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Improving lineups for filler teams

Improving lineups for filler teams

I love that the filler teams exist. The auto leagues would probably not work without them. The last set of changes did a better job of making the teams a bit more competitive as well. I was looking at a recent box score and noticed the starting lineup of a filler team could still use some work. Look at this team:
It has an OF of Albert Belle, Paul O'Neill and George Foster. Not a bad OF. However, Albert Belle has no business ever playing CF. Foster is so obviously who should be playing in CF. I am not sure why the algorithm here could not be better?

Going further, I do not see why Gene Tenace is the DH. This team has Chick Hafey on the bench so he could be in the OF and Albert Belle could be the DH.

These teams are already hobbled, it would be good if they at least put out the best lineup possible given the players they have.

Re: Improving lineups for filler teams

There's an even better reason that Gene Tenace should not be the DH, he's the only other catcher and if Carter were to get hurt in a game he could not catch

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Unsure if normal replacement rules apply in PC, I have moved players into the field from DH in a sandbox before.

All points raised are valid, though