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Player Pool

9/23 Elroy Hoops Forum 0

Will there be older players like Wilt and Russell and Oscar, West . Greer, Frazier, 1970 thru 1974 etc Read More...

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Shot Sharing not working

8/19 arscola Hoops Forum 3

I turned off Shot Sharing for all my players because it doesn't seem to work at all. I even tried turning on +6 for one of my players and he still gets half the shots of my PG and SG and slightly less.. Read More...

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Looking for Commish

8/19 DukeBlues Hoops Forum 0

Morning Gents, I have a league what expires in 6/23 that needs a commissioner. It is at the start up phase, so you can bring in your own format. If interested, send me a message and I will get b.. Read More...

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Mass Delete/Retire

8/18 mcvn4 Hoops Forum 0

While i still think it would be great to have a mass create tool in basketball much like we have in baseball, one other thing that i hope can be implemented is a mass retire or mass delete. wehn i cre.. Read More...

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Gimmick league starts new draft 8/11

8/11 dalbpho8 Hoops Forum 1

Our gimmick league starts new draft tonight at 5 pm pst—-8/11. 2 openings- if you ever really wanted Last Dance Michael Jordan, Steve Urkel or Jim halpert- here is your chance. Super competitive- .. Read More...