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Starting a League

So I was interested in potentially commissioning my own league for NBA starting in the 84' season. I was just curious to know how much effort and what would I need to know in terms of running one? I d.. Read More...

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8/13 gbacci Hoops Forum 2

I'm not sure how we're 15-1 with this guy in charge: Hey there, Gorilla fans! Hope you're all jumpin' bananas about our current record - 15 wins, just 1 tiny little slip up! That's right, just one... Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast 58 - Slump Buster

Dalbpho8 and bdavids28 on the use of the Slump Buster in baseball. Thank you! Read More...

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Something I've been wanting for a while is per 100 possessions team stats. The team stats pages offer possessions/game and all stats per game, but doing the manual math to see how teams compare is dif.. Read More...