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Best of the Best: 1901-2022


To make sure we give everyone enough time to build, while also moving along, the commissioners have set deadlines to make our opening day on time. We will have 2 full weeks to build our teams, then we will turn on drops/trades, and have 1 week to get our rosters cut down and ready for opening day. SO, important dates are:

MONDAY, DECEMBER 12 - All teams must be built, drops and trades turned on
MONDAY, DECEMBER 19 - Opening Day

Any franchises who don't make these deadlines will have those tasks completed by a commissioner.


1. Seattle Mariners (cardac00) - St. Louis Cardinals (UPGRADED)
2. Miami Marlins (bamajoe66) - Oakland Athletics
3. Baltimore Orioles (ayj88) - Atlanta Braves (UPGRADED)
4. Arizona Diamondbacks (expatbama) - Los Angeles Dodgers
5. Washington Nationals (tribetime89) - Toronto Blue Jays (UPGRADED)
6. Cleveland Indians (rosilver) - New York Yankees (UPGRADED)
7. Toronto Bluejays (ndekar) - Boston Red Sox
8. Chicago Whitesox (alstro11) - Philadelphia Phillies (UPGRADED)
9. Houston Astros (mrbubbles1967) - Seattle Mariners (UPGRADED)
10. Chicago Cubs (raiderbill33) - Baltimore Orioles
11. Milwaukee Brewers (skooler1) - Houston Astros (UPGRADED)
12. San Diego Padres (fantasytease) - New York Mets
13. Atlanta Braves (dukeblues) - San Francisco Giants
14. San Francisco Giants (spit_ball44) - Chicago Cubs (UPGRADED)
15.Kansas City Royals (bgj) - Tampa Bay Rays (UPGRADED)
16. Pittsburg Pirates (leej) - Chicago White Sox
17. Colorado Rockies (atsanbpinetti) - Milwaukee Brewers
18. Boston Redsox (joshbonds25) - Cleveland Guardians (UPGRADED)
19. Los Angeles Angels (dzach) - Arizona Diamondbacks
20. New York Mets (omulrion) - Cincinnati Reds
21. New York Yankees (mjgiii) - Los Angeles Angels
22. Minnesota Twins (sws33) - Detroit Tigers
23. Detroit Tigers (vipjoe7147) - Miami Marlins (UPGRADED)
24. Cincinnati Reds (chubbach24) - San Diego Padres (UPGRADED)
25. Los Angeles Dodgers (macey225) - Texas Rangers
26. Philadelphia Phillies (kingdude) - Washington Nationals
27. Texas Rangers (revejb) - Minnesota Twins
28. Tampa Bay Rays (yankeebb) - Colorado Rockies (UPGRADED)
29. Oakland Athletics (jimgriddy) - Kansas City Royals (UPGRADED)
30. St. Louis Cardinals (sheikyerboudi) - Pittsburgh Pirates (UPGRADED)

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St. Louis SEASON 17 CHAMPS!!

1. Rangers
2. Rays
3. Tigers
4. Athletics
5. Twins

Wild Card
Twins at Athletics

Second Rd
Tigers vs Rays
Athletics vs Rangers

Athletics vs Rays

1. Phillies
2. Reds
3. Dodgers
4. Mets
5. Cardinals

Wild Card
Cardinals at Mets

Second Rd
Dodgers vs Reds
Cardinals vs Phillies

Cardinals vs Dodgers

Athletics vs Cardinals


Toronto Blue Jays (mjgii) - New York Yankees (UPGRADED)
Pittsburgh Pirates (dukeblues) - Atlanta Braves (UPGRADED)
Miami Marlins (alstro11) - Chicago White Sox (UPGRADED)
Texas Rangers (ayj88) - Baltimore Orioles (UPGRADED)
Tampa Bay Rays (tribetime89) - Washington Nationals (UPGRADED)
Cincinnati Reds (mrbubbles1967) - Houston Astros (UPGRADED)
Kansas City Royals (atsanbpinetti) - Colorado Rockies (UPGRADED)
Seattle Mariners (vipjoe7147) - Detroit Tigers (UPGRADED)
Chicago White Sox (rosilver) - Cleveland Indians (UPGRADED)
Arizona Diamondbacks (cardac00) - Seattle Mariners (UPGRADED)
Milwaukee Brewers (macey225) - Los Angeles Dodgers (UPGRADED)
San Diego Padres (sheikyerboudi) - St.Louis Cardinals (UPGRADED)
New York Mets (jimgriddy) - Oakland Athletics (UPGRADED)
Philadelphia Phillies (raiderbill33) - Chicago Cubs (UPGRADED)
New York Yankees (kingdude) - Philadelphia Phillies (UPGRADED)
Oakland Athletics (skooler1) - Milwaukee Brewers (UPGRADED)
Cleveland Indians (sws33) - Minnesota Twins (UPGRADED)
Detroit Tigers (spit_ball44) - San Francisco Giants (UPGRADED)
Los Angeles Dodgers (omulrion) - New York Mets (UPGRADED)
Atlanta Braves (ndekar) - Toronto Blue Jays (UPGRADED)
Chicago Cubs (expatbama) - Arizona Diamondbacks (UPGRADED)
Boston Red Sox (leej) - Pittsburgh Pirates (UPGRADED)
Minnesota Twins (joshbonds25) - Boston Red Sox (UPGRADED)
Los Angeles Angels (chubbach24) - Cincinnati Reds (UPGRADED)
Washington Nationals (yankeebb) - Tampa Bay Rays (UPGRADED)
St. Louis Cardinals (fantastytease) - San Diego Padres (UPGRADED)
Colorado Rockies (bgj) - Kansas City Royals (UPGRADED)
San Francisco Giatns (revejb) - Texas Rangers (UPGRADED)
Houston Astros (dzach) - Los Angeles Angels (UPGRADED)
Baltimore Orioles (bamajoe66) - Miami Marlins (UPGRADED)

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12/4/2022 Fred McGriff the Crime Dogjoshbonds25
I’m happy for Crime Dog. I was a fan in the 90s, even though he killed my Giants in 1993.

But a Hall without Bonds and Clemens is a joke, imo. I also think Schilling should be in, and I’m a lefty politically.
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