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Re: My freshman year in high school

5/23 MIKEYYY Random Chatter 11

My B-Day is next friday, but I don't celebrate it anymore. When I was in high school, Michael Jackson was black LOL Read More...

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Re: Inbox Search/Sort Feature

On mobile it’s way at the bottom of the page, but the search box searches both the global board and your inbox. You know it’s an inbox message if it says “no category” Read More...

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Re: Who is everone?

5/22 MIKEYYY Random Chatter 12

I'm Michael-but old friends call me Mikey. 49 yr old I'm from Santee, CA it's about 15 miles east of San Diego, same county. born and raised, Padres fan and a half ass dodger fan. Sign on PC, maybe a.. Read More...

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Re: Legendary Losers has an opening

Still looking?

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Re: Computer issues

5/22 edgar Random Chatter 1

My computer crashed over the weekend. I think l got it working again, but will take me a couple days to catch up in my leagues. Read More...

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Re: the definition of futility

5/22 nytkrew Random Chatter 3

That just makes the comeback even more dramatic Nap Read More...

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Re: Record

5/22 gbacci Random Chatter 1

yeah it's a little buried, but it's on the History page under the Historic League Stats link... Read More...

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Re: Player Development

To answer your question regarding RANK-- Rank is a number based on 3 categories - Batting Average (BA), On Base Percentage (OBP) and On Base Plus Slugging (OPS) The players real life statistics .. Read More...

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New League

26 teams in three divisions with promotion/relegation, playoffs, and no trading. Real players, random progression, 5-season careers. Short and quick seasons. https://www.pennantchase.com/lgHome.as.. Read More...

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What is the best high school mascot

From your home state For my state it’s Poca High School, Whose mascot is the Dots Read More...

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Re: Re: What teams do you hate the most

I think so Well, it doesn’t matter what I have to say about politics, I’m only 15 Read More...

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Re: Waivers is live, need Auto Leag

5/21 gbacci Announcements 33

@TGB - that's always ideal, but I can't support an infinite permutation of league types, plus it gets confusing for users to keep track of which league they are in. The bottom line, it's just going.. Read More...

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League of champions

Looking for a few owners for some teams we are in 6th season and rookie draft is coming up 1 team is a medium market team with a good young core and randy Johnson as the Ace and have a top 3 pick .. Read More...

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Re: Dumb Question

In Auto leagues, age doesnt matter. In Custom leagues, players typically age and progress/regress depending on league. Read More...

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Re: Relive the past

Filling up quickly still need some owners

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Re: Intentional BB

5/19 plpl512 Random Chatter 5

The worst about it, there is Arkhy Vaughan .385 avg, .485 obp, rank 95..., sitting on the bench who could end up pinch hitting after the intentional walk... Read More...

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Re: Re: 15 years ago today

Not all West Virginians are hillbillies (they’re mostly coal miners 😂) Read More...

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Re: Uncle Cash

Huh ?

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Re: Re: MLB Experiment REBOOT, 4 Owners

Bump ba bump, bump, bump !

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Alliteration Association 4

The Alliteration Association 4 is ready to begin. The league has 26 teams in three division with promotion/relegation each season. https://www.pennantchase.com/lgRules.aspx?lgid=599 Read More...