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Negro Leagues

Now that they're on Baseball Reference, any thoughts of bringing them in? Read More...

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Ramon Ramirez

There are 2 RP named Ramon Ramirez who pitched in the early 2000's. Based on their pages on, it appears that their career stats have become mixed in PC's database. According to .. Read More...

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Team Stats page

I noticed that this page has been updated. I like the fact that your team is now highlighted. However, you can no longer organize leaders by stats other than the default stat. Is there any way we can.. Read More...

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No Drop List question

I also sent this to Guy ... I noticed in the ATG leagues that Sammy Sosa and Gary Sheffield are on the No Drop List even though neither of them is very highly ranked and their rank does not show in.. Read More...

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Defensive Subs

Just a minor suggestion. Now that we have a dRanking for everyone, I wonder if defensive substitutions should be based on that number. I noticed a substitution today that wasn't egregious, but somewha.. Read More...

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Player Rankings

Would you consider adjusting the batter rankings based on some blend of OPS and DWAR? I think those two stats are more representative of the true value of the player than the current ratings. For inst.. Read More...