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Again, people...

1/11 gbacci Announcements 5

This really is not that hard.... you all are smart enough to know what subjects are triggering and what are not... I agree with Jay that we have a discourse problem in this country, but my decision.. Read More...

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Temp ban of the savages

1/7 gbacci Announcements 30

I'm giving the savage bros a break from the boards. I don't think they're bad kids, but it's gotten way past the point of being spammy by responding to every thread. While I want the boards to be a pl.. Read More...

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1/5 gbacci Announcements 18

A few updates have just been released: 1. In Auto Leagues, when a trade offer is made for a player, or a player is traded, changing stats is not allowed. Trade offers must be deleted before a playe.. Read More...

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2020 Leaders

12/31 gbacci Announcements 0

While I think we're all psyched to say good bye to 2020, we can't forget to tip the cap to these users who topped the PC leaderboards: The total auto league wins category was more competitive than .. Read More...

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Cutting Back

After constant conflict, I’ve decided to cut back on a few more custom leagues. Too much negativity in the real world to have more piled on here. I’ll continue to deal with my auto leagues a.. Read More...

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Leaving The Site

hey guys, i am leaving the site. I might comeback at some point, but for now, I am going to finish out the season in my custom leagues, and then I am leaving. sorry, I just have some hectic life thin.. Read More...

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Regarding Collusion

12/21 gbacci Announcements 1

There has been some recent drama related to collusion due to regular trades between owners, so I want to quickly explain the process. When someone reports a trade to me, I examine the trade, and somet.. Read More...

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Horsehides Kongs win Series 4-2

finally broke thru to win in Auto League 1346 ...still don't know what i did right...hope it was not all luck..Horsehide Read More...

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Less Leagues & Participation

Starting to lose interest so I've pulled back on a few leagues. Between leagues being stagnant, harassment from another user(s) for attempting to help or a random accusation of cheating after bui.. Read More...