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Re: Re: Leaving Site

2/24 HaloFire Announcements 7

That sucks you have to leave the site. Hope everything is ok. Read More...

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Re: Need 4 Owners

Season is starting to get close to the end. Still have open teams. Jump in before the off season begins. Any question reach out. Read More...

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Re: Re: Worst Team Ever

Bubbles, think about it. Dempsey is right here. Imagine putting Nelson Cruz at SS or CC Sabathia at 3B. It's super dangerous because a screaming line drive at either of them could seriously injure the.. Read More...

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Need one or two owners in private league. Two teams open one in AL and one in NL so one owner can manage both teams. The league is called 12 Worst Teams 3: Season 49. League currently preparing s.. Read More...

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Re: Major League Replay 1965-2010

I'd like to join. Mike

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Re: Perfect Game

your right,guess i lose this round of name that martinez.He pitched 23 seasons thats impressive. He pitched a short stint with my favorite team the Mariners at the end of his carreer. El Presidente Read More...

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Re: 40 Team Florida Relegation/Promotio

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Re: Re: Olson

2/23 dgeorgi Random Chatter 5

Thanks for the info Cole. I now know how to determine if a player is "On Fire". Read More...

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Re: Openings

Returning for a moment to the original topic... ... two Padres and some Angels still need owners. These are fast-paced, fun, established leagues that are full of good, active and non-obnoxious o.. Read More...

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Re: oR and dR

or and DR have not been added to the draft room i belive Read More...

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Re: Glitch

I just manually imported the players I wanted to view anyway. But thanks for looking into it, it's definitely a pain for me to have to go back and repeat the same process over and over for that whole .. Read More...

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Re: Triple play

2/22 bravo03 Random Chatter 10

There was a rumor that the San Diego Chicken made an appearance in an auto league game once, unconfirmed... Read More...

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Re: great game

the mona lisa is right because its in the eye of the beholder what you think the rank is Read More...

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Re: leaving SP in past pitch count

There is no injury risk, but the pitcher *does* start to drop stats with each additional batter faced past his pitch count, so you're rolling the dice. Read More...

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2/21 dgeorgi Random Chatter 0

Adam Wainwright tosses a perfect game for CRAZY RABID BATMEN in Auto League 113. Read More...

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Re: Retired Players

Only best of Last Season. So 2019s are rolling to 2020 now. Read More...

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Re: Error when trying to edit team name

Thanks I got this fixed.

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Re: Re: Interesting Glitch

2/21 gbacci Random Chatter 6

Thanks for the catch, I think it's working now. Read More...

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Re: Tatis 14 year deal!

2/20 plpl512 Random Chatter 10

National tv contracts yearly: FOX : 525 million Turner : 325 million ESPN : 700 million = approx 52 millions per team and this will go up in 2022 then there is the local tv contracts.. Read More...

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Re: Wishlist of displayed stats

Ooh, that reminds me- In addition to playoffs and rings for user profiles I’d love to be able to see 1) total finished seasons, 2) World Series appearances Read More...