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Re: Create My Own League

It doesn’t seem that you’ve been on the site for very long. Maybe join some other leagues to see how it works. Possibly even co-commish and help with some tasks. You might be more likely to have other.. Read More...

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Re: League Creation Question

i signed up a sample league a few years ago, im just saying it seems like pennant chase has grown real quickly!! Read More...

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Re: Re: Running vs passing

11/27 Zeedood Football Forum 5

Fair enough. Not complaining, just making sure I wasn't missing something in a setting somewhere. :) Read More...

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you have a happy thanksgiving

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NBA Best team tourney

11/24 dalbpho8 Random Chatter 0

I set up for a one time nba best of 7 , 32 team tournament---check it out in custom leagues to join. inspired by mrbubbles1967 post, pick a team and season. Baseball next if we can get some success .. Read More...

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Re: Brand New Football League

Sent you a pm

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Re: Missed scheduled draft

i think it is site wide. both daily drafts i am in missed the recent round. Read More...

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Re: Gus's Classic Rewind needs ONE more

Interested

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Best of the Best 1901-2022 - FULL

he Best of the Best Favorite Teams League (1901-2023), one of the longest running and best run leagues on PC, has an opening. We have just started the Franchise Draft for the upcoming season - and yes.. Read More...

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Re: Announcements off?

That's so awesome, thank you!

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Re: Re: 2023 leagues

I am already in those , I'm talking about teams by year 75 reds , 27 yanks etc. In fact there is an opening right now in raiderbill33's best of league 1901-2023 that is one of the best out there. 2nd .. Read More...

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Autoleague 1215 paused?

It's four hours behind schedule on its draft. Is there anything that can be done? Read More...

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Re: Re: Bug

11/16 dalbpho8 Random Chatter 3

is this something the custom league scheduler can do too? Read More...

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Re: NBA Tournament

11/14 krtyler11 Hoops Forum 3

Yeah I love the idea and like that they've used it as an opportunity to throw on new uniforms and make the court look crazy. Brings a little bit more value to games that are otherwise just 1 of 84. Read More...

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Openings in Gus leagues

I’ve got a few openings in a few of my leagues at the moment. 1. Classic Rewind - Real Progression league. Padres and Tigers are available. Starting the 2008 season very soon. You receive your team.. Read More...

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Re: Re: New ad format?

11/11 plpl512 Random Chatter 8

Adds have never been so intrusive, and they have been affecting the gameplay a lot. I never argue about those since I understand all of their values. But hey they need to be spotted better. They.. Read More...

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Decades League

Decades League has one opening. Unfortunately a long time member has been MIA since 9/27. The team is the Iron Pigs. The league is a fairly simple league with limited keepers for a limited number of s.. Read More...

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NFL Greatest Teams of Alltime

11/9 dzach Football Forum 0

Football league features the best all-time rosters of all 32 franchises including a handful of 50s/60s players. You can choose to switch to any season played for the franchise and request any players .. Read More...

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Re: New League: MLB Flashback 2019

Bump – 3 spots left!

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Bot team 2 question

Sorry, I’m being a pain, I know I’ve brought it up before. But is there a way to add the ability to add bot teams to fill out slow filling playground leagues the way we can in other leagues? Read More...