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2063 Rookie of the Year Voting Now Underway

Please vote for the 2063 Freshman (Rookie) of the Year in the poll below.

2063 MVP

Stan Talbot, RF for the Panthers has been awarded the MVP.

2063 Cy Young

Ricky Adams, SP for the Owls has been awarded the Cy Young.

2062 Freshman of the Year

Korky Otter, DH for the Tarheels has been awarded the Rookie of the Year award for 2062.

CPR and Draft Order

ACC finishes as the top conference this year, just barely edging out the SEC and B12. Overall, there's quite a bit of parity this year. There were a lot of one spot changes in the draft order, and a couple of 2 spot drops, but overall nothing huge.

1) ACC - 284 - 0.758503
2) SEC - 286 - 0.756803
3) B12 - 293 - 0.750850
4) P12 - 313 - 0.733844

Draft Order:
#1-10) Utah, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Purdue, Florida, Louisville, Miami, Rice, Georgia, Rutgers
#11-20) California, Clemson, Iowa State, NC State, Washington State, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, Washington, South Carolina, Auburn
#21-30) Kansas, Virginia, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma, Kansas State, LSU, Michigan State, Wake Forest, Long Beach, Arizona
#31-40) Arizona State, Mississippi State, USC, TCU, Florida State, Alabama, North Carolina, Stanford, Ohio State, Baylor
#41-48) Vanderbilt, Texas A&M, Syracuse, Tennessee, Duke, Texas, UCLA, Oregon

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