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Re: My freshman year in high school

5/22 bravo03 Random Chatter 9

I'm so old that when I was in High School, they called it Low School... Read More...

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Re: Legendary Losers has an opening

Still looking?

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Re: Computer issues

5/22 edgar Random Chatter 1

My computer crashed over the weekend. I think l got it working again, but will take me a couple days to catch up in my leagues. Read More...

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Re: the definition of futility

5/22 nytkrew Random Chatter 3

That just makes the comeback even more dramatic Nap Read More...

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Re: Record

5/22 gbacci Random Chatter 1

yeah it's a little buried, but it's on the History page under the Historic League Stats link... Read More...

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Re: Player Development

To answer your question regarding RANK-- Rank is a number based on 3 categories - Batting Average (BA), On Base Percentage (OBP) and On Base Plus Slugging (OPS) The players real life statistics .. Read More...

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New League

26 teams in three divisions with promotion/relegation, playoffs, and no trading. Real players, random progression, 5-season careers. Short and quick seasons. https://www.pennantchase.com/lgHome.as.. Read More...

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Need 1 Owner

Need one owner for Marlins. We drafted teams using 2018 rosters. We have progressed 2 seasons. The team has some good talent on it. Please message me if interested. Off season is wrapping up. Read More...

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What is the best high school mascot

From your home state For my state it’s Poca High School, Whose mascot is the Dots Read More...

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Re: Re: What teams do you hate the most

I think so Well, it doesn’t matter what I have to say about politics, I’m only 15 Read More...

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Re: Who is everone?

5/21 DomGoogs Random Chatter 11

21 year old college student, majoring in sports journalism. Fightin Phils fan and this is my third league. Read More...

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Re: Waivers is live, need Auto Leag

5/21 gbacci Announcements 33

@TGB - that's always ideal, but I can't support an infinite permutation of league types, plus it gets confusing for users to keep track of which league they are in. The bottom line, it's just going.. Read More...

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League of champions

Looking for a few owners for some teams we are in 6th season and rookie draft is coming up 1 team is a medium market team with a good young core and randy Johnson as the Ace and have a top 3 pick .. Read More...

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Re: Dumb Question

In Auto leagues, age doesnt matter. In Custom leagues, players typically age and progress/regress depending on league. Read More...

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Re: Relive the past

Filling up quickly still need some owners

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Re: Intentional BB

5/19 plpl512 Random Chatter 5

The worst about it, there is Arkhy Vaughan .385 avg, .485 obp, rank 95..., sitting on the bench who could end up pinch hitting after the intentional walk... Read More...

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Re: Re: 15 years ago today

Not all West Virginians are hillbillies (they’re mostly coal miners 😂) Read More...

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Re: Uncle Cash

Huh ?

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Re: Re: MLB Experiment REBOOT, 4 Owners

Bump ba bump, bump, bump !

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Alliteration Association 4

The Alliteration Association 4 is ready to begin. The league has 26 teams in three division with promotion/relegation each season. https://www.pennantchase.com/lgRules.aspx?lgid=599 Read More...