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Re: Opening in Real Progression League

I hv3 only done auto leagues up to thiscpoint but if you are willing to put up me asking you lots of questions I will take the Royals. Read More...

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Re: Re: Thank you

Is he still all time leader in win pct on this site lol ? Reminds me of when i was in 8th grade my pe teacher was named john pregenzer he played for the giants in the 60's and had a record of 2-0 , we.. Read More...

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1 Opening

1980-1999 league has an open spot. Playoffs just starting. Simple rules. 5 seasons left before reboot. Many long time users on board. Read More...

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Re: I did supp list of 10 - still have

9/24 Elroy Random Chatter 6

I am new. If I wasn’t then why would I be asking so many questions. You said that many others find a lot of guys here to be mean. You said it. So it must be true unfortunately . That’s on you. Read More...

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Re: Re: football

Saw someone post that it must have been a mistake for the 1977 Falcons to be the highest rated defense. They only gave up 129 pts in 14 games but their offense was so bad they only scored 179 pts and .. Read More...

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Re: Re: I give up.

I like mittens......

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Home page

9/23 Elroy Random Chatter 1

I am assuming it is the page that says welcome back. There are 10 blue rectangles but no rules. Read More...

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One last comment

9/23 Elroy Random Chatter 0

Gbacci - you are obviously a brilliant guy. In my case you have assumed that I do or should understand everything. I don’t although I got off to a very good start. I am more disappointed I’m not ge.. Read More...

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Can’t quit league I never joined

9/23 Elroy Random Chatter 1

I’m in a playground basketball league that I never intended to be in. How can I get out. Read More...

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Soooo Close

As a lifelong Mariner fan have been waiting longer than any other fan base in any of the 4 major sportsto get back to the playoffs. Did not know that the one game playoff has been eliminated so if th.. Read More...

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Player Pool

9/23 Elroy Hoops Forum 0

Will there be older players like Wilt and Russell and Oscar, West . Greer, Frazier, 1970 thru 1974 etc Read More...

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Re: Baseball

9/23 Elroy Random Chatter 2

The league started but I have no idea what is a supplemental draft - what it is for or how to do it and I can’t figure out ranking. Also what kind of league am I in. Is it one season and done? .. Read More...

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Re: Re: Judge for 61st on Apple TV on

I was using a VPN for the last 4 years to bypass the blackouts on Dodger games here in SoCal, but they started using unmasking tech this year and screwed me on that. What sucks is, I was still paying .. Read More...

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Re: Re: My house flooded

agree with you Nap...even if I am on the list...:-) Read More...

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Re: Re: Substitution logic

Maybe you guys were going with that new double catcher shift where one is behind home plate and one is behind 2nd? Read More...

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Re: Need 6 Owners

Bump Need 6 Owners. Free Agency about to start. Read More...

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Statistical Probabilities

If a player with a high Offensive Rating slumps early in the season, is there an algorithm in place to reduce his OR or do the probabilities remain consistent? I’ve often wondered this since I have h.. Read More...

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Re: Slump Buster

That is correct I would rather slump bust a starter than somebody on the bench and you can often have a bench player at OF or 1B better than your stating SS In the event I do not have a starter eli.. Read More...

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Mass delete/drop

It would be really cool to be able to go to your team's minor league system and select multiple players to drop or delete at once. I don't know if this would be too hard to implement, but it would .. Read More...

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Re: Dodger great goes to Blue Heaven

You can almost hear Vin saying nice to see you again Maury. I gotta admit ,I am looking fwd to seeing more stolen bases next season. Think about this ,Rickey set the record at 130 , right now the top.. Read More...