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Days Off In Sandbox League

When I began my sandbox league, I did check "give days off." However, it does not appear those days off were granted the first time around. The first chornological day that I started my league, I p.. Read More...

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Use of a Closer in Playoffs

I know this point has been litigated a lot on the Boards and most users don't like to use closers, but I always find myself micromanaging in the playoffs of leagues and going to a closer. I guess I.. Read More...

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Lefty/righty stats

I'm curious about the impact of lefty/righty matchups. I know we have the split data so we can see how each batter is performing, but there's a lot of explanations for variability when you look at jus.. Read More...

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Guy, Error coming up for Customs page.

Unexpected Error coming up for homepage of Best of the Best- 1947-2018 Read More...

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Wild Pitches

In one league that I am in, I have noticed that I have an abnormally high amount of wild pitches, especially from relievers. Is this due to them coming in too much, or when tired? Or my catche.. Read More...

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Unexpected Error *New*

Not sure if this is happening to everyone, but im getting hit with an unexpected error message when trying to access my leagues homepage. League ID 562 Read More...

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Supplemental Draft

I got Zach Grienke in the Supplemental draft but he is not showing up on my roster. I don't have a minor league roster yet. Is there somehting I need to do to pick him up? https://www.pennantchase.com.. Read More...

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Pitchers ranks changing

Is there a new adjustment in Mid-Century leagues where a pitcher's ranking changes after each game ? I'm talking " Actual Stat Rankings " not " Compiled Stat Rankings " . Read More...