Best of the Rest-BYOT


01. Reds
02. Rockies
03. Twins
04. Angels
05. Pirates
06. Brewers
07. Marlins
08. Royals
09. White Sox
10. Blue Jays
11. Padres
12. Rays


1. Run4Fun2009 - Colorado Rockies - Imported
2. Dwayne323 - Cincinnati Reds - Imported
3. Cavman33 - Miami Marlins
4. MrAnastasia - Kansas City Royals - Imported
5. BaltimoreChop - Minnesota Twins - Imported
6. Hamburglar - Chicago White Sox
7. Yankeebb - Los Angeles Angels - Imported
8. TyKyVi - San Diego Padres - Imported
9. GuruNick - Tampa Bay Rays - Imported
10. JaySlater1223 - Milwaukee Brewers - Imported, Few Cuts Needed
11. BigRedMachine90 - Pittsburgh Pirates
12. Super (New Owner) - Toronto Blue Jays - Imported

# Owners must select a franchise they haven't been yet until all 12 have cycled through.
## 2019 stats will be added once 12 full seasons have been played

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Where arguably, the 12 hardest franchises to build a championship roster with in Favorite Teams leagues converge together, and each owner takes a crack at building a contender out of each club's all-time roster (since 1969).

Why 1969? It was the beginning of the Divisional Era, the ushering of also takes away decided advantages from the Twins and ChiSox, who's '66-'68 teams feature a slew of premium pitching. It also takes away 1968 (The Year of the Pitcher) from all eligible teams. With teams like the Marlins and Rays, it seems like the fairest thing to do. We can discuss teams/cutoff years further.

Each have had their own set of issues when building a roster out of a set of four years chosen by the owner under the normal Fave Teams format. Whether its a lack of dominant offensive years (Tampa Bay, Kansas City) or hard to find pitching (Toronto, Pittsburgh, Colorado) or defense (Miami, San Diego), Best of the Rest - BYOT gives us the opportunity to try to string together the absolute best of what these difficult franchises have to offer.

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2/24/2019 Player Placed On Trade Block
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3/20/2019 Triples -- More about home ballyankeebb
"If you truly want to make this more realistic, ballpark selections in favorite teams (for each park) should come into play. "

That's exactly what happens here. Boost stadiums increase HR, Disadvantage stadiums increase extra base hits. Good call.
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