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Raiders vs Steelers

I have a ? for everyone , at the end of the game the Raiders were down by 8 with little time left . They decided to go for a fg inside the redzone. They would still need a td so why didnt they go for.. Read More...

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AV for kick and Lunt returns ?

9/19 Sleazye Football Forum 1

Does AV matter for KR and PR?

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Starting Personnel and Sub Package Usag

I think this is a question for gbacci, but if anyone has any insight into this, let's start the discussion! Been tinkering with this a bit, but can't seem to figure out exactly how starters and dep.. Read More...

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New football league

9/15 dzach Football Forum 0

Your favorite fictional teams and players are ready to play some football in this new league. Each team starts with the same 26 players albeit with different names. The difference maker will be a 8-ro.. Read More...

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6-0 Miami Dolphins need an owner

9/2 dzach Football Forum 0 Check it out and join Read More...

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Running vs passing

8/31 Zeedood Football Forum 6

I cannot figure out how to get my team to actually be a run-first team. I keep running into other coaches who can get 40+ runs per game, but if I get 20 I'm lucky, even with it set to concentrate o.. Read More...

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Back to the Future League

8/28 dzach Football Forum 1

We need 1 owner for the Dolphins and Giants franchises. Both just missed the playoffs last year and I made sure to take care of them during the postseason making sure the teams got their offseason pic.. Read More...

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Owner needed for new team

8/10 Barr512 Football Forum 1

Heading soon into 1995 season, which means expansion. Need owner for the Carolina Panthers. Expansion draft coming. Check below. Send me a message and I can invite you. https://www.pennantchase.. Read More...

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Brand new Tecmo Bowl based league

8/9 dzach Football Forum 3

My all-time favorite video game is the inspiration for a new league. Modified 1987 rosters (Dorsett, Schroeder on the teams they played for in the game) where you can select any season for your player.. Read More...

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Just wondering what everyone thinks of the destruction of the pac 12 but basically all the historical matchups in college football. Deon said it best , it's all about the money , and in my opinion , i.. Read More...

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Congrats to the hall of famers

I remember watching Ken Riley , he retired 40 years ago as the 4th all time in int's. Now he is 5th , why did it take him so long to reach the hall ? Shame he wasn't around to see it. Read More...

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Back to the Future League needs 1 owner

8/2 dzach Football Forum 1

Back to the Future Football League is a progression league using 2022 rosters plus one chosen player per season starting with 1980 season plus a 2 round draft of players under 23 from current season. .. Read More...

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NFL Redux needs 2! Active owners only! NFL Redux needs 2 owners. We are just finishing the 1975 draft. Heading into the 1975 season. Available teams are the SF 49ers , Denver Broncos.. Read More...

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***WARNING*** The following is ...

a football post! LOl. Just a shout out to the Edmonton Elks. Making history! 21 straight home losses. Wow. Read More...