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Re: Re: Players on DL

I think you may be looking at the wrong Teams Brian- he only has 2 teams - one has played 5 games the other 12 and he has a total of 17 games played all time I think he is seeing something wrong,.. Read More...

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It's Doing It Again.. Waiver/Prerank Gl

Where despite ranking no one in Fave Teams Supplemental Draft,it keeps adding players to my roster. I remember we fixed the issue a couple months back when it was doing it to a ChiSox team I owned. It.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Possible Idea?

It’s just a cooo way to connect all of PC. Not only would it connect us users to potential owners, but also to other users that are in the league. I think it’s a cool idea, frankly. I’d like to hear m.. Read More...

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Re: Minor leagues

10/21 skooler1 Random Chatter 5

Oh Gus......... If anyone could come up with such an amusing response like that, you'd be my first guess as to who that would be... 😂🤣😂🤣 Read More...

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Re: Plus-Arm Question

Is it possible that there is going to be any response? I know some secrecy is nice Not looking to split the Atom here Bumping to the top Read More...

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Re: Re: World Series

10/21 ncook44 Random Chatter 11

Dodgers won, Good for them. Just glad the Braves made it that far with all the pitching injuries they had this year... Read More...

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Supplemental Draft Order - Auto League

10/21 4bagger Random Chatter 0

The order of the first round of the supplemental draft makes sense to me... weakest team to strongest team. However, not sure it is fair that order continues for rounds 2 and 3... wouldn't the weakest.. Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 4

10/20 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 0 In this episode, breuer_elbows, dalbhpo8, and bdavids28 discuss some of the players they haven't yet had on their teams but want.. Read More...

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Re: Re: PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 3

10/20 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 5

Jay and Lefty, thank you very much for your compliments - It's an honor to hear them! Read More...

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Re: A "No Draft" league?

Think he’s asking if a league can be set so each owner can select whatever team they want from whatever season. Answer is yes, either by using fav team format or commish can import the team for them. Read More...

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Re: fun stat

10/19 tgbbirch Random Chatter 3

thats why i said fun stat. just to see witch guys have got the key hits. but its not a stat to look at for team ajustments Read More...

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Opening - MLB The Glory Years 98

The San Francisco Giants are available in a real life, progressions league. This is Tacomaboy's old team. Currently in the off season. Supplemental Draft runs on Thursday. https://www.pennantcha.. Read More...

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Transaction log

I have a request. When you clear the game log, one of the boxes that is checked is to clear the transaction log. On my commish checklist, I have a note to uncheck that before submitting, but invariabl.. Read More...

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Re: Re: rays vs astros

yeah lol

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Re: 2021 fantasy league

We have 3 open spots.

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Re: Record as an owner

If you go to your user profile you can see it Read More...

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Re: Ads

10/16 todorojo Random Chatter 10

Yeah' they are video ads for Dodge Ram trucks and another car ad. Read More...

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Looking for a League

Anyone know a simple, average 16-20 team league?

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1 Team wildcat league

we need just three more owners to get this league going. join. Read More...

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MLB 2022 League

New commissioner, need 7 more owners! Please consider joining!!! Read More...