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Podcast, Episode 9

A sweeping change was made to the "arm" rating for catchers, and the webmaster dives into the change and the feedback he received after it went live.

Podcast, Episode 8

Warning, audio for vocals is low for this episode and will be improved moving forward. The webmaster kicks off 2018 with the first podcast in a long, long time!

Podcast, Episode 7

It's been a long time since the last podcast, the webmaster fills you in on recent site changes and challenges around keeping the ad revenue coming.

Podcast, Episode 6

It was a rough week for pennantchase.com. Hear all about the challenges of running your favorite website!

Podcast, Episode 5

Find out why there hasn't been a podcast in over a month, and get the scoop on the latest Public Board drama!

Podcast, Episode 4

The webmaster talks about the state of Pennant Chase coming off 2016, and talks about what might be in store for 2017.

Podcast, Episode 3

Your remaining questions finally answered in the holiday edition of the podcast.

Podcast, Episode 2

The webmaster of PennantChase.com chats about the chaos of the early days launching the website and talks about the birth of the Auto Draft.

Podcast, Episode 1

The webmaster of PennantChase.com introduces you to baseball simulation leagues and answers a few questions from the forums.

Pennant Chase's first radio ad!

Longtime user Sirtommy landed his own radio show and recorded this ad for Pennant Chase!

SMS Text Messages

Now you can get important league texts send to your phone! Find out how to opt in.

Mobile App Preview

Check out the new Mobile App created for Pennant Chase.

Sandbox Leagues

Learn about sandbox leagues and how they work.