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7/31 gbacci Announcements 0

Hey all, I was out for a few days and lost connection for part of it - thankfully the site didn't fall apart... but I see the various suggestions on general interface improvements and logged everythin.. Read More...

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Notice: Change Log Updated

6/29 gbacci Announcements 3

This is an automated message from the webmaster to inform everyone that an update has been made to the Pennant Chase Change Log. To see details of the latest changes please see the regularly updated B.. Read More...

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I am Back!

It’s been nearly 18 months but I am back…I’ve missed this site so much! Read More...

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I Apologize...

6/26 RedsHawk Announcements 1

I have always played in Automated Leagues exclusively and thought I was browsing one when I inadvertently joined and did not intend to. I quit asap but did not want to upset commish or other players, .. Read More...