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Re: negro teams

Seamheads has an awesome Negro League database. Maybe not enough players with enough AB/IP to have fav teams or decades or whatnot, but I bet you could do a Negro ATG (like Japan ATG). I’d also lo.. Read More...

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Removing a dud from a winning team

8/10 gpsman Random Chatter 0

Most of my teams suck, however, I do have one team off to a good start. One of the players, Penny Hardaway, is underperforming, but I wonder if replacing him will have a negative impact on the team? I.. Read More...

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Random Players ?

Interesting....... - The Sheik

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Re: Re: Question??

8/10 gpsman Hoops Forum 6

Yea, I remember when Curry was up 3-1 in the finals.... Read More...

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Re: Re: Two owners wanted for GM's Para

8/10 kds4316 Announcements 4

Yep, one more opening for either an established or expansion team. Read More...

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Re: Re: 1984 Detroit Tigers--wire to wi

8/10 Rasnell Random Chatter 14

what about all your choices in california?

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Re: Chad Green

My current iteration of Oakland A's has a total of 7 2-way pitchers. That's why I was wondering if others do this. I love having the option. Read More...

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Re: Outfield Assists

Hey Gus, don't forget about Sally's brother Johnny

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League ideas

Hi all, I have some ideas for new league, but I do not have the time and experience to create the leagues. Does anyone want to create a league with me? I would really like it if my ideas become reali.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Has Quick Draft been changed?

I really liked the changes in regards to the keeper leagues. Oftentimes I would forego keeping a 3rd starter or a good hitter because it would eliminate your position 1 starter so I do appreciate that.. Read More...

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Re: Understanding the initial draft

I am finally starting to get this. I did want to start with a 40-man draft, but I botched it when it automatically drafted a round before all the GMs and teams were set. Then I magnified the error... Read More...

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Re: What Happens After 2020 Season

Normally, 2019 seasons turn into 2020 seasons as they finish. But I don’t know about this year. If MLB gets a full 60 games in then maybe we will have 2020 Auto Leagues. Read More...

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Re: league banner

I fixed it, but I have no idea how. Read More...

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8/7 super Announcements 1

This is unheard of behavior from a cable company. Read More...

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Re: MLB career averages import

The league is called MLB Career Stats 1. Go to Import player from other league 2. Find MLB Career Stats in the long list 3. Click continue 4. Click Import under All Players drop down Boom, yo.. Read More...

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Re: Auto League Draft change

A few key tweaks going on: In keeper leagues you can keep any type of player and not miss getting good players. For example if you keep a #2 or #3 pitcher that player isn’t going to steal your chan.. Read More...

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Re: Serious Question

Have another cocktail

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Re: Re: How to quit hoops league

Yeah boards have gone pretty quiet. Probably an indicator that things are going along pretty well in PC and that there isn't much t complain about Read More...

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Re: SP Stamina

You don't have to change seasons... Just click on current season. It will update. I've also had pitchers overstated in league vs stat line. Of course I leave them alone. 😀 Read More...

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Re: Re: Start date for league

Thanks!