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Crazy playoff game

Crazy playoff game
My team tied it in the bottom of the 9th on a walk.
Tied it in the 10th on a wild pitch.
Tied it in the 15th with two outs.
Tied it in the 17th with two outs (after being down 2 with 2 outs and nobody on).
Tied it in the 18th after being down two runs.
Won it in the 19th on a walk.


I don't think I've ever seen a team tie a game five times in the 9th or later.

Re: Crazy playoff game

As the victim of this infamous set-up... only thing I can say is Byung Hyun Kim blew it up again...

Blew it in that game, and allow the winning base hit the previous game also in a 1 run lost also....

He should never be used in playoffs...

Re: Re: Crazy playoff game

Whats really funny is that if you bring up the name BH Kim , most people will remember how he blew the 2001 World Series when actually Arizona won !