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Aggressive base running

I love this game but it needs to add an aggressive base running to the strategy set up, I.e. you can set it up so 7+ speed are more likely to take extra base. Just spitballin' after watching Carew (.. Read More...

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Double Steals

https://www.pennantchase.com/lgBoxScoreReader.aspx?sid=589886c9-18bf-4fc8-902e-da1d81a0e106 I was just wondering about the concept of double steals. Here, in the third inning, Kitchen is at first a.. Read More...

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Player Creation / DWar

In the Quick Create Player menu - it would be great to be able to set ranges for both DWar and fielding %. The sim creates crazily good fielders and it would be nice to be able to limit this a bit th.. Read More...

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AL-FT 319 Not Starting

Auto League 319 Fave Teams is full and fully drafted, yet hasn't 'switched over' through multiple SIM cycles (8 hr spans) today. Is there an issue ? Read More...

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Not all 85 IP 'Openers' created equal?

Apparently not all under 85 IP SP are created equal. While guys like '96 Helling, '14 Fiers, '01 Pinero are now available as 'Openers' thanks to Change Role feature, some guys are glaringly left out? .. Read More...

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Minor Leagues games/stats

It seems to me like the players that are in are farm system/minors dont really play any games or get any stats in the farm system/minors so how about some minor league games and some stats for them. .. Read More...

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New adjustment to rank

I notice the recent rank adjustment. Many guys got an undiserved upgrade... I just did a first auto draft since the changes...pretty much what i feared happened... A complete suggestion of ne.. Read More...

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Use Slump Buster for fielding

Be able to use Slump Buster for fielding Slump Buster is only used for batting and pitching slumps so how about being to use it for fielding slump . like being to practice throwing runners .. Read More...