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Too many walks in these leagues.

5/24 coachmcs Announcements 4

The ratio of Ks to BBs is unrealistic. It needs repaired. Read More...

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SARMLB Award Ballots

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open teams

the glory years has two openings season is 1996 league has been running since season 1960 this is a real progression league with a few rules so an easy league for newbies but have some vets in h.. Read More...

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open team

the mario mendoza league has an opening this is a real life progression league that imports players from losing teams come take a look and see if this is a league for you Read More...

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Player unavailable for 2019 season

Why is Adalburto Mondesi not available in 2019 leagues. To me he is one of the better up & coming young players but not available for draft Thanks GrandpaDawg Read More...

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Wild Card Update

5/8 gbacci Announcements 0

I have appended to the Wild Card announcement to inform everyone of the move to the two-division format. Each Auto League will roll into this format once their current season is over. https://www.p.. Read More...

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open team

league its a grand old game. has an opening preparing for 1993 teams are needing to reduce to 27 total players submit position changes following league guidelines and get ready for slow and l.. Read More...

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SARMLB All-Star Ballots

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Notice: Players Table Backed up

5/1 gbacci Announcements 0

This is an automated message from the webmaster: At times, I backup the entire player table. This message is here to log the date of the last backup. I can only restore data from this backup in emerge.. Read More...

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Wild Card Game is Coming

4/19 gbacci Announcements 1

I am going to be trying out a Wild Card game in Auto Leagues, with the intent being for this to be the format for all Auto Leagues. See more info here, as well as a link to the first trial league:.. Read More...

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Open team

Mario Mendoza league Has an opening 18th season/ currently in draft Easy rules... good for a new owner This league imports players from lousy teams And then drafts players as needed each season u.. Read More...

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Open team

The Mario Mendoza league Has an opening This league uses real players from lousy team’s We use real progression We are preparing for our 18th season Currently starting our draft Come take a l.. Read More...