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Re: The ol 85 IP SP issue, error ?

For importing players in favorite team leagues that’s the rule. For PC in general it seems that if the stamina is under 60 they are RP, over is SP. stamina is determine by IP/G or something like.. Read More...

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Retired players

Setting up my sandbox for 2010 season and have ran across players who wont import because PC says they are retired when they actually aren't . No stars yet but mostly players who were traded in season.. Read More...

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Re: New adjustment to rank

I will let more than one draft going before having a better idea. But fore sure I saw new faces appearing in that 2nd spot of the starting rotation offering (and they were all well below previous .. Read More...

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Re: This site is awesome, amazing, and

7/19 gbacci Random Chatter 7

Sanfran it was just a joke from another thread, many people mean to type Guy and type Gus accidentally. Thank you all for the kind words, they really do keep me going!! Read More...

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Re: Re: Use Slump Buster for fielding

So how would you qualify for Slump Buster for Fielding? It can't be equated to fielding % because Slump Buster is a set number- either batting .220 or less with 50 At bats or an ERA of 5.00+ with 25 .. Read More...

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Bring the Heat Teams Available

5 teams available. Most teams are still in position to compete for a playoff spot. Our draft will be next week. League is public to join. https://www.pennantchase.com/lgHome.aspx?lgid=207 -.. Read More...

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Re: Re: issue

thank you so are you doing anything else? i ask as there are no wins or losses for any teams and if your still working on this league i dont want to do anything that will disrupt what your doing beh.. Read More...

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MLB Experiment REBOOT, TWO OwnersNeeded

The MLB Experiment (Reboot) 2.0 is in need of two owners. Still finishing up low AB/IP edits. 2019 Rosters, real-life Park Effects, we'll be picking our franchises soon. Rules to be updated, but m.. Read More...

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Re: Forums for the league for themselve

You can post league wide messages in any league including autos. It’s not the same as a forum with unique threads, obviously. Custom leagues have the chat box which seem to get the most action. Read More...

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Notice: Players Table Backed up

7/18 gbacci Announcements 0

This is an automated message from the webmaster: At times, I backup the entire player table. This message is here to log the date of the last backup. I can only restore data from this backup in emerge.. Read More...

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Seeking a league

Looking for a fictional player, MLB rule style league to join. Read More...

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Cubs are Open - Established League

Cubs are open in https://www.pennantchase.com/lgHome.aspx?lgid=43 We are about halfway into season 33. Stable league with a lot of long term owners, many from season 1. Please read the rules be.. Read More...

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Re: Can anyone explain this??

7/17 GusPC13 Random Chatter 12

Thanks for accidentally giving me credit for something that Guy did, SinCity. It happens on occasion. But I can’t take credit for anything. Guy is the webmaster. Gus is just a goofball who tries to be.. Read More...

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Re: Re: OMG.....again???

7/17 gbacci Random Chatter 7

You are not the only one who doesn't grasp this at first. I think many newbies miss the gray League Status box on every auto league homepage and the additional info there explaining things, so I've ad.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Is rank all that important?

I think the Sheik means to not ignore defense, compare these two OF's using their BEST season from Best of the 1980's https://www.pennantchase.com/lgPlayerCard.aspx?lgid=169&id=169-tartada01 h.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Eddie Plank

7/16 nytkrew Random Chatter 2

Geeze, thanks Sheik...no clue how I missed that one. I guess my research skills are rusty. Read More...

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Re: All Time Greats LG 52

No chat in Auto Leagues. Communication would strictly be in email. Rare to exchange emails in Auto leagues, unless talking trade. Trades are, actually, also rare in Auto Leagues. Custom and Priv.. Read More...

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Re: I’m back y’all

Welcome back WV Kid :)

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Re: Rank adjustment

7/15 WorcWarr Random Chatter 23

This is an Auto League comment: I think the new Rank Adjustment has also increased some of the salaries (but I'm not exactly sure of this). When the salaries got readjusted a while ago, it seemed t.. Read More...

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5 teams needed- x factor

https://www.pennantchase.com/lgHome.aspx?lgid=889 We are drafting in just over an hour at 7pm cst. We still have 5 teams without owner, so if you are on now and interested in a good league join n.. Read More...