Online Basketball Game

With the growing popularity of mobile apps, there is an online sports app for just about anything. This includes basketball video games and basketball fantasy sports leagues. Basketball apps allow a user-friendly version of the game in which the user can actually play the game as much as possible on a phone. Fantasy basketball games give the user the ability to set and manage lineups much like a fantasy football team. However, an online basketball game like an NBA simulator allows the user to get a hands-on experience with the game from a coach’s perspective.

NBA Simulators

NBA simulators work much like how they sound. The user drafts a team, ranks players, and then manages the roster based on a simulation’s outcome of the game. Unlike other fantasy basketball games, an NBA basketball game online allows the user to act both as the coach and the general manager and play against others. These types of games give the user the option to set rotations and view the game from an all-around coach’s perspective.

Teams must be designed and organized to match all facets of the game. For example, a team cannot have five starting players with all the same skill set because this will yield poor results from the simulation. In fact, it is better to view the team as an actual NBA team. This means drafting a sixth man, dynamic backups, and role players. Online basketball games like these even allow the user to set their own rotations. Unlike other basketball games that have unrealistic results with players lasting the entire game without any rest, basketball simulator games offer a more realistic alternative.

Players from Different Time Periods

Both online basketball games and basketball simulators offer the unique ability to blend a team with modern players and players from the past. This opens the door to so many different lineups and answers some of the most pressing questions for diehard basketball historians. Players from past eras can now shoot three-pointers and are held to the same standard as modern players. It can also be interesting to see how teams are crafted with different types of players. Will teams be dominated by three-point shooters or will older and more powerful centers take control of games? Maybe GMs will form some sort of combination of both: teams with guards who shoot 3-pointers and a big man who can get down low and collect 15 to 20 rebounds a game. This is the type of team basketball die-hard fans and historians alike would be tempted to create.

Craft Lineups Only Possible Online

Online basketball games allow the user to craft unique lineups possible only online. For example, users can create a team solely composed of all-star guards and forwards without any centers if they desire. In contrast, an old-school-minded fan may design a roster solely of supporting players who play strong together. Users who were fans of the Spurs championship teams and college basketball can create deep teams with unique rotations and a variety of skill sets to see how they will match up against superstar-heavy teams. Online basketball games like these are excellent because they answer not only the historical basketball questions but also the philosophical ones.

For those interested in an online NBA simulator, Pennant Chase is a great place to start. They offer free leagues that give the user the ability to draft, rank, and customize lineups with players from the modern NBA and the past. Pennant Chase even allows the user the ability to set different rotations for different parts of the game. It really does give the ideal perspective to the basketball fan who dreams of being on the court, clipboard in hand, coaching their favorite team. Check out Pennant Chase today to get started designing the basketball team of your dreams!