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Pitch Count Possible Glitch?

This is my first time seeing this, so I don't know if this is just commonly accepted in the sim or even if it usually works and just didn't happen this time. Replay: https://www.pennantchase.com/l.. Read More...

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Same routine

Why do I start out every team winning and then 20 or 30 games into the season my teams ALL go on losing streaks that last for 10 to 15 games then my teams lose 2 out of 3 the rest of the season? Just .. Read More...

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Creating an unbalanced schedule

I am looking to create an unbalanced schedule where in division teams play eachother more than teams in the same league (but not same division). And teams in different leagues would play eachother eve.. Read More...

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Newbie here

Just wanted to say I am new here. I have played WhatIfSports SIM Baseball for years and wanted to add something new to my addiction :) Would just love to hear any thoughts, suggestions, the good, t.. Read More...

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2019 stats?

10/13 Ulster Website Questions 27

Does anyone know when the 2019 stats will be available? Read More...

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Fire Ratings

Say two players have identical real stat lines and both players face the same exact "average" pitchers for the entire season and have the same number of at bats. I'd expect them both (over a large en.. Read More...

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Auto League 36 - drafting is stuck

Auto League 36 seems stuck on round 9? Auto League 36 Best of 1970s (Round 9 runs at 7:56 AM (PT) on 10/1/2019) Read More...

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Newbie Q: Re stats/projections

Newbie here... apologies if this is on the wrong board. What stats are used in compiling a players stats that are then used in the randomizer? A good example of my question: Mookie Betts vs Chr.. Read More...