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League Format Season One.
Howdy all and welcome to the Adventure Series League. This is one of those fun league with a new format every season.
Team selection. 1900 to 2021. You may take any team of your choice as long as one finished 1st place and one finished 3th place in their divisions. If you take an American team in the first round, then you will need to chose a National league team in the second. You get to pick two franchise players. One from the American and one from the National league. You will need to select one pitcher and one position player. No duplicate players can be taken for you franchise players. If a player is drafted from one of the season the owner chooses, that year will be unavailable for a franchise players. No two players with the same stat year. There is no restriction on who you other wise take. The player does not have to have played on either of your franchise picks to be taken for your franchise player. The 2 strike seasons and the covid season will not be avail as one of your choices. Your first team choice will determine what division your in. American or National. You may choose your city and team name, but please be tasteful in selecting your team name. Most important, PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ THE RULES.

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