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Re: Question??

Likely the site admin has to take care of that, send a message to GBacci (the guy listed as the commissioner for all the auto leagues. Read More...

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Re: Re: Fielding % or DWAR

Well ya that type of DWAR is very rare tho. Most leagues youll be hard pressed to find a lot of guys over 2. I just think ive seen people go too hard after dwar when a big bat is waiting to be taken b.. Read More...

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7/14 Lester Hoops Forum 0

I have a league that has only me joined. Is there anyway i can dissolve that league and join one with more players? Read More...

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Re: Thought Experiment

7/14 ncook44 Random Chatter 12

You maximize your chance of winning the series by first winning game 6... Read More...

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Re: Re: Armstrong Not Fixed!

7/14 ClassicOs Hoops Forum 8

Curry is the best player no doubt but you don't need him. I have a 12-4 record without Curry, gannis, Jordan or cheatcode Armstrong in my current league. Read More...

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Re: Out of position

You're right. It's right there in plain sight. Thank you. Read More...

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Re: Injury Prone Players

That's valuable information and the first I've seen of it. Much appreciated! Read More...

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Re: Fix to the extra outfielder problem

Thanks, Guy.

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Pioneer League openings

In the Pioneer League you will run a major league and minor league team. It's fast moving with a lot of supplemental drafts. A couple of teams (out of 16) are available - check out the rules and let .. Read More...

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Chad Green

I set him to go past his 33 pc & generally I'm getting a solid 3 innings. If he gets shelled I have a starter ready in relief IF the bullpen is short otherwise I'll go with a deep pen of Robertson, Ri.. Read More...

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Canadian Baseball League - RedSox

Hi guys, I'm looking for an experienced GM for the Regina RedSox. Will start our 11th season. Real Indy baseball experience! Manage your team with only 25 man roster, top players approached by MiL.. Read More...

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2019-2019 Custom League

Is anyone in one of these leagues that I can get a link to? Looking to join one with this player pool, trying to do some due diligence on how players perform. Read More...

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Re: No-Hitter!!

My Bob Welch is stinking it up so far this season, at least now I know the universe is being balanced somehow, somewhere. Read More...

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Re: Order by Last Simulation Time?

I usually just have less teams.

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Re: Re: Bug or best name ever

They called him "Skinny ****ing **** *** *o** ***b** ****ly" Baker and he earned that name as the best damned lefty LF(C) with under 60 at bats before 1900! Read More...

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Re: Re: New 2019 league

White Sox, Tigers, Mariners, Royals, Phillies, Pirates, Rangers, A's, Rockies and Giants are available. Read More...

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Re: Re: Progression questions

7/11 ncook44 Random Chatter 2

That helps, thanks. So it seems on average to be a slight difference between S and C, but that can add up over time. Thanks Read More...

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Re: Re: Fewest Shot attempts to 80 poin

I know 44! If anyone wants to check. It most likely going to come in a game your opponent only scores 40-50ish points. Damn, 44. Read More...

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Re: X-Factor

I get that. Had to do that myself before. Read More...

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Re: Can you invite someone to your Sand

7/10 gbacci Random Chatter 1

Yes it should work like joining any other private league I believe. Read More...