NBA Simulator for Fantasy Basketball Players

For those who love the game of basketball and imagine themselves on the court with a clipboard drawing up plays, check out some of the best NBA GM games. NBA league simulators are focused around the basketball fan with the coach’s or GM's mind. For many, this is the closest thing possible to being the coach and general manager of their own NBA franchise.

Fantasy Basketball

While fantasy basketball is great for those who love to watch the game, there is only so much fun to be had. Like fantasy football, lineups are set and scores are awarded based on players’ performances. However, unlike fantasy football, the NBA is set up entirely differently. With 81 games, it can be a tedious task to constantly manage a fantasy basketball lineup.

NBA Simulation Leagues

The current era of the NBA is superstar-heavy, which offers an additional element to fantasy basketball. Teams need to have at least one superstar to be successful, with a supporting cast that varies based on the type of player. With an NBA league simulator, users have the ability to manage their team with each player in mind. They must think about lineup changes and that star sixth man coming off the bench. A basketball simulator is great for those fans who want to draft players from basketball history and compete against other teams!

Features of Basketball Simulators

Sim basketball can be played at your pace, unlike fantasy basketball. View box scores, track a team’s progress, and feel like you are truly in the front office and on the court. Basketball simulators offer a more hands-on experience for the user but also give them more responsibility. Just one lineup mistake can sabotage the rest of the team’s performance. Basketball simulators also allow players of different eras to meet together on the court. That means debates over two certain players can be settled. However, don't expect the Jordan vs. Lebron debate to be settled by a sim game!

NBA Players from Different Eras on the Same Court

With today's NBA being so different from the NBA of the past, basketball simulators present a unique opportunity to have players from different eras on the court together. The NBA is now so 3-point heavy, whereas the league of the past was more about driving the lane and passing the ball down low. Could NBA players from the 70s and 80s shoot consistently to keep up with today’s players? What about today’s players who rely solely on the 3-point game? These questions are part of what makes NBA simulators so interesting and exciting.

For those who have only played fantasy basketball but are wanting a more realistic experience, give NBA simulator leagues a shot. Pennant Chase is a great option that not only offers everything a user could want but is also free. Its user-friendly leagues allow for stat-tracking, drafts, and even combines players from the past and the present. For baseball fans, Pennant Chase also offers great MLB simulation leagues. Sign up for a league and draft the perfect team for the chance to bring home the league title as both the coach and GM.