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Re: Re: Out of position players?

5/24 JDfrost Hoops Forum 5

Cool.... wanted to try it myself but wanted to make sure it's allowed before I did! Thx Read More...

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Re: Catching a cheater

LOL, hear that!

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Great season

Thanks for a great season everyone. Almost won it all, down to Game 7. I'll be moving on from this league. Good luck and see you all in other leagues Read More...

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Re: Eligible Seasons

This might be a leftover from a mistake doubling of a few years ago... we've undoubled most of them, but there might a few lingering out there. Read More...

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Re: Re: Pitching

5/23 tjmoss86 Random Chatter 14

ok thats all i really wanted to know. thanks Read More...

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Re: Re: Win Share Questions for Basketb

5/23 roguerouge Hoops Forum 10

I've started avoid ing is players who have high OWS because they shoot a lot of foul shots. They're not going to get them in this game. Read More...

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Re: Secret Recipe

GusPC knows what he’s doing. Killer pitching and defense. Read More...

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open teams

the glory years has two openings season is 1996 league has been running since season 1960 this is a real progression league with a few rules so an easy league for newbies but have some vets in h.. Read More...

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Re: Pitcher Draft Strategy

Also, if you are building your team around pitching, I use WHIP, like I do move the fences back. If you also have great defense, more balls in play is better, can not defend against a walk. Read More...

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promotion and demotion

you can go up or down league home random team r.. Read More...

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Re: The Quarantine League 2019 Fant

invite on the way :)

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Re: Re: Done

5/22 Bhgray Random Chatter 9

I loved that game Jim. Never got to that elite status though. Read More...

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Re: Re: How do you select free agents

5/22 HanChaney Hoops Forum 3

I was talking about Hoops and thanks for the advice Read More...

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open team

the mario mendoza league has an opening this is a real life progression league that imports players from losing teams come take a look and see if this is a league for you Read More...

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Re: 22 game winning streak snapped

I thought my 2 7's where great especially near the end of season Read More...

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CRe: Custom basketball leagues?

Custom basketball leagues sound good

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Re: Re: Inexplicable loss?

Thanks all, an inexplicable loss is now just an f-'ed up loss... correction made.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Basketball Leagues

5/20 htennis Random Chatter 3

That's a gamechanger ---!

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Re: What does DS stand for in hoop stat

*DS = Defensive Stop. Indicates heavy pressure by defensive player. Player's Defensive Win-Share (DWS) impacts this. Read More...