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Minor Leagues games/stats

It seems to me like the players that are in are farm system/minors dont really play any games or get any stats in the farm system/minors so how about some minor league games and some stats for them. .. Read More...

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New adjustment to rank

I notice the recent rank adjustment. Many guys got an undiserved upgrade... I just did a first auto draft since the changes...pretty much what i feared happened... A complete suggestion of ne.. Read More...

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Use Slump Buster for fielding

Be able to use Slump Buster for fielding Slump Buster is only used for batting and pitching slumps so how about being to use it for fielding slump . like being to practice throwing runners .. Read More...

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Forums for the league for themselves .

Far as i can tell there is only forums for the whole site not each league individually . so i was thinking why not have forums for each league individually . Then i would think if someone w.. Read More...

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Historic league stats

It would be nice to have a feature that would filter out players with minimal at bats from the stat leaders in this section. Also, I really enjoy the fact that I can see the single season stat leade.. Read More...

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Young players/compiled stats

It's my understanding that compiled stats play no role in a player's progression. Just a suggestion, but I think it would be great if they did. That way, it would be more like MLB where a team gets .. Read More...

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Duplicates Feature Acting Up

Some glitches I've noticed with 'Resolve Duplicates' feature. In one of the leagues I run, this feature as used as a final sweep for any new season imports that might already be in the league.. We.. Read More...

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'Retire Team' add to Bulk Updates ?

The header only allows so many characters. Right now I'm running into having to manually retire individual players one at a time because I only need to retire certain players that were all on the .. Read More...

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Inbox Search/Sort Feature

It would be helpful to be able to sort or search mail in a inbox for senders or key words. Read More...