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Random Players Auto league Football

Any chance of a Random Players Auto League being done for the Football sim? The all time greats was cool but have the same players cycle through each draft gets boring. Read More...

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Pulling starting pitcher

I was wondering if the pull pitcher options could be expanded? Example I had Jim Kaat pitch 7 solid innings. Had given up 4 runs. He gets pulled to start the 8th and RP gets shelled. I have the opt.. Read More...

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Slump Buster feedback

I kind of brought this up last year but I would like to bring it up again On the slump buster screen pull down menu to see who is eligible for slump buster can we add # of ab's or ip's the the othe.. Read More...

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Player Rankings

Would you consider adjusting the batter rankings based on some blend of OPS and DWAR? I think those two stats are more representative of the true value of the player than the current ratings. For inst.. Read More...