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Re: Order by Last Simulation Time?

I usually just have less teams.

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Re: Re: Injury Prone Players

7/12 gbacci Random Chatter 3

Not totally true. A lower EN value means more chance of injury. While auto leagues don’t use EN die required days off, it is used for injury risk. Guys who did not play full seasons have lower EN and .. Read More...

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Re: Armstrong Not Fixed!!

7/11 gbacci Hoops Forum 1

This league looks to have started before the correct fix was in place. Read More...

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Re: Re: Bug or best name ever

They called him "Skinny ****ing **** *** *o** ***b** ****ly" Baker and he earned that name as the best damned lefty LF(C) with under 60 at bats before 1900! Read More...

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Re: Re: New 2019 league

White Sox, Tigers, Mariners, Royals, Phillies, Pirates, Rangers, A's, Rockies and Giants are available. Read More...

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Re: Re: Progression questions

7/11 ncook44 Random Chatter 2

That helps, thanks. So it seems on average to be a slight difference between S and C, but that can add up over time. Thanks Read More...

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Modeling MLB Stadiums in PC

Commissioners, For those of you have tried to set park settings to match actual MLB parks, what source have you used for understanding MLB park dimensions? And how have you translated information from.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Fewest Shot attempts to 80 poin

I know 44! If anyone wants to check. It most likely going to come in a game your opponent only scores 40-50ish points. Damn, 44. Read More...

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Re: X-Factor

I get that. Had to do that myself before. Read More...

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Re: Can you invite someone to your Sand

7/10 gbacci Random Chatter 1

Yes it should work like joining any other private league I believe. Read More...

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Re: Effect of Saves on Closer poten

You can set your closer to enter 7th, 8th, or 9th Read More...

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Re: Re: Keepers in auto leagues and the

Yeah I had a similar situation with batters but it was not as bad. I think I kept Griffey and my first pick for batters was only guys in the low 90's. Lessons learned. Read More...

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Re: Interesting Statistic

7/10 mcvn4 Random Chatter 1

Good Ol' Eddie Rubber Arm

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Old guard, back and looking for league

After a hiatus of 5 years, looking to get back in the swing and looking for an active, well run league Hit me up if looking for owner Read More...

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Re: Re: very tough to be this bad

2 for his last 73 - that's awesome! Chris Davis numbers Read More...

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Re: Re: Welcome to Thunderdome 1

T2/R2 GAME 1 ■ LAA @ COL: After a disappointing R1, LAA surprised COL with a 9-7 win. LAA's Kosko (.100) knocked in 5 runs, and Pete Alonzo (.286) hit his 4th HR of T2. ■ AZ @ MIL: MIL SP Sh.. Read More...

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Re: College Baseball

Is Michigan available?

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Re: Full Keeper League

One thing I just thought of, although it would be a bit of a pain, is that the commissioner could edit the player signed in free agency and force in a contract. But that would be a lot of manual work .. Read More...

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Re: Re: League of Rookies

Updated the rules

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Re: Re: Fav Team free agent pool

7/8 sws33 Random Chatter 2

Thanks!