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Re: Big League Chew

And booting people. Can you please tell me why I was booted? As far as I'm aware, I was following all of the league rules and I had my lineups set... Please pm it to me, Nettles9. Read More...

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Re: Re: Sandbox League Questions

6/26 gbacci Random Chatter 2

Everything Brian said is true... and if you're in a bind when you need to renew, just reach out to me, the idea is not to make people go broke, just to make sure they are using the resources of the si.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Waivers is live, need Auto Leag

6/26 gbacci Announcements 74

It is by record, for the reason the last poster stated - the worst team as assessed by the CPU already got a huge advantage in the Supp Draft. If you then start 0-3, you at least deserve first crack a.. Read More...

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Japanese Defense

Some of these guys have insane defense ratings. I just found this site and was wondering if it is worth it to use these guys even though offense is a little less. Guess I'm just wondering how .. Read More...

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Re: league messaging

You can. Go to your Sent messages and retract it. Read More...

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Re: Mariners horrible pitching

6/25 mcvn4 Random Chatter 5

wow, they sure are missing edwin diaz to lock down games late and robby cano to bring professionalism to the team... Read More...

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Re: S and A progressions

I'd definitely agree Yankee, the season to season swing is definitely bigger when U's progress positively. The negative slides are generally smaller. Read More...

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SARMLB Award Ballots

https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QS9MBCQ

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Re: Re: surprise bunts

Thanks for the confirmation! I know I have had different runners with 9 speed have varying success rates. One player seemed to be able to convert them far more frequently than another. Unrelate.. Read More...

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Looking for a challenge?

White Sox are open in the 1946 league (Public). They are led by superstar Dave Philley (97rank). The rest of the roster is filled with aging veterans and young players.FA bidding is on Monday. Read More...

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Re: Tough luck, lights out performance

look up harve Haddix game from the 60s.12 perfect innings and the pirates lost,whats even weirder is that on the game winning homer I think it was joe Adcock passed a runner on the basesand was credit.. Read More...

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open team(s)

the glory years has at least one opening maybe two more if owners do not respond soon season is working towards 1991 look the league over and see if its a good fit for you Read More...

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Re: Draft Now?

6/20 Warrior Random Chatter 3

I like this message in yellow idea,this way an Owner is less likely to sign off for the day and wake up the next day and find out they missed the supplemental draft completely .Much better than counti.. Read More...

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Leagues starting?

Looking to get back into this great website. Forming a NEW league? If so, please contact me. Thanks! Read More...

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Re: Looking to get back in the groove

St.Louis Browns are open in the 1946 league (Public) Read More...

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The College Baseball League has opening

About ready to begin the 64th season. With so many great Pennant Chase owners it's a tough league to win. Sign the 18 year old to a College scholarship. He's got 4 years of eligibility and that's .. Read More...

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Re: Re: Who is everone?

Joey don't you have some dust to spread on the tilt a whirl? Or are you barking for the Yak Lady tonight? Read More...

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open teams

the glory years has two opening its 1991 and the indians and the tigers are available this league started with season 1960 and has progressed to 1991 rules are fairly simple take a look and see i.. Read More...

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Re: King of the Hill

I'm a newbie but definitely interested. 1981 I was 9 and loved baseball as much as I do today. Read More...

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2018/2019 New League

Haven't played in a long time but I'm looking for a 2018/2019 league that is just starting up or just started a season or so ago to hop in. I'm super rusty but I am interested in having the ability to.. Read More...