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A Simple Request?

Hoping this makes the gbacci list: Possible to get the "Schedule" page to filter the most recent Playoff Series to the top? Currently, First Round is always on top, with subsequent rounds appearin.. Read More...

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dWar is the new Range Factor?

I'm trying to understand why the sim now is rewarding high dWar players at EVERY position with runs saved. First Baseman can now have over 30 runs saved (edit: Hits taken away) in a season, along with.. Read More...

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I'm just going to get straight to the point - there is an owner in one of my leagues who won't shut the @$%# up. I mean, this dude must post 77 times an hour, not even on baseball, but on the most ra.. Read More...

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An official Custom Commish How-to Guide

Guy (webmaster), many others running multiple leagues and/or longstanding leagues, how about a STICKY thread that can essentially be continually added to as 'Custom Commish's How-to-Guide' ? Many of u.. Read More...