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Re: Re: Supply shortage

10/23 htennis Random Chatter 11

Furthermore, strong evidence suggests that Altuve did not use the trash can scheme. Read More...

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Re: Defense Adjustment

10/23 gbacci Random Chatter 5

He robbed one on 10/23, so maybe just a strange draught. Read More...

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Re: Re: unwritten rules of Baseball?

Agreed - the object is to win. - The Sheik Read More...

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Re: Sandbagging the draft

10/22 REVEJB Random Chatter 17

I agree, my point is that higher Rk doesn’t always mean bigger impact. For me, in an 80’s league for example, highest Rk SS is Hubie Brooks, but Ozzie and Ripken are best SS draft choices due to dWar.. Read More...

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Re: 23 scoreless innings!

wow 23 scoreless!

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New league not starting .. other stuck?

10/22 markphip Random Chatter 0

This new league was supposed to start a couple hours ago and hasn't: I also noticed a decent number of my leagues that were waiting to sim until.. Read More...

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Re: Re: 2021 weird sim players

10/21 ayj88 Random Chatter 7

2021 is going to be a VERY fun year to toy around with for sims. Read More...

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PC Hoops Podcast 45 - Carey Scurry

10/21 bdavids28 Hoops Forum 0

At long last, Dalbpho8 and bdavids28 take a deep dive into the legend-making season of Carey Scurry. Thanks! Read More...

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10/21 omulrion Random Chatter 0

If you’ve ever been in Sarmlb, then you know Read More...

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Re: Re: No rested SPs

10/20 yankeebb Random Chatter 9

Actually, if SP are all tired, schedule shows the SP at top of rotation, even if they just pitched. But it's the one with the least rest needed that pitches. Read More...

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Re: suggestion

Agreed. SP vs RP breakdowns could also be beneficial to commissioners, giving them the data needed to make decisions related to pitching balance and star ratings. Read More...

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721 ATG's need 5 more

Thanks, Will.

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721 ATG Needs 5 More

I'd really like to get goin',so please help us out. Join up! $10,000 signing bonus maybe. Read More...

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Re: Pitchers HR totals allowed…..

Makes sense. Thanks, appreciate it

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Re: Promotion/Relegation League needs o

I am interested in joining

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Re: Re: Double elimination tourney need

Sent, thanks

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Re: Patriots-Cowboys

still one of the best games this year so far along with the buc pats game and cheifs ravens Read More...

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Re: 24 Team Schedule?

The P&R League has 24 teams. We play 162 games with 18 off days scattered throughout, for 180 days total. The breakdown is as follows: 23 league teams x 6 games (3H, 3A) = 138 games 3 rivals x 8 a.. Read More...

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Re: It doesn't get any better than

Would like to see Dodgers - Astros rematch so LA can beat the pants off Hou. Read More...

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Re: Buttons missing?

10/15 skooler1 Random Chatter 3

No prob, happy to help! What's strange about it is that the glitched out buttons actually still work if you tap them in the correct spot, it's just far trickier to actually tap them lol Read More...