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World Series: Braves vs Mariners Game 5 Wed 1/23 8am

World Series: 3 Seattle Mariners at 3 Atlanta Braves
Game 1: Braves dominate and win 8-3, as Olerud sits out for the Mariners with injury. Braves hand Randy Johnson the loss.
Game 2: Mariners win 8-3, same score as Game 1, with 5-21 Freddy Garcia on the mound, in spite of being outhit by the Braves. Series tied going back to Seattle
Game 3: Mariners ride the wave of momentum from game 2, win 9-1 with King Felix as the starter.
Game 4: Braves led 6-4, but their bullpen couldn’t hold the lead. Mariners score two in the bottom of the 7th to tie it up, then Buehner hits a walk off HR against Kimbrel in the bottom of the ninth to break a 6-6 tie and help the Mariners to a 3-1 series lead.

3 Seattle Mariners at 1 Boston Red Sox
Home team has won every game so far,
Mariners win in 7 after being down 2-0 to the best team in the league (by power rank and record)

4 Chicago Cubs at 3 Atlanta Braves
After being down 1-0 and then 2-1, the Braves take 2 games in Chicago, then win game 6 at home to finish off the Cubs in six games. Braves win series 4-2

4 OAK Athletics at 1 BOS Red Sox Red Sox win series 3-0
3 Seattle Mariners at 2 DET Tigers Mariners pull of upset, winning the series in 5 games

4 CHI Cubs at 1 MIL Brewers Cubs upset their division rival, win series 3-1
3 ATL Braves at 2 LA Dodgers Braves win the first two games of series on the road, then close out game 4, to win series 3-1.

Game 163: Tampa Bay Rays @ Toronto Blue Jays
Rays win on the road, 4-2

AL Wildcard
5 Tampa Bay Rays at 4 Oakland Athletics
A’s get 3 RBIs from Matt Olson, including a HR to seal a 4-1 victory

NL Wildcard
5 Philadelphia Phillies at 4 Chicago Cubs
After 15 scoreless innings, the Cubs scored and won 1-0 in the bottom of the 16th inning.

Playoff Seeds:

1 BOS Red Sox (102-60)
2 DET Tigers (101-59)
3 SEA Mariners (85-77)
4 OAK Athletics (84-78)
5 TB Rays (83-80)

1 MIL Brewers (92-70, +161 RD)
2 LA Dodgers (92-70, + 14 RD)
3 ATL Braves (90-72)
4 CHI Cubs (91-71)
5 PHI Phillies (86-76)


Number 3 vs number 3, Braves host Mariners for World Series...

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PC Team Strength--Season 6

(Rated Top to Bottom)
Boston Red Sox
Milwaukee Brewers
Los Angeles Dodgers
Cleveland Indians
Houston Astros
Atlanta Braves
NY Mets
Colorado Rockies
Chicago Cubs
San Diego Padres

Toronto Blue Jays
Seattle Mariners
Cincinnati Reds
Arizona Diamondbacks
New York Yankees
Washington Nationals
Chicago White Sox
Texas Rangers
Baltimore Orioles
San Francisco Giants

LA Angels
Minnesota Twins
Detroit Tigers
Miami Marlins
Philadelphia Phillies
Pittsburgh Pirates
Tampa Bay Rays
Oakland Athletics
Kansas City Royals
St Louis Cardinals

Plus Franchise Player selection—Season 6

Submit requests via PM to Raiderbill33 with Position/player Name/year

Plus One Teams:

Braves SP Greg Maddux (1995) (Imported)
Mariners SP Felix Hernandez (2014) (Imported)
Orioles C Chris Hoiles (1993)(Imported)
Mets SP Tom Seaver (1971) (Imported)
Rangers SP Yu Darvish (2013) (Imported)
Tigers OF Curtis Granderson (2007) (Imported)
Twins SP Dean Chance (1968) (Imported)
Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez (2005) (Imported)
Giants 3B Pablo Sandoval (2009)(Imported)
Phillies OF Rhys Hoskins (2017) (Imported)
Reds SP Mario Soto (1982) (Imported)
Diamondbacks SP Dan Haren (2009) (Imported)
Rockies 2B Terry Shumpert (1999) (Imported)
Cubs SS Ernie Banks (1959) (Imported)

Plus Two Teams:
Athletics SP Rich Hill (2016) MFn Matt Olson (2017) (all Imported)
White Sox OF Albert Belle (1998) SP Chris Sale (2014) (all imported)
Angels SP Dean Chance (1964) and SP Garret Richards (2014) (all imported)
Padres SP Kevin Brown (1998) 3B Ken Caminiti (1996) (all imported)

Plus Three Teams:
Rays SP Chris Archer (2015) CF Kevin Kiermaier (2015) RP Joaquin Benoit (2010)(all imported)
Royals SP Bret Saberhagen (1989) SS Jay Bell (1997) 2B Whit Merrifield (2018) (all imported)
Blue Jays 1B John Olerud (1993) SP Roger Clemens (1997) SP Roy Halladay (2005) (all imported)
Pirates SP Francisco Liriano (2013) SP Oliver Perez (2004) RP Mark Melancon (2014)(all imported)
Brewers SP Teddy Higuera (1988) SP Cal Eldred (1992) SS Robin Yount (1982)(all imported)
Marlins SP Josh Johnson (2010), SP AJ Burnett (2002) RP Armando Benitez (2004)

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