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How come?

I know you guys get a bunch of questions like this that probably have simple answers, but I appreciate thoughts. Read More...

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Question for Veteran Commissioners

I am a first-time commissioner in a custom baseball league. Due to budget restrictions, many good players will not be signed to a contract and will go back into the free agency pool. When our off-.. Read More...

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Defense WAR

Hey everyone, Has the impact of defense been lessened, I just started noticing a significant drop in my defensive hits saved across my leagues. Did I miss an announcement? Certainly would impact my.. Read More...

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Confused about rankings

I am in a baseball auto league, 1970-present. I have 1985 Doc Gooden. He is ranked as a 76, which places him as the 34th best starting pitcher in the league. When I look at Baseball Reference,.. Read More...

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League List

11/2 tjm Website Questions 2

I think it would be nice to have the record of each of your teams posted, maybe right beside the team name, on your league list. Read More...

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The role of defense

In the baseball sim, does defense have a role beyond D+/- and errors? For example, suppose two teams play each other, with identical pitching. One team has a great defense; the other team has a poo.. Read More...

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2022 Free Agents

Seems that a couple of 2022 pitchers have leaked into the Free agent list of an in-season 70's to Present league. Is this kosher? I don't want to be "that guy". Maybe they can be assigned to Filler.. Read More...