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Okay, Now I'm Not Sure.. ?

Okay, Now I'm Not Sure.. ?

Now Ive been at it awhile here on PC, but I am now confused as far as defensive replacements are concerned.
I always knew prioritizing your bench dictates the order that your PH will be drawn from, or if multiple fielders are set to come in, whomever is prioritized first will come in first..

But as far as who comes in to sub in late inning/close game situations, I've always thought that its based on who you set to be subbed out, and who you set to Come in defensively..

That was until this game, third of the year in our Best of the Rest - BYOT Custom league....

I have Mike Aviles starting at SS, with Rey Sanchez (6 Rk, SS, 3.39 dWAR) set to come in to play SS in close games, and 9 Speed Raul Mondesi on the bench to pinch run. I have him turned off to sub defensively. I had him prioritized ahead of Sanchez on the lineups "bench", but I have Aviles set to get subbed, and Sanchez turned on to sub in. Mondesi is turned OFF, why was he the defensive replacement instead of Sanchez ?? The lineup priority SHOULDN'T override the defensive priority if the player is turned OFF.

Re: Okay, Now I'm Not Sure.. ?

He wasn’t a DR, Beltran pinch hit and then your next SS took over.