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Re: Re: Annoyed

Saber Metrics is all about Launch Angle, Exit Velocity and the sweet spot to pound the Dug-Out trash can... Read More...

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Re: Random Player leagues

the free agent pool has dried up recently, yes. the supplemental draft has become pretty useless from what i've seen. usually there are 3-5 guys you could use. after that, very few options. i be.. Read More...

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Re: Appearance order of RP

while i agree there is no right or wrong with this - i am confident others will feel one way is superior. i have never used a set-up or closer. i put rp in order of success (tweak after 10-15 appe.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Tampa Tom!

1/26 htennis Random Chatter 34

Kraken just hired John Forslund for PBP...hard to imagine that a franchise could get off to a better start. Read More...

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Re: Re: Tough Trivia Game

Refreshes like every couple hours or so

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Re: Re: 2 open teams in CBL

Montreal Royaux available! :)

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Re: Yankees Fans Hot Stove Talk

I remember a couple years ago there was talk about how they should try two starters in a game. With this rotation you could try it with guys like Garcia and King. See if you can get 4 innings or so fr.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Need 5 Owners

Bump, still looking for owners. Need 5 owners for the teams listed below: Royals, Mariners, Red Sox, Braves, Cubs Message me directly if interested. Link to league page: https://www.pennan.. Read More...

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Re: Really annoying

1/25 gbacci Random Chatter 16

Ok, I agree with you that the LRP should enter before any SPs - I thought that was the logic, so I can check to confirm. Read More...

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Re: Re: A 3-Peat and a Special Thanks

Wait, JWB didnt win it?!

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Re: New HR feature for pitchers

No it was not voted on. We are voting on it now for 2 seasons from now in the league I run. When Gbacci sent the notice to commissioners that this feature was an option he said it shouldn't affect.. Read More...

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Re: Catcher DWAR

Unless the sim has been tweaked since I last ran the numbers... A catcher will save about 11 hits per 162 games for every plus-1 dW. Lowest impact position for dW, so not usally what people mean w.. Read More...

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Schedule for 14 team league (162 games)

Anyone aware of a schedule that can be copied from a previous league, that is for 14 teams and 162 games? Read More...

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Re: Player Injuries

1/24 gbacci Random Chatter 8

Injuries in Auto Leagues are pretty benign. I've never seen Auto League injuries do any damage to my season. Custom leagues are obviously a different story, but I would think most people join cus.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Old guys rule

All three DiMaggio brothers played on the same team in the minors I think Read More...

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Re: Re: RIP Henry Aaron

1/23 ncook44 Random Chatter 13

Yeah, it is stuff like that the article is about. His mom said she hugged him not to congratulate him, but to protect him from sniper fire. Insane stuff. Read More...

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Re: Re: Closers

Thanks for clarifying!

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Re: Verification

@gbacci, I’m not exactly sure. It was merely an idea that possible could just be adding to the star system. Love all the ideas Read More...

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Re: PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 16

1/22 gbacci Hoops Forum 1

Darrell Armstrong definitely shed a few tears during that episode! Read More...

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I’m a Wisconsin guy. Milwaukee, Atlanta, and MLB lost an absolute legend. RIP Hank Aaron. Read More...