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Pagan powers Seminoles to win over Wolfpack

John Pagan blasted 2 homers, lifting the Seminoles to a 7-0 win over NC State. | Box

Rowland powers Gamecocks to win over Tigers AUB

Korey Rowland blasted 2 homers, lifting the Gamecocks to a 13-3 win over Auburn. Kurt Locker hit 2 homers in the game for the Gamecocks. Bill Prokep hit 2 homers in the contest. | Box

Pike powers Trojans to win over Bruins

Rip Pike blasted 2 homers, lifting the Trojans to a 6-1 win over UCLA. | Box

Vann baffles Mountaineers, Hawkeyes win

Jim Vann struckout 8 West Virginia batters in a 5-1 win for the Hawkeyes. | Box

Fields delivers in clutch, Wildcats AZ win

Boot Fields drove in 4 runs, carrying Arizona to a 5-3 victory over the Huskies WA. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

M. Rowland, Volunteers .3817 HR10 RBI
C. Nen, Seminoles .4505 HR12 RBI
J. Pagan, Seminoles .3046 HR11 RBI
B. Hayes, Ducks .5504 HR9 RBI
D. Thomason, Crimson Tide .3163 HR11 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

A. Huff, Ducks 0 for 20 (.000)
T. Hanebrink, Titans 1 for 21 (.048)
S. Partridge, Hawkeyes 0 for 20 (.000)
M. Russell, Cardinal STF 3 for 22 (.136)
D. Burke, Cardinal STF 2 for 21 (.095)

Leaders: SLG

M. Dobbins, Seminoles .754
E. Small, Mustangs .751
M. Greer, Bulldogs GA .726
D. Malloy, Sooners .675
J. Stafford, Hawkeyes .662

Leaders: H/9

D. Carroll, Trojans 4.5
R. Peralta, Bears 4.9
B. O'Neill, Boilermakers 5.0
C. Konik, Gators 5.1
D. Cairo, Sooners 5.3

2077 Redshirt Requests

Managers designated the following players as redshirts during the 2077 season. Eligibility will be determined and eligible players will be updated to 17 years old after the post season. It is recommended that you place your redshirt in the minors to protect them from entering a game.
To be eligible the player must:
-----Be 18 year old
-----Never have been redshirted before, and
-----Have no game appearances during their redshirt season.

If your redshirt does not appear on the list below, please message bhgray asap.

Arkansas Razorbacks: Bayless, Lafayette (?)
Baylor Bears: Finnegan, Ryan (SP)
California Golden Bears: Fanwell, Gil (UT)
Cal Poly Mustangs: Bullett, Bill (3B)
Clemson Tigers: Bischoff, Dick (SP)
Florida St. Seminoles: Clark, Miguel (SP)
Florida Gators: Doran, Robert (OF)
Georgia Bulldogs: Palys, Scott (1B)
Iowa Hawkeyes: Phillips, Ned (SP)
Iowa St. Cyclones: Wood, Edmund (SP)
Long Beach State Dirtbags: Brown, Courtney (3B)
Miami Hurricanes: Swaggerty, J.C. (3B)
Michigan St. Spartans: Ballard, Quincy (IF)
Mississippi St. Bulldogs: Sanchez, Orlando (SP)
Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Borden, David (RF)
Ohio State Buckeyes: Burke, Jonah (SP)
Oklahoma St. Cowboys: Ruiz, John (CF)
Oklahoma Sooners: McLaughlin, Simon (?)
Ole Miss Rebels: Vest, Evan (?)
Oregon Ducks: Reilly, Tony (SP)
Oregon St. Beavers: Metcalf, Albert (SP)
Pittsburgh Panthers: McBroom, Adam (CF)
Purdue Boilermakers: Hammer, Mike (SS)
Rice Owls: North, Elmer (RP)
Rutgers Scarlet Knights: Michaels, Tarin (LF)
Syracuse Orangemen: Lucas, Robin (SP)
Tennessee Volunteers: Cardullo, Verne (1B)
Texas A&M Aggies: Woods, Weston (SP)
Texas Longhorns: James, Hal (RP)
USC Trojans: Woodson, Harry (RF)
Vanderbilt Commodores: Johns, Stewart (?)
Virginia Cavaliers: Ibarra, Aveion (2B)
Wake Forest Demon Deacons: Kinder, Curtis (CF)

