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Re: "Change Stats" on player?

Yes and it can be a great way to dial-in the team you want to build. For example, maybe you draft Hank Greenberg but want him at 1B. He has a great season where he played 1B. Or maybe you value defens.. Read More...

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Re: Fave Teams style Custom league

This is the best run league ive been on in my 5 years of pc. Even if you have a bad team, you get to draft a different team the next season. I urge anybody to join !!! Read More...

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Re: PC Hoops Podcast - Episode 5

10/30 jaykuntz18 Hoops Forum 3

Another enjoyable listen. I would listen if you even went longer. Thanks for the shout out fellas! I am in if you ever need a guest. Read More...

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Re: whos gonna win next year

10/30 Dempsey245 Random Chatter 22

Jack McKeon and the Marlins. And McKeon didn't quite have LaRusso's pedigree. Read More...

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Re: Re: fantasy football league

we need 2 more people out of 10

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Need One Team--Auto League 446

10/30 WorcWarr Random Chatter 0

Need one more team for 10 then we can bot to fill. Join link: Read More...

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Re: Great ATG season

More to the point, getting to keep Frisch and GRIFFEY is awesome !!! And both are cheap enough to keep for 2 years. - The Sheik Read More...

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Re: Retired Players

10/29 yankeebb Random Chatter 1

No they don’t

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Re: Changing Player Stats

Sometimes you find a higher rank season, although not often (this has been mentioned) Sometimes there is a lower rank season that is more valuable to your specific team. Some examples: 1) a play.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Kevin Cash World Series M V P

10/28 plpl512 Random Chatter 8

Blake Snell and the starting pitching miss match was the reason why Tampa Bay had a good chance to win yesterday... He was throwing a masterpiece . He was in the same zone that made Baumgarner, Ja.. Read More...

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Re: Arozarena

10/28 skooler1 Random Chatter 3

Whaaaaaattttt? Noooooooo Well, maybe... Okay, only a few dozen times... 😜😂 Read More...

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Re: Top RP getting pulled too sdon

10/28 htennis Random Chatter 1

You probably have "Allow manager to play L/R matchups out of pen (regardless of priority):" turned on in Strategy. It would be a good idea to turn it off for your team. Read More...

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Need 2 Owners; Red Sox and Nationals

Red Sox and Nationals currently available in Under Construction League. If interested link is below. Please reach out to me directly. Off Season Draft just started. Read More...

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Re: MLB Stealing Home Questions

10/28 ragingsol Random Chatter 28

I read some of the article claiming a 35% success rate. It's a fantasy article. It relies on sketchy data. No context to any of the supposed successful steals of home. If steals of home were r.. Read More...

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Re: Exporting Tables

10/27 willw Announcements 4

I just noticed this new feature. It's really useful. I don't usually use google sheets but its a lot easier to load the data in sheets and then copy/paste into excel than what I used to do. Thanks Guy.. Read More...

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Re: draft glitch

@SCM yes that would apply during a Daily Draft, true. Read More...

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Re: Early 1900's historical league?

Gus, As Dempsey is my dog. It just seemed that the entire question was like sa three man empty net breakaway in hockey where the 3 guys look at each other and say, who's gonna take it. It just .. Read More...

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Re: NYC Metro Neighborhood Baseball Lea

Thanks! I'll let you know. I already received a few offers from people who wanted to help...I'm not making a decision forva few days yet. But I am open to suggestions and qhat works and what doesn't w.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Brett Phillips

Nah, I think you see kenley in game 6, but not 7. And graterol will be the closer. And also, still wasn’t Jansens fault, it was just bad defense. Read More...

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Re: Player Rankings

I'm in full agreement with Zeedood. I'm glad the ranking is there because without it I would have been lost starting out. But I like how it's a tool you can use but not all inclusive. For me a big par.. Read More...