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Is this a glitch ??

6/29 JoeyT2870 Hoops Forum 1

So I was looking at possible options for upgrading the team, when I came across this..... Could someone explain why Mahorn's OWS is 0.0 if he is still shooting and grabbing what I would see as offe.. Read More...

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6/25 Lester Hoops Forum 3

What if 2 teams are tied for the last playoff spot? It must not be head to like baseball. Read More...

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We can join 10 yes?

6/20 Lester Hoops Forum 1

We can join 10 yes?

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Lowest Shots to 80

6/18 mcvn4 Hoops Forum 2 51 shots to get to 80 points. Anyone got lower than that? Read More...

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Why Per 36?

6/16 jyoung78 Hoops Forum 18

I think a switch from players being ranked at a Per 36 to a Per Game rating would improve the basketball game. Way too many gimmicky players on rosters that simply have great stats per 36 because they.. Read More...

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80 - 0

6/14 nycubsfan Hoops Forum 23

Yes, I won a game 80 - 0.

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Your 'Dream Team' / Hoops Leaderboards?

So now that we're getting into our second cycle of Hoops Playground SIMs, if you could draft the player youve had most success with at each position, what would your "Dream Team" look like ? Lets go '.. Read More...

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Steph goes off for 61(!) on Opening Night ! Read More...

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Not in Lanier's House

Bob Lanier with 11 swats in the 80-76 win.. Anyone have more BLK in a game than this thus far ? Read More...

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eddie house

6/3 dalbpho8 Hoops Forum 0

eddie house is no longer in the player list...wondering why? Read More...

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Congrats Earl Manigault Goats

Won League championship with defense K.Garnett and B. Lanier..Thank You very much..Rod Read More...

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Next Sim Time

5/27 htennis Hoops Forum 1

If, on the Hoops Playground home page, where you see all your leagues, we could also see the next sim time for each league, that would be a very nice addition. Read More...

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Personal foul rate

5/25 roguerouge Hoops Forum 0

How is the frequency of personal fouls in a game determined? Is it just by the defender's personal fouls per game stat or is it also based on the FT attempt stats from the other side? I ask because.. Read More...

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Hoops advice

5/25 roguerouge Hoops Forum 18

I thought this would be a good place to start collecting advice and info for new owners in the basketball leagues. I'll start... Low shot attempt ace defenders really boost your offense... by incre.. Read More...

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5/24 ericdc20 Hoops Forum 2

OK, basic question. What does DS stand for?

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Out of position players?

5/24 JDfrost Hoops Forum 5

Rules say you have to have SG PG PF SF and C in your lineup. We have a team in our league that has 2 C, 2 PG, and a PF. Is that ok? Read More...

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Win Share Questions for Basketball

Can anybody tell me anything definitive on the significance of total win share? Offensive win share? I know for Defense it's about how likely they are to apply defensive pressure but is there any o.. Read More...

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How do you select free agents

5/22 HanChaney Hoops Forum 3

I'm in a league that two teams have selected free agents and have players on their bench. How do you select free agents Read More...

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hoops - 3 pointers attempt - Help !!!!

5/18 plpl512 Hoops Forum 3

Help!!!!! My Washington Generals are being used as whip boys... Despite leading in flg % with .600 and .500 at 3pts% (by the way adding the amount of 3pt convert vs attempted would be a usefull.. Read More...

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Questions regarding Owner stats

Will there be an extension of existing profile pages to include new Hoops Playground feature ? Or a new Hoops profile? Basically somewhere our cumulative W-L, Playoffs, Rings can be viewed over time? .. Read More...

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"Frozen" league?

5/17 maverck11 Hoops Forum 2

Hoops Playground a74ad2 was supposed to have first games run at 7:53am today but still no results. Is this normal? Thanks. Read More...

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4 Players after Hoops Draft

5/17 hani Hoops Forum 4

I wasn’t able to rank players for round 5 of the draft I was in since it was overnight but I did not get any auto drafted player in this league: Read More...

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Draft Order Question

5/15 Bluesig Hoops Forum 1

Just wanted to ask how will the draft for the Hoops simulation be? How is draft order determined? Is it a serpentine or straight draft? If it is just a straight draft are there any steps being taken t.. Read More...

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0.0 Average Turnovers

5/15 CrazySauer Hoops Forum 6

Maybe this was adjusted in the sim, but there's still some stat lines floating around (Like McAdoo and Abdul-Jabbar) that list average turnovers as zero, because their imported historical stats show z.. Read More...

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Quit league

5/14 JD1234 Hoops Forum 9

How do u quit a league in basketball?