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Re: Waivers is live, need Auto Leag

5/20 ragingsol Announcements 29

The Waiver Wire system must not have yet been implemented in Auto Leagues because the Auto League just joined ran the typical three rounds after Game 3. Read More...

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Computer issues

5/20 edgar Random Chatter 0

Having computer issues, please bear with me

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Re: Who is everone?

5/20 ratchan Random Chatter 7

More shockingly, who knew steelworkers still existed in America?! I thought NAFTA had put an end to that kind of thing. Read More...

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League of champions

Looking for a few owners for some teams we are in 6th season and rookie draft is coming up 1 team is a medium market team with a good young core and randy Johnson as the Ace and have a top 3 pick .. Read More...

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Re: Dumb Question

In Auto leagues, age doesnt matter. In Custom leagues, players typically age and progress/regress depending on league. Read More...

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Re: Relive the past

Filling up quickly still need some owners

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Re: Intentional BB

5/19 plpl512 Random Chatter 5

The worst about it, there is Arkhy Vaughan .385 avg, .485 obp, rank 95..., sitting on the bench who could end up pinch hitting after the intentional walk... Read More...

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Re: Re: 15 years ago today

Not all West Virginians are hillbillies (they’re mostly coal miners 😂) Read More...

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Re: Uncle Cash

Huh ?

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Re: Re: MLB Experiment REBOOT, 4 Owners

Bump ba bump, bump, bump !

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Alliteration Association 4

The Alliteration Association 4 is ready to begin. The league has 26 teams in three division with promotion/relegation each season. https://www.pennantchase.com/lgRules.aspx?lgid=599 Read More...

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Re: Best Little League game ever

5/17 super Random Chatter 8

Gus, I totally believe your pep talks can transform a mediocre youth into a world-class athlete, and I regret I didn't listen to such awesome words back when I was a teenager. I'm now in my decrepit t.. Read More...

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Re: Distribution list for Commish U

I understand the Bcc option... I just thought a distribution list might make the process dummy proof for some of our owners less tech/eMail savy Read More...

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Re: Player Development

In Auto Leagues, players' Ranks and Real Stats stay the same each season. 1953 Roy Campanella will have a .312 average in every Auto League he plays in, every season. In Custom Leagues, there is (.. Read More...

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Re: GBF Season 10

Hi there, big baseball fan here and just discovered pennantchase the other day. I'd like to take control of the Padres if you'll have me. I have some ideas on how to bring the first WS championship to.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Quitting a team?

You can't officially "Quit" an Auto League after Game 1 is simmed. You can stop paying attention and never check on it, but the Quit feature will not actually do anything once Game 1 sims. So, you.. Read More...

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Re: 5 Openings in Realistic League!

I joined and was assigned to the Dodgers franchise but I’d like to manage Cincinnati if that’s possible! Read More...

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Re: Re: Simulating games in sandbox iss

You’re welcome. Glad to help.

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Open Team

We have an opening in Legendary Losers League in Detroit. This is a young,talented team ready for the playoffs. Check it out. If interested, contact steelerbus Read More...

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Only 4 teams left now, Astros,Pirates, Phillies and Senators Read More...