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Pitchers ranks changing

Is there a new adjustment in Mid-Century leagues where a pitcher's ranking changes after each game ? I'm talking " Actual Stat Rankings " not " Compiled Stat Rankings " . Read More...

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The ol 85 IP SP issue, error ?

Rick Helling '96 listed as a SP ? But with 40 Stamina like his imported RP self. What gives ? https://www.pennantchase.com/lgRoster.aspx?tid=310-13&lgid=310 Read More...

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RP Felipe Vazquez not found in Database

Guy, I am trying to import RP Felipe Vazquez to a Pirates team being created in Best of the Best: 1947-2018. This is the player: https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/r/riverfe01.shtml I.. Read More...

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Division List

I noticed that when you try to choose a division for a team from the commissioner tools that the list is too short to see all the name. FYI. Read More...

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Minor glitch

Not sure what this is about or if it would cause any other problems, but on my league list, I see one league listed (Classic Rewind) where my team's Health Report shows "1 Injured, 4 in minors" which .. Read More...

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What does the D+/- stat in team ranking represent? Read More...

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Game Sim Times

I know that games are simulated every eight hours or so, but I was trying to find out what exact time in my league the games begin. How do find what time the games start for your league? Read More...