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12/14 GusPC13 Random Chatter 25

But that’s the point, goody, you don’t HAVE to pay those stars, you GET to pay those stars because you have the extra money to do so. And so do the Boston’s and the L.A.’s etc. But if K.C. or Pitt or .. Read More...

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Re: Lineup advice from experienced owne

12/14 super Random Chatter 1

I wouldn't call your D "tight." It's not in the negative in the D +/- category, but you're still in the bottom half of the league. Negative DWAR at SS is a no-no. Put in Ernie Banks at SS, move Chi.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Baseball is A Great Game

what about intentional walks not using any pitches?

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Re: trading

12/14 tgbbirch Random Chatter 4

All i ask in a trade is to look at the other teams needs. try to make a trade that helps both teams.and act like the other owner has some disrespect everyone with the trades you offer nycub.. Read More...

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Sandbox---Longest game.

This is for those of you with Sandbox leagues. What is the longest game you have seen. I am doing a 1979 replay and an early April matchup between Dodgers and Astros I just simmed went 23 innings with.. Read More...

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Re: Favorite Teams Custom League Needs

I'm interested in joining this league

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Re: Game Play question

12/13 skooler1 Random Chatter 5

And honestly, how many guys do you see hitting that many triples in any given year recently. There's really only a few that have done it lately. The only player that comes to mind is Curtis granderson.. Read More...

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Re: Major League Dynasty OPENINGS

I should mention, the new season draft is this Sunday Read More...

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Re: Rendon to the Angels

12/12 skooler1 Random Chatter 5

Wait, are you trying to say it WASN'T the norm this year??? Lol 😝😂 Read More...

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Re: Re: Would love trade advice

In the immortal words of the great Rodney King: "I just want to say – you know – can we all get along? " - The Sheik Read More...

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Re: 750 All Time Greats

If you're currently at 8 owners, then yes 4 more to go, 12 is the number needed, for future reference Read More...

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Re: Who is everyone?

12/11 mark15 Random Chatter 101

I'm Mark I'm 29 live in northeast PA just barely in the Pocono's. I played PC in 2009-2011 and recently just started back up. My favorite team in the Phillies. However I love all sports. Read More...

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Re: Improvement

I believe the programming code would be similar to a batting lineup code ( yes correct a manual lineup). Read More...

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Re: Re: Tired of 3-0 leads Blown ALL TH

It happens a fair amount on PC and also you can get some teams with crazy regular season records losing to teams barely over .500... that also seems a little more common on PC than in real life... .. Read More...

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Re: Coming Soon: 2019 Stat League

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Re: Re: Why Won't My Lineups Save

No prob

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Re: Re: Sandbox League: Player Ranks

12/10 skooler1 Random Chatter 2

Click the "adjust stat ratings" (I think that's what it's called) and it will do so, and then you can select what the rank minimum for elite players will be (and it will give a suggestion for both bat.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Hey, Look its my league. Wait..

We'll count that as one vote for GB&U.

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SARMLB Award Ballots

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Re: Re: Under Construction - 1 Owner ne

Ditto that