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Roaring 90's League - 1995

Round 1 Free Agency Results

Free Agency results are below. The top list is of players who had total bids within 10% value. Any team may bid on these players in round 2. Any ties go to whoever bid first:

3b Trajan Langdon - Total top bid = $150
SS Chris Neikro - Total top bid = $70
Of Brian McRae - Total top bid = $78
Rp Duane Ward - Total top bid = $20
Rp Al Brazilla - Total top bid = $24

These players have been won in round 1 and will move to their new teams ASAP:
C Matt Nokes - Cardinals ($8x2=$16)
C Pepe McNeil - Reds ($5x10=$50)
C Kevin Brown - Rockies ($2x10=$20)
C Rick Haas - Blue Jays ($4x3=$12)
C Dave Nilsson - Reds ($12x8=$96)
DH Dan Dilingham - Royals ($16x8=$128)
DH Harold Baines - Twins ($1x4=$4)
1b Ricky Jordan - Angels ($6x2=$12)
DH Julio Franco - Indians ($4x2=$8)
3b Jeff Cirillo - Angels ($14x8=$112)
3b Craig Grebek - Mariners ($11x2=$22)
3b Jeff King - Mariners ($6x2=$12)
3b Carlos Martinez - Blue Jays ($5x3=$15)
3b Wade Boggs - A's ($5x1=$5)
SS Tony Fernandez - Twins ($1x4=$4)
SS Cal Ripken Jr. - Mariners ($11x3=$33)
Of Pookie Jones - Padres ($15x10=$150)
Of Chris Walding - Reds ($20x8=$160)
Of Raul Mondesi - Rangers ($19x10=$190)
Of Efrain Contreras - Padres ($13x10=$130)
Of Tommy Veritek - Royals ($5x2=$10)
Of Jose Canseco - Pirates ($4x4=$16)
Of Decomba Conner - Reds ($7x10=$70)
Sp Ryan Kjos - Phillies ($18x10=$180)
Sp Doug Vanderweele - Rangers ($17x10=$170)
Sp Kevin Foster - Rockies ($8x4=$32)
Sp Dave Sick - Mariners ($5x9=$45)
Sp Bret Saberhagen - Cardinals ($11x3=$33)
Sp Jeff Sellers - Cardinals ($13x4=$52)
Sp Roger Reimold - Pirates ($12x5=$60)
Sp Brian Williams - Astros ($5x7=$35)
Sp Jack Morris - Blue Jays ($7x2=$14)
Sp Joe Magrane - Blue Jays ($8x1=$8)
Rp Ryan Hawblitzel - Rangers ($10x10=$100)
Rp John Franco - Blue Jays ($3x3=$9)
Rp Mike Heneman - Blue Jays ($4x2=$8)
Rp Doug Henry - Twins ($15x1=$15)
Rp Jim Shipanoff - Red Sox ($4x10=$40)
Rp John Briscoe - Rockies ($4x4=$16)
Rp Josias Manzanillo - Rockies ($5x4=$20)
Rp Vince Horsman - Rockies ($5x4=$20)
Rp Mark Eichhorn - Pirates ($8x2=$16)
Rp Omar Daal - Red Sox ($1x10=$10)
Rp Mike Talcott - Red Sox ($2x10=$20)

Off Season Schedule

Here are the key off-season dates. All times MOUNTAIN:

-Round 2 Free Agency Bids Due: Thursday, October 21, 2 PM

-Free Agency Free for All Opens Up: Thursday, October 21, 5 PM

-1995 Season Opening Day: Saturday, October 23, 9 AM

Traded Draft Picks

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