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Re: Re: OMG.....again???

7/17 gbacci Random Chatter 7

You are not the only one who doesn't grasp this at first. I think many newbies miss the gray League Status box on every auto league homepage and the additional info there explaining things, so I've ad.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Can anyone explain this??

7/17 gbacci Random Chatter 10

This has caused some confusion for a while, so I've made some changes (which is going to make things a little more cluttered, but hopefully more clear... that makes sense, right??) It wouldn't be i.. Read More...

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Re: The ol 85 IP SP issue, error ?

I think that might have been an oversight, but I actually see that as an okay compromise... at 40 pitches, the starter without many starts won't be able to go very long in games. Read More...

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Re: Re: Is rank all that important?

I think the Sheik means to not ignore defense, compare these two OF's using their BEST season from Best of the 1980's https://www.pennantchase.com/lgPlayerCard.aspx?lgid=169&id=169-tartada01 h.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Eddie Plank

7/16 nytkrew Random Chatter 2

Geeze, thanks Sheik...no clue how I missed that one. I guess my research skills are rusty. Read More...

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Re: All Time Greats LG 52

No chat in Auto Leagues. Communication would strictly be in email. Rare to exchange emails in Auto leagues, unless talking trade. Trades are, actually, also rare in Auto Leagues. Custom and Priv.. Read More...

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Re: I’m back y’all

Welcome back WV Kid :)

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Re: Rank adjustment

7/15 WorcWarr Random Chatter 23

This is an Auto League comment: I think the new Rank Adjustment has also increased some of the salaries (but I'm not exactly sure of this). When the salaries got readjusted a while ago, it seemed t.. Read More...

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5 teams needed- x factor

https://www.pennantchase.com/lgHome.aspx?lgid=889 We are drafting in just over an hour at 7pm cst. We still have 5 teams without owner, so if you are on now and interested in a good league join n.. Read More...

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Re: Alliteration Association 4

Gently Goading Gus, Great Guffaws Galore!

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Re: Re: Who is everyone?

I am Randy, from Niagara Falls, Canada. Reds fan also. Name was misspelled supposed to be Shamskyfan, for my hero Art Shamsky. Read More...

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Dodgers are open

Dodgers are open in Favorite Franchise Teams (Public). Pick two rosters from Brooklyn or Los Angeles franchise,pared down to a 40 man roster and enjoy the season.No contracts,budgets or FA bidding. On.. Read More...

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Opening in the All Yankees League

Every player who played for the Yankees from 1961 to present divided up into the other teams they played for. Starting Season 5. No contracts. No progressions. Unique league with a few wrinkles. Not p.. Read More...

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Re: Re: What the hell

It was just getting rid of owners who weren’t doing anything. They hadn’t drafted in all the time you were waiting. Two new owners will join, draft, and you’ll move forward. Read More...

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5 owners needed in The X-Factor

https://www.pennantchase.com/lgHome.aspx?lgid=889 This league has been one my favorite’s for awhile now but hit a bit of a rough patch when we had a commish have to step down and lost some owners i.. Read More...

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Re: Hometown League

The league is full but if more owners wish to join message me and I can create more teams since the league is just getting going Read More...

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Wanna write about fantasy baseball??

Sup guys n gals. Your old pal jkj here. I just got accepted to write for a sports network called Last Word on Sports. There are offshoot pages for just about every sport you can imagine. I'm going .. Read More...

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Re: RP Felipe Vazquez not found in

Happens all the time-- Consider Bruce Jenner, well that might not be the best case. Read More...

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SARMLB just capped off our 2031 season and is looking for a few owners to take over teams with lots of money to spend in a stacked free agent class this offseason. Link is below to check out if you ar.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Invite friend question

Thank you. He's in!!