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Off Season Plans

Congratulations to the Seattle Mariners for having a completely dominating season! On a shoe string budget they bested us all....and on top of that....another shoe string budget team came off second best.

I'm going to take it slow this off-season. A lot of teams will need some extra time.

July 5th 3pm Limited Free Agent Bidding opens
Message your bid to me like this.... Nolan Ryan $20/3 years= $60
Remember 3 year Contracts are the Max now.
Players are:
SP Nolan Ryan
RP Dave Meads
C Jerry Willard
3B Andre Roberton
OF Kirby Puckett

July 6th 3pm SLOW DRAFT begins 5 ROUNDS. Rounds 1 and 2 will be 4 hours per team on the clock. Rounds 3-5 will be quicker. with 1 hour on the clock PRE RANK in the later rounds if you need to.

Corn liquor has decided to join the trade committee with Jim Griddy and diamonddevil.

League Champions

1980 Toronto Bluejays-Spaniels
1981 Boston Red Sox-Patrickm
1982 Toronto Bluejays-Spaniels
1983 Toronto Bluejays-Spaniels
1984 New York Mets-diamonddevil
1985 Toronto Bluejays-Spaniels
1986 Seattle Mariners-glory

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Draft Order and Budgets SPENT/TOTAL AVAILABLE
Tigers 94/315, Giants 189/359, Phillies 43/323, Royals 131/222, Braves 111/217, Brewers 80/122, Pirates 141/141, Expos 132/101, Angels 215/215, Athletics 129/114, Rangers 169/189, Red Sox 243/380, Indians 203/240, Mets 238/254, Yankees 304/332, Cubs 222/220, Twins 126/241, White Sox 93/173, Dodgers 270/297, Mariners 84/126, Astros 162/273, Cardinals 167/193, Blue Jays 330/299, Reds 131/136, Orioles 191/163, Padres 139/110

Traded Draft Picks

Cardinals take Mets 1987 Round 1 and 2 draft picks
Reds take Bluejays 1987 Round 1 draft pickMariners take Athletics 1987 Round 1,2,3 draft pick
Angels take Mets 1988Round 1 draft pick
A’s take Twins 1987 Round 4 draft pick
Cardinals take Padres 1988 Round 1 draft pick
A’s take Mets 1987 Round 3,4and 5 draft pick
Tigers take Padres 1987 Round 2 draft pick
A’s take Yankees 1987 Round 1 and 5 Draft Pick
A’s take Padres 1987 Round 3 draft pick
A’s take Astros 1987 Round 3 draft pick
Tigers take Yankees 1987 Round 2,3,4 draft picks
Expos take Padres 1987 Round 1 draft pick
Yankees take Giants 1988 Round 1 draft pick
Giants take Orioles 1987 Round 1 draft pick
Bluejays take Padres 1988 Round 3 draft pick
Bluejays take Royals 1987 Round 3 draft pick
Royals take Bluejays 1987 Round 2 and 3 draft pick

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7/5/2020Need a SP?BaltimoreChop
Will trade a SP for a decent RP
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7/5/2020 Player Placed On Trade Block
Mark Belanger placed on trade block by Detroit Tigers
7/5/2020 Player edited
Goodwin, Danny edited by dniemerg. Contact your commish for further details.
7/5/2020 Player edited
Roberts, Bip edited by dniemerg. Contact your commish for further details.
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7/5/2020 Leader Board !!!gbacci
Lester sorry this should have been fixed a while back it’s been a board topic for a while. This is the only change. Minimum 30 games played.

PM me and I can see if I can swap him for you if you want.
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