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Need one owner: Fave Teams Style Custom

Need one owner: Fave Teams Style Custom

Do you like Favorite teams leagues but crave more options with how to build a team, more competition, and more parity? Best of the Best: 1901-2019 is a Favorite Teams Custom league with all 30 teams in play. We reset after every season and Owners change teams after each season. We are currently doing a Team Draft to decide what team each owner will be for our upcoming season.

It's exactly like Fave Teams leagues but with a twist. Each team is given simple Player Upgrade options for further balancing and customization. This allows you to upgrade a player in your 3-4 year team range to a better season that the player had with the team (example: Oakland A's choose 1990 as one of the years, upgrade Mark McGwire to 1996). Teams that are traditionally weaker get a higher number of Upgrades. Limited trading is allowed, but must be fair and reasonable.

Check it out here: and send me a Private message if you would like to be invited into the league.

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