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Re: The Passing of a Legend

6/12 tykyvi Random Chatter 1

A lifelong Celtics fan but I remember Jerry West was a killer on the court. Best story I heard West told it, Bill Russell was there to encourage West since they couldn't get past the Celtics . West .. Read More...

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Re: Re: Negro Leagues

I had another thought, if Auto Leagues Filled first and then the draft happened once it was filled, with a lottery process random draw it would be cool Read More...

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Re: Re: perfect game

Has there ever been a double no hitter where both teams finished with no hits for the entire game beyond 9 if necessary ? I know I've won a game where I was no hit and won the next after being no hit .. Read More...

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MLB First ?

Jayson Werth , World Series ring and owner of a horse that won a triple crown race . Read More...

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Re: Quick Black Baseball update

6/8 ayj88 Random Chatter 12

I've been experimenting with some of the Negro League teams in Favorite Teams Leagues, certainly not easy to build a team and they aren't the best teams but some of the seasons are crazy statistically.. Read More...

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"Full Career Stats" link not functionin

Does not work in any of my leagues

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Re: Opening in MLB: Throwback 1998

Bump to the top......

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Re: Re: League

Thanks for the reply, we'll survive the loss I'm sure. :) Read More...

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Re: New Favorite Teams (WAR Budget Draf

Great to see you back my friend!

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Re: Best 4 words ever !!

Now let's move CJ Buckner

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Re: RIP Bill Walton

6/3 mcvn4 Random Chatter 4

@glansgruber- that may be the single best story ever told on these boards lol Read More...

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Re: Number of leagues available

Different strokes for different folks. Try this one, try that one. I was hoping for a new league, best of the 60s, or pick a season in the 60s. Lol. We all want something different. Read More...

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Re: New Fave teams format

That person isn’t using a strategy. They stopped logging on 3 weeks ago probably right after they drafted, never set lineup, and have no catcher in majors. Read More...

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Re: Starting Pitchers Rotation

Your league has a day off every 6 games. This will put the 5 behind the others. There’s also something else going on as I see someone’s ace just pitched and only needs 2 days to recover, as if they g.. Read More...

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Seek 1 owner for two teams

5/29 dzach Football Forum 0

NFL 2023 season 6. We have our first opening. We started with 2023 players and now draft every season from the 1970s. Packers & Chargers are available to one owner. No stat change. Draft starts on Thu.. Read More...

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Re: Bot teams in the favorite team leag

5/28 revejb Random Chatter 2

The reality is that since budget Fav team has come in (which is great) it seems the old Fav Teams are very slow to fill and absolutely need bots to get going. Read More...

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Re: Re: Fave team budget leagues

This one is open now, auto leagues don't require invites Read More...

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Re: Real life Toronto Blue Jays

Been watching baseball for 50 years , Elly DeLaCruz is ,barring injuries ,one of the best ever imho. but , as we seen today with Acuna , it can be taken away in a heartbeat, he will return but how w.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Problem with a Budget League?

The league is filled. League 797 is having that same problem. Read More...

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Re: Bug report

Same issue in my leagues