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1988 Draft Order

Hi all: 1988 amateur draft will be next week, likely on Thursday evening. Rookie class will be in its own team for your review. Below is the draft order, which does not include any traded picks:
1. Cincinnati
2. Baltimore
3. Milwaukee
4. Los Angeles
5. Chicago White Sox
6. Philadelphia
7. Chicago Cubs
8. Minnesota
9. Kansas City
10. St. Louis
11. Boston
12. San Diego
13. Cleveland
14. New York Yankees
15. Seattle
16. Detroit
17. Oakland
18. Houston
19. Atlanta
20. Texas
21. Montreal
22. Pittsburgh
23. Toronto
24. San Francisco
25. California
26. New York Mets

This Week in Baseball

How About That
Hi folks Mel Allen here on this episode of This Week in Baseball.

Let’s check up on our divisions.

The AL East is a battle between the Sox and Orioles. But don’t count out the jays or Yanks.
Two players to look out for are Cal Ripken and Roger Clemens.

The AL West is being dominated by the A’s and their stars Kal Daniels and Mark McGwire. As well as their triple headed pitching monster. The Angels and Rangers are killing it as well.

I actually went and interviewed the A’s owner:
Did you expect to be this good?

I am caught in between going for it this year and saving Nash and Jackson to sign for an extra year but it would seem the team is where i thought it would be a season early

Who is you’re favorite player at the moment?

My favorite player is Candy Maldonado. What a name

Who’s the team mvp ?

Team MVP is take your pick between Big Mac and Kal. Both are leading candidates for the AL MVP

Any offseason plans ?

I have 4 picks in the upcoming draft including the 9th pick so offseason plans would be to hopefully get an elite SP to go along With rijo and young as my lineup is gonna be one of the best for many seasons to come it just needs another progression

Let’s look at the NL

The National League East has the Mets and Pirates lead by Daryl and Bonds. The Mets really need to step up their pitching if they are to make a run. What does surprise me is how poorly the Expos are doing.

The NL West is led by the Padres with Randy Ready, the Astros with Nolan Ryan, and the Giants with Eric Davis.

For the NL we went and interviewed the Giants:
Did you expect to be this good?
No I did not. My pitching staff is getting older and I figured if we win 85-88 games that would be good.
Who is you’re favorite player at the moment?
Gerald Young is hitting really well now, getting on base and scoring runs.
Who’s the team mvp ?
Kevin Bass is the MVP right now. Hitting for AVG and power. Playing good defense too.
Any offseason plans ?
We will have to address the pitching staff, starters and relievers.

Let’s look at the front runners right now in the Award races:
AL MVP: Kal Daniels
NL MVP: Sid Beam
AL CY: Mike Witt
NL CY: Mike Punne
AL ROY: Kris Burnside
NL ROY: Adrian Solano

Announcement from the commish:
We will be allowing 2 cut contracts to be bid on by teams.

Finally an interview with the commish.
How were you’re talks with ESPN about the new deal?
A They went very well. ESPN has been a good partner and they are really looking forward to carrying our league. We felt that since the vast majority of households now have cable TV, this would be a great time to make the jump.

Did you get everything you wanted outta it?
We did. ESPN will have great teams covering our games. They feel they are going to see vastly improved advertising revenues and we felt our share of those future revenues was fair.

What can we expect moving forward?
I am please to let our owners know that for the next five years the salary cap will be moved to $275 million. This will obviously provide our owners with more flexibility but I think it will be great for our players who can be expected to receive larger contracts.

I am also pleased to announce that beginning this season, with the upcoming all Star Break, our owners will each be allowed to designate for assignment two players on their roster with whom they have contracts, if they wish. We will then have a mini-auction for those players who can sign with new teams. The league will pick up the guaranteed money owed to the players, less what their new teams are willing to pay. This will also free up additional resources for our owners and enable other players to receive guaranteed
contracts. I see it as a win-win for everyone.

Finally, I want to address expansion. There has been a lot of talk of bringing MLB to south Florida, Portland, or perhaps Denver, or the Raleigh-Durham area. We are looking at those options but it will take time.

Welcome to the Stirrups and Cookie Cutter League

Welcome to the league. We have some innovative rules here, like an in-season draft and import of real rookies each year. With any luck we'll be adding the D-Backs, Rockies, Rays and Marlins and moving the Expos in a few years, avoiding a strike, moving into non-Cookie Cutter stadiums, and expanding the playoffs like they did in the majors (except the strike part). Thanks and good luck!

Seitzer delivers in clutch, Royals win

Kevin Seitzer drove in 4 runs, carrying Kansas City to a 9-5 victory over the Expos. | Box

Downs baffles Red Sox, Giants win

Kelly Downs struckout 8 Boston batters in a 3-0 win for the Giants. | Box

Murray shines, Orioles still lose to San Diego

Eddie Murray collected 4 hits last night, but it wasn't enough for the Orioles. The Padres won the contest, 5-4. | Box

Roman dominates, Cubs win 2-1

Jose Roman was brilliant last night, allowing just 1 hit over 7 innings, leading the Cubs to a 2-1 win over the Twins. | Box

Hall sparks 4-3 win for Braves

Albert Hall's hot bat helped the Braves to a 4-3 win over the Yankees. Hall collected 4 hits in the game. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

G. Walker, White Sox .5293 HR10 RBI
M. McGwire, A's .4004 HR7 RBI
C. Ripken, Orioles .5241 HR9 RBI
R. Sierra, Rangers .4003 HR7 RBI
M. Nokes, Tigers .4003 HR6 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

T. Raines, Expos 3 for 22 (.136)
T. Fernandez, Blue Jays 4 for 24 (.167)
D. Strawberry, Mets 0 for 18 (.000)
J. Armentrout, Orioles 3 for 23 (.130)
F. Bonderman, Cardinals 2 for 20 (.100)

Leaders: AVG

W. Joyner, Angels .357
W. Kellin, Brewers .352
B. Doran, Royals .336
B. Jacoby, Indians .332
G. Young, Astros .331

Leaders: WHIP

M. Witt, Angels 0.85
C. Finley, Angels 0.86
R. Clemens, Red Sox 0.94
D. Cox, Cardinals 0.96
G. Maddux, Cubs 0.97

Traded Draft Picks


A’s 2nd to Pirates
Giants 1st to Braves
Royals 1st to A’s
Royals 2nd to Astros
Mets 1st & 2nd to Reds
Giants 2nd to Tigers
Yankees 2nd to A's

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