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One complaint

I've been playing through a number of seasons now and love it. I like teams that go on year-to-year but have run into an issue about contracts that bothers me. I have had several contracts that I in.. Read More...

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Drops On Text Messages

I find all of the other PC text messages helpful (especially the league filled and draft related messages) but I've never found the drops on message very helpful. I was just curious if anyone uses thi.. Read More...

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2 small things that can be added I thin

I would like a way to print the box score so maybe a print button by the box score and also the schedule if the was a way to put a lil note box so I can add game times or anything else to the schedule.. Read More...

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Simulation Gods Shorten Draft Window

Can we please shorten the draft windows? 8 hours is too long given that you can set your draft order in advance. Even 4-6 hours would be much appreciated Read More...

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Player Rankings

Would you consider adjusting the batter rankings based on some blend of OPS and DWAR? I think those two stats are more representative of the true value of the player than the current ratings. For inst.. Read More...