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Roaring 90's League - 1993

Off-Season Schedule

This will be a busy off-season with the addition of 2 new teams and an expansion draft. Here are the key dates:

Tuesday afternoon, June 22: Free agency round 1 opens up.

Monday, June 28, 10 AM mountain time: Bids for round 1 of free agency due. Round 2 will open up ASAP.

Monday, June 28, 10 AM mountain time: Deadline to request contract buy-outs

Wednesday, June 30, 12 noon mountain time: Bids for round 2 of free agency due

Wednesday, June 30, 12 noon mountain time: Position change requests due

1993 Contract Buy-Outs

Players below have been bought out of their contracts and are available for free agency prior to the start of the 1993 season:

Pos/Player/Team/Total Contract/Buyout Terms
3b Todd Zeile - Twins $36/$18 paid in 1993
Rp Tom Edens - Twins $6/$3 paid in 1993
1b Kevin Maas - Twins $24/$12 paid in 1993

1993 Expansion Draft Results!

Below are the results of the 1993 expansion draft. Please let me know if you see any issues, such as protected players being accidentally drafted. I will move the players to the Rockies and Marlins on the morning of Wednesday, June 23.

Round Team Pick
1 Rockies 3b John Wehner, Pirates
1 Marlins Sp Jose DeJesus, Orioles
2 Rockies Sp Floyd Youmans, Expos
2 Marlins Sp Paul Pfizer, Tigers
3 Rockies Rp Bill Alabnese, A's
3 Marlins Of Bobby Bonilla, Pirates
4 Rockies Sp Jose Roman, Cubs
4 Marlins 2b Jerry Browne, Rangers
5 Rockies C Robb Johnson, Tigers
5 Marlins Rp Jeff Pico, Cubs
6 Rockies Rp Mike Stanton, Braves
6 Marlins 2b Dewon Boone, A's
7 Rockies 1b Don Mattingly, Royals
7 Marlins 1b Tom Scott, Twins
8 Rockies Ut Matt Fletcher , Indians
8 Marlins Of Chris Walding, Expos
9 Rockies Sp Steve Avery, Twins
9 Marlins Sp Eric Plunk, Padres
10 Rockies SS Jody Reed, Red Sox
10 Marlins OF Karl Rhodes, Astros
11 Rockies OF Chad Curtis, Angels
11 Marlins Rp Eric Braden, Braves
12 Rockies 2b Ty Griffen, Yankees
12 Marlins 2b Brett Boone, Mariners
13 Rockies Sp Angel Miranda, Brewers
13 Marlins SS Omar Vizquel, Mets
14 Rockies 2b Tristian Merson, Blue Jays
14 Marlins C Webster Cloude, Giants
15 Rockies Rp Kevin Rogers, Giants
15 Marlins Sp Ed Correa, Blue Jays
16 Rockies Sp Jason Grimsley, Mariners
16 Marlins Of Devon White, Angels
17 Rockies SS Andujar Cedeno, Astros
17 Marlins Of Tim Raines, White Sox
18 Rockies Of Mark Merchant, Rangers
18 Marlins Of Lonnie Jackson, Dodgers
19 Rockies Sp Donovan Osborne, Cardinals
19 Marlins Of Jose Canseco, Royals
20 Rockies Sp Bobby Jones, Mets
20 Marlins Rp Wayne Edwards, Brewers

1993 Draft Order

In case you are interested in trading picks, here is the '93 draft order:

1. Brewers 2. Blue Jays 3. Dodgers 4. Orioles 5. White Sox 6. Phillies 7. Mets 8. Royals 9. Twins 10. Tigers 11. Reds 12. Indians 13. Rangers 14. Cubs 15. Giants 16. Yankees 17. Angels 18. Mariners 19. Cardinals 20. Padres 21. Expos 22. Braves 23. Red Sox 24. Astros 25. Pirates 26. A's 27. Marlins 28. Rockies

Traded Draft Picks

Twins to Dodgers


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