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Biggest Blowout?

1/13 lordhawke Hoops Forum 0

This might be a fun topic. What's your biggest blowout you've been able to achieve? Maybe per player pool? I was able to pull off an 80-41 spanking in a 2000-2020 league. Box Score: https://www... Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 15

1/12 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 5

Breuer_Elbows, bdavids28, and dalbpho8, on which of the four leagues they believe to be the hardest, and easiest, in which to be successful. Read More...

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basketball being expanded for 2021

if it going to get expanded i think it would be good to add fatigue and have backups added to you have to prioritize better when ranking for the draft Read More...

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fg pct

had a game where i shot 40-47 anyone recall a better pct than . 851 Read More...

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Stagegy for a perfect team

ill start SG Bryant, Kobe (TWS: 15.3) SF James, LeBron (TWS: 20.2) C Drummond, Andre (TWS: 10.3) SG McGrady, Tracy (TWS: 16.1) PF Antetokounmpo, Giannis (TWS: 14.4) .. Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 14

Bdavids28, Dalbpho8, and Breuer_Elbows discuss the best players they've seen dropped midseason in PC Hoops leagues. Thank .. Read More...

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Hoops League Chat

12/30 lordhawke Hoops Forum 1

Guy, was just wondering if the league chat box could be on the league home page like in Custom leagues? No one ever posts there but I feel like it's because of "out of sight, out of mind" mentality. .. Read More...

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Jeremy Evans

12/30 lordhawke Hoops Forum 5

Why is it that I can never find J.Evans when ranking for drafts?!? Is he hidden somehow? Seems like all the winners have him but I can never get him. lol Also, it would be nice if there was a searc.. Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 13

12/28 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 2

Dalbpho8, bdavids28, and Breuer_Elbows on some PC Hoops end of season awards: MVP, Most Improved Status, Most Used, Falling Stock, and Favorite Player. Read More...

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12/23 lordhawke Hoops Forum 1

Looks like people are getting better....the usual suspects a top the leader board are having to fight harder to stay there. No more 35-5 records for those boys anymore! :) In a 2000-2020 league I'm.. Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 12

12/16 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 6

Breuer_Elbows, bdavids28, and dalbpho8, on their favorite eras to play in PC Hoops, and which era they believe to be the deepest in available talent. Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 11

12/9 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 12

bdavids28, Breuer_Elbows, and dalbpho8 on Drafts Gone Wrong...and dalbpho8's All-First-Timer draft. Thanks! Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 10

12/1 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 4

Breuer_Elbows, dalbpho8, and bdavids28, on how we draft: Re-rank every round? Or set and forget? Thank you! Read More...

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11/26 dshearer Hoops Forum 2

Could someone please confirm what the abbreviations TOV (turnover??) & PF (points forced??) stand for. Thanks. Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 9

11/24 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 5 bdavids28, dalbpho8, and Breuer_Elbows take on a topic suggested by Warrior: Players you don't like to have to go against! Thank you for.. Read More...