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Home Field Customization

I just started playing the football side of the site. One thought that I had was is there a way to add a feature to customize the home field (similar to the lefty/righty boost on the baseball side). O.. Read More...

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Flag Free Agents in League History

Not sure this is possible but I would love to be able to go to the League History, search the OPS leaders or some other category and see who is currently a free agent in my league. Having an asterisk.. Read More...

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Progression before / after

This is kind of an edge case that I noticed this morning. I'm in a progression league where you can also change seasons. So you could have a player in his 1998 season and then he progresses, you don.. Read More...

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Player History Page

It would be cool to capture the Rank of the player for the season they compiled stats. Right now on their career stats page it just populates the current rank into every year - here's an example h.. Read More...

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Player Rankings

Would you consider adjusting the batter rankings based on some blend of OPS and DWAR? I think those two stats are more representative of the true value of the player than the current ratings. For inst.. Read More...