You've always wanted to be a basketball coach or general manager! Pennant Chase is a free online basketball sim game.

You can get started by creating an account on the homepage, or if you are an existing user, enter your login in the upper right corner of the site. Then click the "Join League" link in the orange bar at the top. From there, you'll have a chance to jump into an Auto League or play in someone's Custom League. Auto Leagues feature player sets from different eras, starting from 1974 when most stats were tracked. Leagues include All-Time Greats, the 1980s, 1990s and more! Custom Leagues are driven by individual commissioners, and the success of these leagues depends largely on the involvement of the commissioner. Custom Leagues can be very creative and extensive. (This feature is coming coon to the basketball product.)

Pennant Chase is designed to be simple by not overwhelming you with a ton of complex stats, but deep enough to provide a challenge to just about anyone. Stats from basketball history are used to determine game outcomes. This site has grown over the years, and it now offers about as many features and functionality as you'll find in sites that charge up to $40 per team! On Pennant Chase, you have up to 30 basketball or baseball teams for free, and three Hoops Playgrounds! Those who are generous enough to donate can have up to 100 leagues of any sport and up to 10 Hoops Playgrounds (as long as they maintain donor status).

This site is run entirely by one webmaster, who also works a fulltime job, so please understand that while all feedback and commments are considered, there is a limited amount of time that can be dedicated to the site. With that said, you'll be amazed at how polished and professional the site is, and how much it has grown and improved since the first games started with a different sport back in February of 2008. There are also iPhone and Android apps, as well as a mobile version of the website that you can use to follow your teams.

Hoops Playground is a 5-on-5 no ref sim game, while our full Basketball Simulation League Game is our full-blown game!

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