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Unstable app - it is freezing up

The Pennant Chase app on my iPad has been unstable and frequently freezing up the last two days making it very frustrating to use. First, any suggestions to fix that problem? Second, If I delete the .. Read More...

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website issues

every page on the site now triggers my antivirus program with "multiple threats secured) : specifically "we've blocked the threat URL: mal on https:// openrtb .cootlogix .com" Read More...

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Starter who goes only 40 pitches?

Max Fried gets pulled after a couple innings every start. Is there something in a pitcher's "Real Stats" that would tell me he's on a low pitch count? Read More...

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Tiebreaker Question

Not sure if it's been asked or addressed on here, but figure I'll ask here and find out. Just finished a season and ended up in a 3 way tie with 2 other teams for the Wild Card. We all finished 90.. Read More...

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pinch runner question

how does pinch running work? Does it have anything to do with anything you set? does the speed you set to the fast runners affect it? if you dont allow a guy to get pinch hit for, can he stil.. Read More...

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Auto League Supplemental Draft

I propose that we try doing the supplemental draft for 6 rounds at the beginning of the season and do not bring in the waiver wire until then. Also, only one round per day, after day 3 there is 2 roun.. Read More...