Winners (All Leagues)

Mickey Lolich (Gunslingers)

Cy - Four Score Fracas

Aaron Nola (Phillies)

Cy - 🥎The Not So Favorite Teams Ba..

Ryan Howard (Phillies)

MVP - 🥎The Not So Favorite Teams Ba..

Paul Sewald (Mariners)

Cy - 🥎The Not So Favorite Teams Ba..

Tyler Clippard (Nationals)

Cy - Best of the 80's,90's and Toda..

Clayton Kershaw (Elephants)

Cy - Best of 2010s

Ray Culp (Phillies)

Cy - MLB: 1972 "Golden Years"

Babe Ruth (Stogies)

MVP - All Decades Battle

Pedro Martinez (NATIONALS)

Cy - Favorite Teams

Aaron Judge (Yankees)

MVP - Best of the Best 1965-2022

Corey Kluber (Guardians)

Cy - Favorite Teams

Ron Guidry (Bucs)

Cy - Random Players

George Brett (Storm Chasers)

MVP - Favorite Teams

Mark McGwire (Cardinals)

MVP - Favorite Teams

Bob Gibson (Cardinals)

Cy - Favorite Teams

Nestor Cortes Jr. (Yankees 2)

Cy - Favorite Teams

Matt Carpenter (Yankees)

MVP - Favorite Teams

Brandon Belt (Pirates)

MVP - Powerhouse 2 - Bracket 2023

Denny McLain (Flying Tigers)

Cy - Favorite Teams

Pedro Martinez (Bruins)

Cy - Favorite Teams Association

Steve Urkel (Bobcats)


George Gervin (Knicks)

MVP - 1982: "The Time Machine"

Robert Reid (Knicks)

Sixth Man - 1982: "The Time Machine"

Michael Jordan (Bulls)


Robert Reid (Knicks)

Sixth Man - 1981: "The Time Machine"

Jerry Perkovich (Huskies)

Sixth Man - NCAA Basketball League 2024

Tyler Dean (Huskies)

MVP - NCAA Basketball League 2024

Tyler Dean (Huskies)

MVP - NCAA Basketball League 2023

Marques Johnson (Knicks)

MVP - 1979: "The Time Machine"

Hakeem Olajuwon (Rockets)

Defensive Player - 1990: “NBA, I Love This Game”

Larry Bird (Huskies)

Defensive Player - The Good and the Ugly Basketba..

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Player Scramble

BOS (baseball)3 - 1 (.750)12
KCR (baseball)14 - 2 (.875)010
NYM (baseball)3 - 1 (.750)12
NYY (baseball)8 - 3 (.727)44
PIT (baseball)1 - 0 (1.000)11