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Re: Re: Big Boppers League

Only 3 teams left Rockies 1997 Diamondbacks 2001 Rangers 1999 Read More...

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Re: Re: just a thought

8/21 PLPL512 Random Chatter 6

When it's time to select a pitcher I will look at their h/9, k/9, whip & stamina... ( I prefer hi K rate / low contact pitchers...) W-L and era are irrelevant... But if you look at compare acr.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Seeking College League.

We have openings right now and we're drafting for next season. You can find College Baseball on the Custom Leagues page. Look forward to seeing you there! Read More...

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Re: 300 game winner in a custom league

Good question. First you need to have a league that lasts long enough, no easy task. In my league which has completed 28 seasons, Jose Fernandez finished his career with 346 wins. No one else has r.. Read More...

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Re: Need 1 for Daily Draft League

Bump !!

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Re: Guy, Error coming up for Customs pa

Done, thanks Guy

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Re: Consistently losing in all leag

8/19 gbacci Random Chatter 37

You're leaving because one team struggled against the greatest pitchers of all time, and yet none of your current teams contain a single top-12 starting pitcher? No words. Read More...

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MLB The True Experience needs 4 owners

League is filled with great owners and the four teams available are all rebuilding squads that can be turned around quickly. Public custom league Read More...

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Do you love the Favorite Teams format?

Best of the Best: 1901-2018 is a 30 team Favorite Teams private league, where the owners take a turn with each franchise each season and then switch every offseason. We have added a feature to try and.. Read More...

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Re: Wish list

My wish will be to keep player's ranking per year on player stat history. (When your click on player's name) Now, actual RK is showed for each season. Read More...

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Re: Re: My Post about DWar

8/18 htennis Random Chatter 4

Definitely share information. I remember trading for a guy because he had a low ERA only to be told that ERA didn't matter. That embarrassed the heck outta me. Read More...

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Re: Re: Can Be Replaced By Subs?

Thank you

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Re: Re: Is this the Venting Board??

O jeez, could be one of many things.

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Truly WORLD Series league needs owners

A Truly WORLD Series is comprised of teams from across the globe, competing to become a true World Champion. Unique wrinkles to this league include inter-continental game play using nations as tea.. Read More...

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Re: 2 Openings in Rewind

Also have MIL open as we are about to start the 1986 offseason. Message me if interested Read More...

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Re: LF competitive/super active league

Take over a team in MLB True Experience. League is starting in two hours. Great league, all active owners, trimmed off some fat this offseason so need a few new active owners. Read More...

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Re: Relive the past

Still looking for twins owner

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Re: Re: Looking for answers

Now all you have to do is change Griffey to his '96 year (3.36 dWAR) and you're good to go. - The Sheik Read More...

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Re: What happened to the Anthem?

Game play screen, "Sound" at bottom. You can turn sound On, but the Default position (Off!) is PC controlled. The audio is, essentially, some sound effects that do not really tell the story of the.. Read More...

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Re: Game Play Question

8/15 yankeebb Random Chatter 10

Good example. So this proves that closer doesn’t come as soon as it’s a save situation (when that first guy got on base) but does come in as soon as lead is 3 or less. Good to know the first reliever .. Read More...