Player Awards for 2076

MVP: Mike Greer, Georgia
Cy Young: Brandon O'Neill, Purdue
Freshman (aka Rookie) of the Year: Joe Cefalo, Texas

All Americans
SP - Jim Feller, Florida St
RP - Micah Allison, South Carolina
C - Wally Mansell, Tennessee
1B - Kal Kane, Stanford
2B - Al Watts, Auburn
3B - Korky Doran, South Carolina
SS - Carter Nen, Florida St
LF - Mike Greer, Georgia
CF - Jake Green, NC State
RF - Rob Strick, Long Beach St
DH - Dwight Mallow, Oklahoma

2076 Conference Power Ranking and 2077 Draft Order

After three years at the top the BIG12 came out last in conference strength as parity increased. The ACC came out on top followed by the PAC12 and the SEC.

Conference/Rank Total/Power Index
1) ACC --- 281 --- .761
2) P12 --- 290 --- .753
3) SEC --- 298 --- .747
4) B12 --- 307 --- .739

Draft Order:
#1-10) Georgia, Rice, Long Beach St, Rutgers, Alabama, Stanford, Miami, South Carolina, Purdue, Oklahoma
#11-20) Florida St, Cal St Fullerton, Wake Forest, USC, Tennessee, California, Iowa, Texas, Arkansas, Virginia
#21-30) Syracuse, North Carolina, Washington St, West Virginia, Oregon, Pittsburgh, Mississippi St, Ole Miss, NC State, Ohio St
#31-40) Vanderbilt, Kansas, Cal Poly, Oregon St, Florida, Arizona, Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, Iowa St, Clemson
#41-48) Notre Dame, Oklahoma St, UCLA, Washington, Auburn, Baylor, Michigan St, LSU

2076 Redshirts - VERIFIED and Processed

Below are the names of players that managers have designated as redshirts during the season noted above. Eligibility has been determined. To be eligible players must:
-----Be 18 year old
-----Never have been redshirted before, and
-----Not appear in any game this season.

Alabama Crimson Tide: Thomason, Dennys (LF)
Arkansas Razorbacks: Philley, Lee (SP) - *Ineligible Due To Age*
California Golden Bears: Foley, Jim (SP)
Cal State Fullerton Titans: Green, Chester (RP)
Cal Poly Mustangs: May, Fred (OF)
Clemson Tigers: Barstow, Darren (LF)
Georgia Bulldogs: Lincoln, Ed (IF)
Iowa Hawkeyes: Vann, Jim (SP)
Iowa St. Cyclones: Patterson, Kenton (SS)
Long Beach State Dirtbags: Hernandez, Basil (CF)
Miami Hurricanes: Yochay, Gili (CF)
Michigan St. Spartans: Perry, Jimmy (RF)
Mississippi St. Bulldogs: Young, Ryan (RP)
Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Olsen, Jake (SP)
Ohio State Buckeyes: Jansen, Dennis (RP)
Oklahoma Sooners: Tobit, Dusty (RP)
Ole Miss Rebels: Dobbins, Randy (SS)
Oregon St. Beavers: Stover, Armando (RF)
Pittsburgh Panthers: Vann, Terry (RP)
Rice Owls: Brown, Steve (UT)
Rutgers Scarlet Knights: Schofield, Percey (SS)
South Carolina Gamecocks: Castro, Charlie (RP)
Stanford Cardinals: Alvord, Chris (RP)
Syracuse Orangemen: McKinnon, Ryan (LF)
Tennessee Volunteers: Tischinski, Otis (LF)
Texas Longhorns: Gonzalez, Pat (1B)
Virginia Cavaliers: Konrad, Tex (SP)
Wake Forest Demon Deacons: Larson, Chet (SP)

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