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My first custom league

LOOKING FOR MANAGERS! Just started my first Custom league, and would like to invite you to play! I'm not an idiot, but I am a first time Commish, so be patient. The league is named Baseball B.. Read More...

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Accurate Park Dimensions

Would anyone be willing to help me out with accurate Park dimensions for MLB the True Experience? Probably best sent via email, Kyle.mc.harris@gmail.com I would appreciate any help I can get Read More...

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anyone else having issues importing real players;using minimum stat import requirements of 50ab 25 ip? i keep getting an error message Read More...

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Manually kicking off the add/drop date

How do I do this? I’ve heard the auto set doesn’t work very well and I have a league that has the add/drop auto date coming up in about thirty minutes. If it doesn’t take how do I take manual control? Read More...

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i run four leagues all will be expiring next year do i have to pay $20 for each league to continue or does a single payment of $20 cover all four leagues? Read More...

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Put outs/assists

When creating players for the draft, does this impact the simulations at all? Read More...

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Which Commissioner or League has the best representation of the Stadium effects past or present ? eg the Twins Metropolitan Stadium....I have seen it ( no effect no effect ) and ( mild boost no effect.. Read More...