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Re: MLB Stealing Home Questions

it actually wasn't a pitch that Margot tried to steal on. He took off before Kershaw had started his move toward home and Kershaw (smartly) stepped off the rubber and then threw home. So the batter .. Read More...

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Re: draft glitch

I had the same issue over the last 2 days. Where my #1 and #2 have been skipped over. The players who followed were instead drafted ahead of them. I simply chalked it up to the first two I ranked in o.. Read More...

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Re: Early 1900's historical league?

Gus, As Dempsey is my dog. It just seemed that the entire question was like sa three man empty net breakaway in hockey where the 3 guys look at each other and say, who's gonna take it. It just .. Read More...

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Re: NYC Metro Neighborhood Baseball Lea

Thanks! I'll let you know. I already received a few offers from people who wanted to help...I'm not making a decision forva few days yet. But I am open to suggestions and qhat works and what doesn't w.. Read More...

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ATG 86 stuck on 7 (now 8, up to 9 now)

We need 5 (now 4, only 3 now, deys goin' fast) owners. Thanks, Will. Read More...

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ATG 86 needs 5 (now 4!) owners. (3 Now)

We're presently stuck at seven (now 8!). (Up to 9) Read More...

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Re: Re: Brett Phillips

Nah, I think you see kenley in game 6, but not 7. And graterol will be the closer. And also, still wasn’t Jansens fault, it was just bad defense. Read More...

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Re: Player Rankings

I'm in full agreement with Zeedood. I'm glad the ranking is there because without it I would have been lost starting out. But I like how it's a tool you can use but not all inclusive. For me a big par.. Read More...

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SARMLB All-Star Ballots

AL: NL:

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thank you gordo, im at max, but ill leave an auto league if you will accept me to around the horn again Read More...

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Re: Re: Supplemental Draft Order - Auto

I dont even think you need 3 rounds anymore. Since the update to the quick draft, i only pre rank for round 1. Anyone still available by 2 or 3 are players i wouldnt even want to add Read More...

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Re: PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 4

10/23 Warrior Hoops Forum 3

Yes my argh!!! players are principally Stephen C. & Giannis but would be interesting to hear who some other Owners fear on a good club.Seems like Jordan gets a lot of respect on the podcasts but Curry.. Read More...

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Re: Exporting Tables

10/23 kingdude Announcements 3

I currently copy and paste into excel, but this will be a very welcome feature- thanks! Read More...

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Re: Plus-Arm Question

10/22 ragingsol Random Chatter 11

The original post was borne from importing the entire 2020 class and being surprised that zero catchers imported with a plus-arm. Also, there were ten OF that had a plus-arm upon import, but none.. Read More...

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Re: Players on DL

we could call it gbaccipedia

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Re: PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 3

10/21 jamin Hoops Forum 6

Just listened to all four podcasts -- I loved it!!! Great job!!! Read More...

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Re: Possible Idea?

10/21 gbacci Random Chatter 4

The problem with any third party platform integration is that it's very hard to say who uses it. While yes it's true most people are on Facebook and/or Twitter, we don't get huge engagement on those p.. Read More...

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It's Doing It Again.. Waiver/Prerank Gl

Where despite ranking no one in Fave Teams Supplemental Draft,it keeps adding players to my roster. I remember we fixed the issue a couple months back when it was doing it to a ChiSox team I owned. It.. Read More...

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Re: Minor leagues

10/21 skooler1 Random Chatter 5

Oh Gus......... If anyone could come up with such an amusing response like that, you'd be my first guess as to who that would be... 😂🤣😂🤣 Read More...

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Re: Re: World Series

10/21 ncook44 Random Chatter 11

Dodgers won, Good for them. Just glad the Braves made it that far with all the pitching injuries they had this year... Read More...