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marty bottari

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Auto League Stats

  • W-L This Year
    34,287 - 22,357 (.605 PCT)
    (#5 of 25803) in Wins
  • W-L All Time
    254,740 - 176,417 (.591 PCT)
    (#2 of 25803) in Wins
  • Playoffs: 1893
    (#2 of 25803)
  • Rings: 515
    (#4 of 25803)
  • MVPs: 638 (#1 of 25803)
    CYs: 679 (#2 of 25803)

Custom League Stats

  • W-L All Time
    527 - 374 (.585 PCT)
    (#1477 of 25803) in Wins
  • Rings: 2
    (#508 of 25803)

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Auto League Trophy Case

Boston Bees

Best of 1997

Whirling Dervishes


Detroit BlAcKandReDs

All-Time Greats

South Dakota Sharks

Best of 2013

Norfolk Tides Float All Boats

Best of 2016

New York Metro

Best of 2022

Springfield Troy McClures


Chittenango Wizards of Oz

Best of 1970s

Philly 49th streeters


Staten Island Eagles

Best of 1990s

Middle Georgia RENEGADES 🧢

Best of 2006

Whitehall Vikings

Best of 1984

Las Vegas Honey Bees

Best of 1983

Citytown Hats

Ruthian Era

staten island ironworkers

Best of 1991

Iowa Fighting Pigs

Best of 1988


Favorite Teams


Best of 1980s

Vermont Lake Monsters

Best of 1990

VV Vikings

Best of 2015

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Custom League Trophy Case

San Franciso Giants

Favorite Teams of the Decade: The 1..

Philadelphia Phillies

Trulaia Sandbox

San Francisco Giants

Trulaia Sandbox

St. Louis Cardinals

Trulaia Sandbox

Boston Red Sox

Trulaia Sandbox

Philadelphia Phillies

Trulaia Sandbox

Award Winners (All Leagues)

Willie McCovey (Wizards of Oz)

MVP - Best of 1970s

Barry Bonds (Boys of Summer)

MVP - 1970-Present

Mark McGwire (Bees)

MVP - Best of 1997

David Cone (Bees)

Cy - Best of 1997

Mario Soto (Scooters)

Cy - Best of 1981

Rick Monday (Scooters)

MVP - Best of 1981

J.R. Richard (Thieves)

Cy - Best of 1980s

Barry Bonds (Stars)

MVP - Best of 2002

Mickey Mantle (Dervishes)

MVP - Mid-Century

Jim Thome (Villagers)

MVP - Best of 2010

Babe Ruth (BlAcKandReDs)

MVP - All-Time Greats

Sam Thompson (Mission Reds)

MVP - Deadball Era

Barry Bonds (Hooters)

MVP - Best of 1994

Rhys Hoskins (Thunder)

MVP - Best of 2017

Anthony Rizzo (Float All Boats)

MVP - Best of 2016

Matt Carpenter (Metro)

MVP - Best of 2022

Greg Maddux (Assassins)

Cy - 1970-Present

Vida Blue (Wizards of Oz)

Cy - Best of 1970s

Reggie Smith (Wizards of Oz)

MVP - Best of 1970s

Fernando Tatis Jr. (Parrots)

MVP - Best of 2021

T.J. Watt (mtl)

Defensive Player - Best of 2021

Too Tall Jones (Burners)

Defensive Player - Best of 1980s

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