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Calculating contract costs

How are the contract costs calculated? I.E. How does PC determine that a certain player is worth $11 instead of $4? I always figured it was tied to overall rank. However, in a league I commish, the.. Read More...

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Commissioner Guide?

I just started a custom league. It's me and a few friends. Is there a guide for starting out? How do I set it to auto-sim games? There are lots of options in the tools but I'm just not sure how to.. Read More...

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1980ā€™s schedule with built in off days

Iā€™m looking for a schedule to import that has all the teams from the 1980s , and has off days built into the schedule , Any one have any recommendations ... I found several that I tried to import, but.. Read More...

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2019 Player Stats

Guy, do you have any idea when the 2019 player stats will be available? Thanks! Read More...

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Don't know how I lost Pete Alexander in the waiver process. I'm sure I double checked and made sure his name wasn't listed as the player to be dropped for a player on considerably lesser value. Idon't.. Read More...

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MLB schedules?

Do we have access to mlb schedules prior to 2012? Read More...

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Expanded League Schedules

For MLB leagues that have more than 30 teams, what is your process in creating schedules? Read More...