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Next Sim Time

5/27 htennis Hoops Forum 1

If, on the Hoops Playground home page, where you see all your leagues, we could also see the next sim time for each league, that would be a very nice addition. Read More...

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Personal foul rate

5/25 roguerouge Hoops Forum 0

How is the frequency of personal fouls in a game determined? Is it just by the defender's personal fouls per game stat or is it also based on the FT attempt stats from the other side? I ask because.. Read More...

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Hoops advice

5/25 roguerouge Hoops Forum 15

I thought this would be a good place to start collecting advice and info for new owners in the basketball leagues. I'll start... Low shot attempt ace defenders really boost your offense... by incre.. Read More...

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5/24 ericdc20 Hoops Forum 2

OK, basic question. What does DS stand for?

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Out of position players?

5/24 JDfrost Hoops Forum 5

Rules say you have to have SG PG PF SF and C in your lineup. We have a team in our league that has 2 C, 2 PG, and a PF. Is that ok? Read More...

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Win Share Questions for Basketball

Can anybody tell me anything definitive on the significance of total win share? Offensive win share? I know for Defense it's about how likely they are to apply defensive pressure but is there any o.. Read More...

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How do you select free agents

5/22 HanChaney Hoops Forum 3

I'm in a league that two teams have selected free agents and have players on their bench. How do you select free agents Read More...

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hoops - 3 pointers attempt - Help !!!!

5/18 plpl512 Hoops Forum 3

Help!!!!! My Washington Generals are being used as whip boys... Despite leading in flg % with .600 and .500 at 3pts% (by the way adding the amount of 3pt convert vs attempted would be a usefull.. Read More...

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Questions regarding Owner stats

Will there be an extension of existing profile pages to include new Hoops Playground feature ? Or a new Hoops profile? Basically somewhere our cumulative W-L, Playoffs, Rings can be viewed over time? .. Read More...

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"Frozen" league?

5/17 maverck11 Hoops Forum 2

Hoops Playground a74ad2 was supposed to have first games run at 7:53am today but still no results. Is this normal? Thanks. Read More...

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4 Players after Hoops Draft

5/17 hani Hoops Forum 4

I wasn’t able to rank players for round 5 of the draft I was in since it was overnight but I did not get any auto drafted player in this league: Read More...

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Draft Order Question

5/15 Bluesig Hoops Forum 1

Just wanted to ask how will the draft for the Hoops simulation be? How is draft order determined? Is it a serpentine or straight draft? If it is just a straight draft are there any steps being taken t.. Read More...

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0.0 Average Turnovers

5/15 CrazySauer Hoops Forum 6

Maybe this was adjusted in the sim, but there's still some stat lines floating around (Like McAdoo and Abdul-Jabbar) that list average turnovers as zero, because their imported historical stats show z.. Read More...

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Quit league

5/14 JD1234 Hoops Forum 8

How do u quit a league in basketball?

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how do i join

5/13 jwbsavages Hoops Forum 5

how do i join a league

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5/1 bhicks42 Hoops Forum 0

When the time comes, I’m in. 👍

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Coach Sauer's Big Bold Predictions:

4/30 CrazySauer Hoops Forum 3

Well, I just added up a bunch of teams' numbers in the categories I thought would be most relevant (DWS, FG%, TRB, AST, STL, BLK) and assigned every team a rank for that stat (1 through 10, 10 being t.. Read More...

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Draft List Ranking Issue

4/29 CrazySauer Hoops Forum 0

Using Chrome, just ran into this: Added SG Satoransky to my list, initially selected him to go to the 9th spot. He appeared at the #2 spot on my list. Tried to move him using the list arrows for th.. Read More...

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League Home link

Maybe because there's only 1 league currently, but in baseball there was a "My League List" link and then a quick league link click and you were there. Moving around in the hoops playground I didn't s.. Read More...

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Calling Basketball Fans

4/24 gbacci Hoops Forum 25

I need about 9 veteran PC players who are fairly into basketball and interested in being part of a beta. As a disclaimer, this is *not* a full-blown PC experience like baseball. The baseball site .. Read More...