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It would be great if the 3 point shooting was adjusted. After Stephen Curry did another of his vintage PC games 13-17 3P and 57 points against a strong defensive team
I decided to look at the league 3pt totals.
177 - 385 or 46%! I understand that these are the best of the players, but modern day NBA the average is around 46% FG% and 35% 3P%. These are also the best defensive players, so it would be great if the 3 point percentage was tamped down.

My other suggestion is limiting the amount of shots guys like Deandre Jordan can get. Or greatly reducing their FG% if they take more shots than they averaged. Here is an example - in real life he averaged 8 shots a game (mostly put back and alley oops) but in P
C he's average 24 and still shooting nearly 70% - would be cool to put an end to that.

Re: Suggestions

I think these are valid points... and really I think this will even itself out if I can get around to releasing the version that has an actual clock, subs, fatigue... in this format, it's definitely a little fantasy land... in terms of 3P though, it seems players in general shoot close to their real life targets. The point about defense is valid. Basketball defense can't really equal batter vs. pitcher in a stats sim since there just aren't enough easily accessible defensive stats.

Opportunities to make it a bit more sophisticated, definitely.

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