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Supplemental draft.

I will be running a 5 round supp.draft tomorrow.draft order is set,owners have pre ranked,my stupid rookie question is: When you execute the draft do you need to click on execute for every round, o.. Read More...

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WS schedule

Will scheduling games like this actually provide series OffDays for a user Sim schedule? 7 games in 9 days seems like it would but I'm not sure if it just skips day 190 and 194 without automatically .. Read More...

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Custom league query

I thought a custom league set up kinda like a DD ATG league with the Deadball era players thrown in would be fun. Is this possible with custom leagues? Read More...

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Backup All-Stars

When I'm using Commish tools to select All-Stars in my custom leagues, (and I do it manually rather than having the CPU just pick the top 2 guys at each position at the all-star break since we sometim.. Read More...

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Slump Buster issue

https://www.pennantchase.com/lgTeam.aspx?lgid=169&tid=169-11 In the league above I had Scott Garrelts in slump buster starting on 4/30 - the final game of the season went off at 3am EST and Garrelt.. Read More...