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Re: Annoying ads

11/22 yankeebb Random Chatter 6

Yeah they bothered me too. But then, I decided to answer all the yes or no questions. Now every time it pops up, it just says ‘thanks for being honest’, and that brings a smile to my face. Read More...

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Re: Oddest Playoff Team Ever ?

And I get my Padres ring with a 20 below .500 oddball combination ! Somehow THIS team knocked off CLEVELAND and the CUBBIES. Yet another Sheik & Jay WS, so Im really in awe. Looks like I owe Sko.. Read More...

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Re: how do you block a user

go to messages and on up right corner should say block user Read More...

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Re: Important Updates

11/21 Llorac Announcements 17

I use the My League List almost as much at any link on the site. However I almost never use the rest. So I say go ahead and collapse it but leave the My League List easily available. Or, if I'm logged.. Read More...

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Re: Re: More Wish List items

Ebee has wanted this for a LONG time :) I will get to it eventually... it's still on the list... Read More...

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Re: Food for thought

Heres the thing SCM, in Customs, especially where youre starting with a recent season and moving forward, the scenario youve presented lasts all of 10 minutes. Lol Owners begin jockeying for posit.. Read More...

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quality starts

just noticed the QS in the team pitching stats i know its a little detail but i appreciate that being put in so as to see just how well my starting pitching is doing Read More...

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Re: An explanation of the asterisk

11/20 ebee1 Random Chatter 3

https://www.pennantchase.com/lgBoxScoreReader.aspx?sid=f810ede6-9481-4d04-922f-0ec031fbe564&lgid=76

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Re: I was wrong !!

11/20 gbacci Random Chatter 1

Lester, really appreciate you coming back after the fact and saying that... it's always hard for me to hear when the long-timers dislike a change, but I've come to learn that's just part of the proces.. Read More...

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Re: Fight for October

Hey Jason, I’ve been meaning to reach out sooner. I wanted to say thank you for allowing me to be in this league. I’ve gotten real busy at work, however I’d be more than happy to come back down the.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Icons Gone Again

11/19 gbacci Random Chatter 2

I saw them down late last night as well, they must have restored. Read More...

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Re: You can join more leagues! You'

@JpCortez, thanks for letting me know @Rich - let me know where it's stopping you from joining your additional league Read More...

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Re: Re: dW, WHIP, K/9

1972 Nolan Ryan is perhaps the finest example.

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Re: Awards Formula

Agreed Mike....like we had in one of our leagues. We had a player who was in the Top 10 of the MVP voting, but wasn't even close to being an All-Star. My thought is, if they are in the Top 10 for MV.. Read More...

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Re: D /- in stats

No. Hits Saved.

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Best of the 80's, 90's and Today

Brand new league forming. Just listed today. Check it out. Read More...

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Re: Best of the 80's, 90's and Toda

@jimgriddy, we all have internal email on PC. Anyone here can email you thru PC. Read More...

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Re: WBC - Search of Ideas for New Leagu

New here, so I don't have any feedback except that it sounds like a league I would like to play in. Read More...

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Astros' meme

11/17 GusPC13 Random Chatter 0

Anyone else see this Astros' meme today? Made me laugh. https://www.facebook.com/TheMLBMemes/photos/a.352055421561994/2230997040334480/?type=3&theater Read More...

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Looking for two owners

One for an up and coming team with solid young pieces and one perennial contender that has at least two more seasons of title contention in them. Please message me directly for details. Read More...