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Re: You can join more leagues! You're c

Guy, if this issue is what I think it is, you need to see this Read More...

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Re: D /- in stats

No. Hits Saved.

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Icons Gone Again

11/18 Lester Random Chatter 0

The Icons are Gone Again.

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Best of the 80's, 90's and Today

Brand new league forming. Just listed today. Check it out. Read More...

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Re: Awards Formula

I second this

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dW, WHIP, K/9

This might not be that interesting to some of you, but I thought it was pretty interesting... one league I'm in is 33 games into the season... we've each played each team 3 teams. Here's how the to.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Oddest Playoff Team Ever ?

11/18 skooler1 Random Chatter 5

Jay, don't forget one thing... We finished with the great record we have after a very unspectacular start, we really weren't doing well until about maybe halfway through the season, if not later, then.. Read More...

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Re: Best of the 80's, 90's and Toda

@jimgriddy, we all have internal email on PC. Anyone here can email you thru PC. Read More...

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Re: WBC - Search of Ideas for New Leagu

New here, so I don't have any feedback except that it sounds like a league I would like to play in. Read More...

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Fight for October

I have 4 open teams we are currently slow drafting and finishing up with the live draft tomorrow night Free agency follows a few days after Read the rules before joining and please be an acti.. Read More...

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Astros' meme

11/17 GusPC13 Random Chatter 0

Anyone else see this Astros' meme today? Made me laugh. https://www.facebook.com/TheMLBMemes/photos/a.352055421561994/2230997040334480/?type=3&theater Read More...

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Looking for two owners

One for an up and coming team with solid young pieces and one perennial contender that has at least two more seasons of title contention in them. Please message me directly for details. Read More...

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Re: More Wish List items

Wouldn’t mind seeing an option to bunt with runners 1st/2nd and no outs. Usually never bunt but depending on team structure would entertain this. Seems like a more realistic strategy choice than bunti.. Read More...

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Re: Re: SP/RP Possible glitch in Auto 4

I have been playing voth in another favorite teams league and his stamina is capped at 40 as it should be, maybe its just an issue with that particular league. https://www.pennantchase.com/lgPlaye.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Auto League 431 All-Time Greats

Looks like someone beat me to it - welcome !!! - The Sheik Read More...

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Re: Whr are certain Players trying

Thanks everyone. Guess he wanted Youk in there pretty bad! Read More...

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SARMLB All-Star Ballots

AL: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RVRLCJ7 NL: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RCYT59C

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Re: Players Age

This is why in all leagues I run with real historical players, I have all owners comb bbref and send me the age edits. Its common. VERY common. You don't truly see how often it happens until you h.. Read More...

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Re: Astros being jerks, part 87

11/16 MIKEYYY Random Chatter 19

RITZCARDS2.. Well it didn't start til they switched leagues in 2013. First 2 seasons they were way below 500 with 51 and 70 wins, then they had 2 above 500 season barley. with 86 and 84 wins Then in .. Read More...

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Re: Newbie Q: Re stats/projections

Thank you. I just figured the escalation per year would take care of it but all good. I look forward to trying to figure it all out Read More...