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Peavy baffles Diamondbacks, Padres win

Jake Peavy struckout 9 Arizona batters in a 4-3 win for the Padres. Randy Johnson struckout 10 San Diego batters in the contest. | Box

Cash powers Tigers to win over Mariners

Norm Cash blasted 2 homers, lifting the Tigers to a 5-3 win over Seattle. | Box

Price tosses shutout for Rockies

Washington is hoping not to see David Price again for a long while. Price went the distance, leading Colorado to a 5-0 victory. | Box

Big game for Ozuna lifts Marlins to victory

Marcell Ozuna drove in 4 runs, carrying Miami to a 7-3 victory over the Phillies. Hanley Ramirez of the Marlins had 4 hits in the game. | Box

Blue Jays fall to Cardinals despite Berrios's efforts

Jose Berrios whiffed 8 batters, but the Cardinals managed to beat the Blue Jays, 3-1. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

C. Gonzalez, Rockies .4214 HR6 RBI
A. Bregman, Astros .6003 HR6 RBI
B. Bonds, Pirates .5714 HR5 RBI
R. Howard, Phillies .4383 HR5 RBI
F. Robinson, Orioles .2942 HR7 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

V. Guerrero Jr., Blue Jay.. 0 for 19 (.000)
E. Burks, Rockies 4 for 22 (.182)
T. Fernandez, Blue Jays 1 for 18 (.056)
M. Bradley, Padres 2 for 18 (.111)
R. Palmeiro, Rangers 2 for 18 (.111)

Leaders: OPS

S. Sosa, Cubs 1.346
N. Cruz, Twins 1.300
T. Helton, Rockies 1.151
F. Robinson, Orioles 1.100
C. Pena, Rays 1.096

Leaders: SO/9

M. Scherzer, Nationals 13.7
R. Ray, Rangers 12.8
R. Johnson, Diamondbacks 12.6
P. Martinez, Nationals 11.3
R. Ray, Diamondbacks 11.3

S24 Championship: White Sox beat Dodgers in 7

S24 Championship
2 LA Dodgers at 1 CHI White Sox
After being down 0-2 and then down 3-2, Chicago came from behind to beat the Dodgers in 7 games, after first winning the ALCS in 7 over the A’s. This White Sox team won a franchise record number of regular season games and became the first to ever win a title in 1947 BOTB. Congrats Chubbach24

1 CHI White Sox (97-65)
2 OAK Athletics (95-67)
3 BAL Orioles (87-75)
4 HOU Astros (92-70)
5 CLE Indians (90-72)

ALWC 5 CLE Indians at 4 HOU Astros

4 HOU Astros at 1 CHI White Sox
3 BAL Orioles at 2 OAK Athletics

2 OAK Athletics at 1 CHI White Sox
White Sox win series in 7

1 MIL Brewers (100-62)
2 LA Dodgers (91-71)
3 ATL Braves (87-75)
4 CIN Reds (87-75)
5 STL Cardinals (86-76)

NLWC 5 STL Cardinals at 4 CIN Reds

5 STL Cardinals at 1 MIL Brewers
3 ATL Braves at 2 LA Dodgers

5 STL Cardinals at 2 LA Dodgers
Dodgers win series 4-2

Franchise Draft 24

1. BAL Orioles (coltcubs)--->HOU Astros
2. CHI Cubs (chubbach24)--->CHI Whitesox
3. WAS Nationals (ajhawk)--->CHI Cubs
4. PIT Pirates (mjgiii)--->TEX Rangers
5. PHI Phillies (walcrawler74)--->DET Tigers
6. TAM Rays (dzach)---> LA Dodgers
7. TOR Bluejays (atsanbpinetti)--->MIA Marlins
8. TEX Rangers (gmshortystuff)--->ATL Braves
9. KC Royals (griffeyga)--->STL Cardinals
10. MIA Marlins (revejb)--->TOR Bluejays
11. STL Cardinals (mrbubbles1967)--->PHI Phillies
12. SD Padres (ndeekar)--->ARI Diamondbacks
13. MIN Twins (sws33)--->MIL Brewers
14. NY Mets (joshbonds25)--->NY Yankees
15. CLE Indians (sheikyerboudi)--->SF Giants
16. CIN Reds (spit_ball44)--->TB Rays
17. LA Angels (paul21)--->OAK Athletics
18. HOU Astros (wigwamer95)--->LA Angels
19. MIL Brewers (jimgriddy)--->WAS Nationals
20. COL Rockies (htennis)--->KC Royals
21. BOS Redsox (macey225)--->CLE Indians
22. CHI Whitesox (raiderbill33)--->PIT Pirates
23. NY Yankees (metsrock2011)--->MIN Twins
24. SF Giants (kingdude)--->BAL Orioles
25. DET Tigers (yankeebb)--->SD Padres
26. OAK Athletics (leej)--->SEA Mariners
27 ARI Diamondbacks (ayj88)--->COL Rockies
28. SEA Mariners (vipjoe7147)--->BOS Redsox
29. LA Dodgers (skooler1)--->CIN Reds
30. ATL Braves (bobueckerrules)--->NY Mets

Franchise Draft 21 (Missing on Spreadsheet)

Franchise Draft Season 21
1. WAS Nationals --- sws33 (new owner) ---> ATL Braves
2. KC Royals --- mjgiii ---> NY Mets
3. CHI Cubs --- spit_ball44 ---> PHI Phillies
4. STL Cardinals --- donnpall ---> LA Dodgers
5. ARI Dbacks --wallercrawler74 ---> CHI Cubs
6. COL Rockies --- gmshortystuff ---> TB Rays
7. CHI White Sox-- jayslater1223 ---> NY Yankees
8. TEX Rangers --- sheikyerboudi ---> STL Cardinals
9. MIA Marlins --- wigwamer95 ---> SF Giants
10. OAK Athletics --- vipjoe7147 ---> CLE Indians
11. MIL Brewers -- atsanbpinetti ---> CHI White Sox
12, MIN Twins --- bobueckerrules ---> DET Tigers
13. NY Mets--- metsrock2011 ---> BOS Red Sox
14. NY Yankees --- yankeebb ---> HOU Astros
15. BAL Orioles-- skooler1 ---> SEA Mariners
16. TOR Blue Jays ---ajhawk ---> SD Padres
17. CIN Reds --- kingdude---> WAS Nationals
18. SEA Mariners ---mrbubbles1967 --> CIN Reds
19. SD Padres ---huckleberry --> OAK Athletics
20. DET Tigers --- dzach ---> MIN Twins
21. LA Angels --- wduncan --> PIT Pirates
22. TB Rays ---macey225 ---> BAL Orioles
23. PIT Pirates ---revejb ---> ARI Dbacks
24. HOU Astros ---coltscubs---> LA Angels
25. LA Dodgers --- raiderbill33 ---> TOR Blue Jays
26. CLE Indians --crashdavis8 ---> MIL Brewers
27. SF Giants ---Joshbonds25 ---> KC Royals
28. PHI Phillies ?Ndekar ??> COL Rockies
29. ATL Braves ?-jimgriddy ?-> MIA Marlins
30. BOS Red Sox ?- Paul21 ?-> TEX Rangers

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