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Re: Re: PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 9

11/25 Warrior Hoops Forum 4

For now I guess "The Time Is Now Again" Read More...

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Re: Re: Trading a No Drop

11/25 GusPC13 Random Chatter 4

Why don't you come up with another trade that works for both of you, one that also has one no-drop guy exchanged for a regular player. Then you can make two deals - the no-drop for the no-drop and the.. Read More...

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Re: Re: RP warmups

11/25 Dempsey245 Random Chatter 15

As a former player/coach who spends most of the baseball season at an MLB ballpark, I just wanted to say this is possibly the most interesting thread I have seen on PC. Keep it going guys. You all.. Read More...

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Re: Fantasy Style League

Hi Matty - Iwould be interested in joining this league please Read More...

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Baseball Line Up Changes

Is there any value in changing lineups based on the team and or pitcher your team will face next? My thought is trying to figure out how to beat teams kicking my butt series after series. Read More...

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Re: Re: Need 4 Owners

Are you still looking for players? What does your league consist of? Are the Red Sox still available? Read More...

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Re: Re: NYC Metro Neighborhood Baseball

Are you still looking for players? If so, what will the teams look like-- current players, past players, DH, etc. Read More...

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Re: ROBINSON CANO the A hole

11/24 jwbsavages Random Chatter 11

if they do the baseball foundation it'll probably be the financial assistance fund for players who don't get money 1. on the list.... cano Read More...

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Re: MFGA looking to expand 1 owner or 2

Hey, I may be interested in joining your league! Read More...

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Re: Re: Looking for a league

yes, thank you sheik, but I am already in about 5 of those, but ill probably join another Read More...

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Re: College Baseball 2023!

thanks

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Re: dWar vs. D /-

11/23 jimgriddy Random Chatter 42

And it has slowed down! That new RP rule, games still took longer. Like 3 hr and 10 min I believe. Players are slowing down and there are too many pitches. More pitches in the strike zone would mean m.. Read More...

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Re: Re: A 3-Peat and a Special Thanks

My Quick Draft for Season 4 could not have gone better: 🤞🤞 🤞 Read More...

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College Baseball 2023!!

the reboot of college baseball 2022 6 teams open here are links to rules, homepage Read More...

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Re: Schedule Builder NEVER Works Ri

I'm glad I opened up a dialogue to something that could really benefit commishes/users moving forward.. Several of these suggestions would be godsends. Read More...

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Re: PC Questions

Thanks Guy, I appreciate the response, your answers make sense and in fairness, I really have no idea how difficult it is to write code and just picking an arbitrary number is not the best solution ei.. Read More...

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Re: PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 8

11/20 dunroche Hoops Forum 6

I'm tellin' y'all , it's the " Baby Shark " of PC !! Read More...

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Re: what is the best potentials in orde

11/19 yankeebb Random Chatter 9

I think it’s more like 65%. As for U vs A, really depends what the stats are and what I’m wanting out of the player. If they are a high speed high OBP guy you want him as an A and just keep improving.. Read More...

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Re: SARMLB Award Ballots

(let's try this again)

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Re: mcdonalds should have a mike tr

11/18 jimgriddy Random Chatter 19

Mrbubbles, It appears you extensive knowledge of pop culture from many decades is wasted here. I do though appreciate it. So does Hal. Read More...