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Arrieta's 9-K performance not enough

Jake Arrieta whiffed 9 batters, but the Heroes managed to beat the Bombers, 4-3. Sandy Koufax struckout 9 Bunker Hill batters in the contest. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

M. McGwire, Heroes .2672 HR6 RBI
F. Thomas, Bombers .2863 HR3 RBI
B. Bonds, Bombers .1002 HR4 RBI
S. Musial, Heroes .3331 HR4 RBI
T. Williams, Corn Pickers .3331 HR5 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

B. Kauff, Heroes 1 for 17 (.059)
N. Garciaparra, Bombers 6 for 20 (.300)
C. Klein, Bombers 4 for 18 (.222)
H. Greenberg, Bombers 1 for 19 (.053)
M. Piazza, Bombers 0 for 10 (.000)

Leaders: HR

M. McGwire, Heroes 63
B. Ruth, Muscles 48
J. Bagwell, Vikings 46
L. Gehrig, Heroes 45
M. Mantle, Rabbit Diggers 43

Leaders: SO

P. Martinez, Muscles 263
S. Koufax, Heroes 262
J. deGrom, Corn Pickers 258
C. Kershaw, Corn Pickers 240
J. Verlander, ALIENS 238

Welcome to the Auto League

Auto Leagues are seasons that last about two months (baseball) or one month (basketball), with 2 or 3 sims per day. Since this league is run with essentially no commissioner, there is a trade limit. Please be reasonable with your transactions, and report any bad owners using the feedback form.

League Status:
Season underway. Next sim around 1/27/2022 7:17 PM PT.

Draft Type:
Quick Draft

Owners Joined:
12 of 12
You can draft your team as soon as you sign up! You will select one player from each positional group until you have 23 players. (The Draft link appears on the league homepage and your team page when you are signed in.)

The draft only represents a random subset of players available. Once the season begins, you can adjust your roster via free agency or trades. (You can carry up to 25 players on your major league roster.)

Supplemental Draft
Once the season begins, you can start ranking players for the supplemental drafts, which take place after Games 2 & 3. Free agency (waivers) will open after the Supplemental Draft runs on Day 4. Please be sure to read the League Rules for further details!
This is a Keeper League, which means you have $55 million to spend on keepers for next season. You must sign at least one player to a contract before the season ends, or you'll automatically be removed from the league after the World Series. Players under contract remain on their teams, all other players return to free agency for the next Quick Draft.
When do games start?
After all teams have an owner and have drafted, the games will begin. You will get an email after the first game notifying you that the league has started.

What time are games played?
Barring any issues with the servers, games are auto-simmed 2 or 3 times a day, starting as early as 1:00am and ending as late as 11:00pm Pacific Time. Users can sim games from the My League List page every eight hours. This allows the league to keep moving if the server has issues or the participants in the league want to move the season along slightly faster than the auto sims allow. There will always be at least eight hours between games so managers can react if desired.

Can I customize my team?
Yes! You can change your team name, logo, and more via the "Owner Console" on your "My Team" page before the season begins and up until the 5th game of the season.

World Series and post-season
Division winners and three wild card reach the post-season. Owners can leave the league once their team is elimnated, or wait until the playoffs are over and re-draft the next season.

I'm always eager to here what you enjoy or think can be improved with the site, so stay in touch via the feedback form and follow site updates on the news & notes page.

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League Settings

Note, in Auto Leagues, some of these will change once the season starts, and as the season progresses.
Year Range of Stats1900 - 2021
Roster Size (Majors)26
Roster Size (Minors)3
Keepers (4 keepers)
Change Stats Allowed (not allowed while under contract or in a trade)
Free Agency
No-Drop List
Player Fatigue
Batter Injuries
Pitcher Injuries
Use Pitcher's HR Allowed Stats
Allows Max Surprise Bunts
Min Batters Pitcher Must Face0
Slump Buster (unlimited days)
User Sims (every 8 hours)
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12/25/2021All-Star Selectionsgbacci
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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12/17/2021 Player Signed
Frank Robinson picked up by Oakmont Muscles
12/17/2021 Player Dropped
Bruce Sutter dropped by Oakmont Muscles
12/10/2021 Player Dropped
Miguel Cabrera dropped by Hooper Heroes
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Latest Public Board Post
1/27/2022 Slump Bustersincitymarauder
Actually Ratchan my team has far more players with a REAL BA significantly higher than your team does and as a result because of the high Whip pitchers in that league they have a much harder time qualifying for Slump Buster so it’s a real disadvantage.

Right now I have 1 player who is SB eligible - your team has 5

the average team has 3-4 eligible and we have played 90 games - that's very high for PC

The low average high Slugging and OPS guys are constantly in SB - yes it’s something I could change in my drafting but it is not the best situation to be in- I would be sacrificing average in order to gain a fake advantage that’s not a realistic one, do low average power guys get hot in real life? Of course but not all season like PC when they are constantly in SB with big boost parks - it makes trying to build a team based on speed, BA and defense a bad strategy- also very unrealistic-

now if you could limit the times a player can enter SB that would even things out a bit
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