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PC Team Strength--Season 9

(Rated Top to Bottom, as of 5/21/19)

Boston Red Sox
Atlanta Braves
Los Angeles Dodgers
San Francisco Giants
Texas Rangers
Minnesota Twins
Washington Nationals
Arizona Diamondbacks
Toronto Blue Jays
Chicago White Sox

St. Louis Cardinals
Colorado Rockies
Cleveland Indians
Houston Astros
Chicago Cubs
Los Angeles Angels
Detroit Tigers
New York Mets
Miami Marlins
Seattle Mariners

Milwaukee Brewers
Philadelphia Phillies
Pittsburgh Pirates
Cincinnati Reds
Oakland Athletics
Tampa Bay Rays
Baltimore Orioles
New York Yankees
San Diego Padres
Kansas City Royals

Rankings By Division:
NL East: 2 ATL Braves, 7 WAS Nationals, 18 NY Mets, 19 MIA Marlins, 22 PHI Phillies
NL Central: STL Cardinals 11, CHI Cubs 15, MIL Brewers 21, PIT Pirates 23, CIN Reds 24
NL West: 3 LA Dodgers, 4 SF Giants, 8 ARI Dbacks, 12 COL Rockies, 29 SD Padres

AL East: 1 BOS Red Sox, 9 TOR Blue Jays, 26 TB Rays, 27 BAL Orioles, 28 NY Yankees
AL Central: 6 MIN Twins, 10 CHI White Sox, 13 CLE Indians, 17 DET Tigers 30 KC Royals
AL West: 5 TEX Rangers, 14 HOU Astros, 16 LA Angels, 20 SEA Mariners, 25 OAK Athletics

Season 9 Plus Players

Please submit requests via PM to Raiderbill33 with Position/player Name/year

Plus One Teams:

Braves RP Craig Kimbrel (2012) (Imported)
Cardinals SP Bob Gibson (1968) (Imported)
Cubs SS Ernie Banks (1959) (Imported)
Dbacks SP Daniel Hudson (2010) (Imported)
Dodgers SP Sandy Koufax (1965) (Imported)
Indians SS Lou Boudreau (1948) (Imported)
Mariners SP Randy Johnson (1997) (Imported)
Mets SP Tom Seaver (1971) (Imported)
Phillies OF Lenny Dykstra (1990) (Imported)
Red Sox SP Roger Clemens (1986) (Imported)
Tigers 1B Norm Cash (1961) (Imported)
Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez (2007) (Imported)

Plus Two Teams:
Athletics SP Vida Blue (1971) 1B MFn Matt Olson (2017) (all imported)
Orioles C Chris Hoiles (1993) SP Erik Bedard (2007) (all imported)
Rangers SP Nolan Ryan (1991) SS Alex Rodriguez (2002) (all imported)
Reds SP Tony Cingrani (2013) RP Raisel Iglesias (2018) (all imported)
Rockies OF Ellis Burks (1994) OF Larry Walker (1997) (all imported)

Plus Three Teams:
Angels SP Nolan Ryan (1972) SP Frank Tanana (1976) SP John Candelaria (1986) (all imported)
Brewers SS Robin Yount (1982) SP CC Sabbathia (2008) SP Ben Sheets (2004) (all imported)
Giants SP Jason Schmidt (2003) SP Tim Lincecum (2009) SP Madison Bumgarner (2015) (all imported)
Padres OF Darrin Jackson (1992) SP Kevin Brown (1998) RP Huston Street (2012) (all imported)
Twins 3B Harmon Killebrew (1969) 2B Chuck Knoblauch (1996) C Joe Mauer (2009) (all imported)
White Sox 1B Frank Thomas (1994) RP Keith Foulke (1999) SP Chris Sale (2014) (all imported)

Plus Four teams:
Blue Jays SP Juan Guzman (1992) SP Roger Clemens (1998) RP BJ Ryan (2006) OF Jose Bautista (2011) (all imported)
Marlins RP Bryan Harvey (1993) RP Armando Benitez (2004) 1B Carlos Delgado (2005) SP Jose Fernandez (2013) (all imported)
Pirates 3B Bill Madlock (1981) SP Rick Reuschel (1985) SS Jack Wilson (2004) SP Oliver Perez (2004) (all imported)
Rays 1B Fred McGriff (1999) 1B Carlos Pena (2007) SP Chris Archer (2015) OF Kevin "KK5" Kiermaier (2015) (all imported)
Royals C Darrel Porter (1979) 3B George Brett (1980) RP Joakim Soria (2008) RP Luke Hochevar (2013) (all imported)

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