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Re: Re: Obscene ads?

That was the ad

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CPU Quick Set

I never use the CPU quick set for my own teams because frankly the batter lineups are terrible. However, I use this feature as a commissioner when a team is without an owner, or one hasn't logged in f.. Read More...

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Who are some good sleepers to select? Lawrence maroney for NE patriots is a good one as he comes with a strong oline… is there any other RB that have a dominant line?(2000-present) Read More...

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Re: NFL Greatest Teams of Alltime openi

Interested if you stay have an opening!!

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Strike Reboot has openings

We've got 3 teams available in Strike Reboot. We just started the slow draft today and we are in Round 1 of free agency, so it's the ideal time to join and start to build up your roster. It's a long r.. Read More...

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Playground frozen?

Hi! I think the playground games aren’t simming

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Re: Ads filling entire screen

Disney....awful...the ad does indeed take over the whole screen. Read More...

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Re: Happy Iron Horse Day

Pride of the Yankees is one of the best baseball movies ever. But it gets overlooked a lot because of how long ago it came out. Right now we have a real life als situation with a female broadcaster na.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Site asking to use storage on m

I am using an older Mac Air. PC on Chrome is like lightning compared to Safari. Read More...

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Re: Re: Best Baseball Names Thread

6/3 danfool Random Chatter 19

Oddibe (Home Again) McDowell

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Loaded Quick Draft Team

Unusually good quick draft results:

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Re: The immaculate inning

Yeah Walter did it 4 times 2 other pitchers did it 3 times But there is I think a more impressive feat There is a pitcher who accomplished both feats twice each Randy Johnson He did the 3 p.. Read More...

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Re: Re: Pennant chase hockey

5/31 plpl512 Random Chatter 14

If there is one movie better in it's translated version, it's Slap Shot. The French Canadian Version is quite insane.... Read More...

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Re: Re: Manager/Coach

I got this from Gbacci when I sent him a pm. It only slightly increases training options. So if you pick offense then those options are slightly boosted. Vice versa for defense. The personality .. Read More...

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Re: Re: Odd Baseball Facts

Ronald Acuna is on pace to have more homers and stolen bases than the A's have wins. That has never hapened in the modern (1901 plus ) history of baseball. The A's are on pace to lose 130 plus games w.. Read More...

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Re: Don't get many of these

5/27 wduncan Random Chatter 7

My favorite league is a custom league that doesn't use fire. Read More...

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Re: Classic Rewind has 2 openings

5/27 bravo03 Random Chatter 1

Go toilet!!!!!

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Re: Revamping Franchise leagues

5/26 skooler1 Random Chatter 23

I would absolutely be interested, regardless of what gets decided. Fav teams formats are always interesting to me lol Read More...

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Re: Evaluating QBs

Shoot for EFFICIENCY!! I just won Super Bowl 6 (1985) with Mark Malone at QB!! We had a great defense but Malone was solid and he got hot in the Super Bowl with 3 TDs and 0 picks. We’re playing in a r.. Read More...

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Re: Struggles with long term commitment

We are close to full...five spots left!