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Unable to Draft

League 1243 Could only draft one pitcher, then got locked out. billyconn Read More...

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auto league 466 playoffs

When will the game start

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"Last Log-In"

On the roster report, or the team page, when it says "Last Log-In", does that mean the owner has logged into the actual league and his team page, or just that they have visited Pennant Chase but not n.. Read More...

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Draft Rounds

Our league is having it's draft soon and I have a draft question. With each team keeping 10 players from the previous season, and our rosters are set at 25 and our minor league set at 10, do I set the.. Read More...

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Changing Positions

I am a commissioner of a deadball league. We just finished our 1st season and will begin our 2nd later this week. This past season we used both SP and RP. Before we have our draft later this week we w.. Read More...

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League 241

Can you please remove me from league 241. I entered by mistake. I think the team name was the Iowa Corn Pickers. Thank you. Read More...