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2023 Stats

When 2023 stats are added to the site, will we be able to let real-life players who are in our leagues now switch to real-life ‘23, or will they need to be re-imported? TIA Read More...

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Consistency between Custom & Sanbox

I have a Custom League & a Sandbox. I import the players from the Custom League into the Sandbox. I use the same settings, rules, lineups, rotations and all set-ups. There is a major difference in bo.. Read More...

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Glitch in past league season stats

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Ability to test stuff?

I am enjoying this site but am a little frustrated at not knowing how the mechanics work for some things (or maybe all things). Willing to pay the commissioner fee if I am able to set up a football l.. Read More...

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BOT Teams

Why do BOT teams not draft the best available players at each position? Season after season I see absolutely awful teams drafted and decent players being left as Free Agents. I think it would make m.. Read More...