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FG Share Update

9/9 gbacci Hoops Forum 9

In an effort to add a little more balance/realism to the Playground, the shotshare options have been changed to 2-4-6%. All current settings have been changed, so if you had someone set at 8, they are.. Read More...

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I haven't watched hardly any of the NBA playoffs, but got sucked into the Mavs - Clips game last night. I know everyone compares Luca to Bird, but damn.......he looked like Bird last night !!! - Th.. Read More...

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Old man problem

8/12 Bhgray Hoops Forum 3

Any one else have problems clicking the Box link on their team pages through mobile? I often struggle for it to take. Granted, it's small on my android phone. Read More...

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Value of 3 point shot

As much as it may be frustrating, this sim is actually very realistic to the current version of the NBA. The team who makes more 3's in a game more than likely will win the game. I remember the 4 se.. Read More...

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8/1 krtyler11 Hoops Forum 20

It would be great if the 3 point shooting was adjusted. After Stephen Curry did another of his vintage PC games 13-17 3P and 57 points against a strong defensive team Read More...

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7/24 Lester Hoops Forum 5

When will the number 1 pick come my way....err...Curry. Or is it always random? Read More...

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Defensive matchups?

Are positions matched against each other (PG on PG, etc) ? I kind've expect this to be the case, but just checking to make sure. Never worried about it much in the past, but the competition has become.. Read More...