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Re: supplemental drafts

With Hotmail I have never not gotten the league has started email. Yahoo right now is blocking almost all PC emails. I’ve numerous email vendors and it doesn’t matter which one I use, unfortunately, Y.. Read More...

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Steve Yzerman

Steve Yzerman is coming back to Detroit! Like my post if you think it's a good thing! Read More...

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open team

the glory years has an opening current season is 1990 getting ready for 3 rnd draft take a look at the team and rules and see if its a good fit for you Read More...

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Re: Holy cow!!!! Best of 1993 is availa

I don't want to get sick;)

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Re: Sorry for not being active

???????? My spellcheck messes me up more than it helps. Read More...

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Re: Newbie Questions

4/18 Dan Random Chatter 3

Thanks to both of you! I understand.

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Re: Re: tiger

4/18 super Random Chatter 6

Well, I didn't look at this thread at all, even now. Read More...

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Re: Need an active commish? Current one

What do you mean?

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Open teams

I have 2 open teams: 1 team in mlb season 2006(extended) The league is finishing FA bidding tonight. I've been placing bids for the open team(Brewers) 1 team in Hometown League The season has .. Read More...

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mario mendoza league has an opening if anyone is interested come take a look and see if its worth your while Read More...

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Re: cliques

Oh dear. Here we go again...

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Re: Re: Pitch Count - Estimator

4/18 mikbbal Random Chatter 4

Pitch Count Estimator https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_pitch_count_estimator

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This is the stupidest thread ever. Why, just why!?!?!?!?! £0£ Read More...

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Opening in 1980s League

Take over ownership of the Detroit Tigers as we start the 1986 season in our league. Now in our 37th consecutive season, the league features a "real" 16-team, 154-game MLB schedule, live Rookie Drafts.. Read More...

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Re: World Series of Lops

Hey !!! That's my team you spanked !!! ;-) Congrats buddy - I didn't realize that was your team. - The Sheik Read More...

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https://www.pennantchase.com/lgHome.aspx?lgid=500 This league needs more owners! Goodfella is a nice, helpful, and dedicated commish. We are in the 1987 year, and are trying to get it going again! Ple.. Read More...

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1981 season starts on Thursday

1981 season with a 162 game schedule will start on Thursday. Active league with good owners. Still have 5 teams open, Giants Indians, Twins, Padres and White Sox. Read More...

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Re: 1981 League

the 2 teams in the nl with the best record didn't make the playoffs.lat least they played world series that year Read More...

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This is the wildest thing to get angry about that I've ever seen on this site, no hyperbole. Read More...

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Re: Re: NEW LEAGUE......1981 SEASON

4/13 edgar Random Chatter 4

Only 7 teams left to fill: Indians Angels Blue Jays Giants Padres Twins White Sox Read More...