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Pinch Running

This is an additional feature added recently that doesn't bring much to me as the logics were pretty easy to handle already. Is it possible to at least auto set players with run speed of 7,8,9,10 .. Read More...

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Too many odd EOS meltdowns to explain..

Have enjoyed site for years but now my teams melt down in too many different leagues -for no obvious reason- at the END of seasons. I don't believe PC is... but it still FEELS rigged to me now, and th.. Read More...

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Join Leagues Filter option or Flag

It would be nice to have an option to flag leagues that I do not have interest in joining to filter them out of my view while I search other available leagues I would potentially have interest in join.. Read More...

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Intentional walks

I noticed a bug in the pitch count on intentional walks. Whenever you intentionally walk a batter, it adds 4 pitches to the pitch count, no matter how many balls had already been issued. I noticed it .. Read More...

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Draft Room Issue

Not sure how well known this is, but player lists are empty in the draft rooms of all of my custom leagues. Sounds like a site-wide issue? Read More...

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Player Rankings

Would you consider adjusting the batter rankings based on some blend of OPS and DWAR? I think those two stats are more representative of the true value of the player than the current ratings. For inst.. Read More...