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Re: 2010 errors

9/28 gbacci Random Chatter 3

Thank you, got all these fixed.

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Re: Importing Issue

What typically happens there is that they pitched so few innings in a stint with a team, that stint fails to get imported into the PC database. I fixed the three guys you sent me - if you ever notice .. Read More...

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Re: Re: Scheduled simulations are not r

9/28 gbacci Random Chatter 2

Thanks for letting me know.

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Re: Biggest surprise of 2021

they are still alive , thats better than the padres. what i cant belive is the mariners are worst avg in al mlb they have been outscored but they still have a chance. no matter what , they finish wit.. Read More...

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Looking for Devil Rays expansion owner

Strike Reboot will be expanding to included the Devil Rays and Diamondbacks for the 1998 season. We have a D-Backs owner, but are still looking for someone to take on the upstart Devil Rays. If you're.. Read More...

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Re: Players becoming random since t

9/28 plpl512 Random Chatter 7

It's really a particular gap of players with a specific kind of stats line who are paying the note for the others... as I exposed, many of them saw their stats not moving that much.... Obviously.. Read More...

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Re: I'd like to come back on a smaller

Welcome back! I went down to 2-5 teams a few years ago and find it much more enjoyable - hope you do too Read More...

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Re: re: new league

Sounds great , does it come with a black cat to throw in front of Cubs dugout if they get close to winning a pennant ? I would love to be pilots but looks like they are grounded. Read More...

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Re: Re: AdsC

Unfortunately, I'm a Patriots/Brady hater and I don't even follow football anymore. PC has been one of my baseball refuges and it kinda ticks me off to get bombarded by football crap. Just my Opin.. Read More...

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Re: Why doesn’t fielding pct ever p

9/27 gbacci Random Chatter 3

Yeah totally valid issue to discuss. The lock-in problem is a problem with any stat though. If your league is using fictional progression and you make Sammy Sosa 1998 a 22 year old, he's going to h.. Read More...

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Re: Double Standard

I think there are two things here Nap: 1) It's not great form to boot someone with no communication. I agree with that. 2) As a commissioner, I've found the feedback tool to be useful and always lo.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Gibson, Paige, Bell

No problem. Good liuck.

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First-place Tigers seek leader

The 2002 Detroit Tigers are tied for the league lead despite lacking a manager. Check in and join up -- 2000sMLB -- and see if you can't take them home. League is in it's 51st season. Read More...

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Washington Senators Available

The Washington Senators seek new ownership in the Defunct Baseball League. Washington is in the Minor league, but is poised for a league title.  Their previous owner was active and set the team up wel.. Read More...

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Re: Offensive Outburst

22-1..ouch

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Re: Re: First ring EZ4AVILA

We also won in the last Astros game ever, we are relocating and changing names next year Read More...

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Re: relocation candidates ?

nobody hits a chapman fastball that well

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Re: Best of the Best Fav Teams Leag

We may have another opening - please contact me or raiderbill. Read More...

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Re: Openings

Top Dog is now full. If anyone is still interested, I can put you on the waiting list for the next opening. 骰子, of course, still has openings because, by design, it always does. Read More...

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Re: Re: Progression

9/21 naplajoie Hoops Forum 4

just as a general rule I'm interested in anything lordhawke is interested in Read More...