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Contract Escalation/De-escalation

Hey, I run a custom league and want to know if there is a max on how high you can escalate or de-escalate contracts? An example would be.......can I go from $2 the first year to $20 the next, then $3.. Read More...

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Endurance & Schedules

Curious how Endurance ratings are calculated for this sim? Also, what is 'normal' for number of days off in leagues? We play a 132-game season (12 teams, play each other 12 times in balanced schedule).. Read More...

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Manager simulation not working right now, Clayton Kershaw got taken out while throwing a perfect game and he was only at 80 pitches. I did not set the manager to take him out at under pitch count, why.. Read More...

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Transaction Log Cleared

In one of the custom leagues I run, all the transactions until we started the first season of play have been cleared….has anyone else seen this in their leagues? The whole log didn’t clear, just back .. Read More...

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what is a vr and vl lineup

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Injuries heading into the playoffs.

If you have an injured player will he be made healthy once the playoffs start? Also can a player get injured during the playoffs? Read More...