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Simulating games in sandbox issue

Have had a hell of a time simming games in my sandbox today. Got it done but it keeps popping up that someone in the league is already trying to sim a game. Like the sim process from the previous game.. Read More...

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Okay, Now I'm Not Sure.. ?

Now Ive been at it awhile here on PC, but I am now confused as far as defensive replacements are concerned. I always knew prioritizing your bench dictates the order that your PH will be drawn from, .. Read More...

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Commissioner ratings

Out of curiosity, how can you see your commissioner rating? I've been a commissioner for about a year now and realized that I don't know how I'm being rated by the owners in my league. I figure that m.. Read More...

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Importing Historic Teams

Something I havent seen before but when importing historic if i click the checkbox "Do not import if player is already on another team," the import doesnt seem to work and says that it successfully im.. Read More...

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Stupidest Question Ever

Ok, in an existing custom league, with several teams available, how in God's name am I missing the way to pick the team I want to take over out of who's available......or is that not even an option?.. Read More...

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Draft Times not being Shown

I have notice today that none of my season's redraft in league's where I am continuing to the next season are listing the times in which the redraft will occur. Under the league status where this info.. Read More...

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Problem with Web-Site

The gray area are blank.

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Possible compiled stat additions

4/28 DocB Website Questions 2

Guy, Would it be possible to add WAR and dWar to the compiled Stats. I tend to pull the compiled stats into google sheets or excel calculate them myself but it seems to me that it would be a valua.. Read More...

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supplemental drafts

Lately, I keep missing out on these drafts. This last time, I visited the league at 3:58 pm on the 18th and there was 11/12 joined. Then on the 19th at 3:30 pm I visited again and somehow it was day 4.. Read More...