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New True Progression Football League

4/15 dzach Football Forum 1

New true progression league meant to be set up for long term. First season will draft full rosters from 1973, 1993, 2013 seasons. League features the top four custom football title owners. We h.. Read More...

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True Prog Football League forming

4/3 dzach Football Forum 0

We are seeking 2 experienced True Progression owners for a new 8-team league that will be starting soon. First draft pool will include players from 1973, 1993 and 2013. You can choose each player'.. Read More...

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Animated play through

I know development is on hold but was wondering if there are plans for an animated play through in football (or basketball) like there is in baseball? Read More...

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College football drafting now

Drafting now, season 14! Join by finding it on the custom football league openings. Only two teams available now. Come play for the championship! Read More...

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Opening in Football League

2/19 dzach Football Forum 4

We need one owner in a true progression football league. The Eagles (who own the top pick) and Dolphins are available. We are in the postseason now and 2013 is up next. Very good league with several o.. Read More...