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Schedule build, days off

Schedule build, days off

So, I took over a league recently with little experience, but I’m learning on the fly .

As for a schedule build , I’m in a league that has days of as part of the schedule ... but I believe they imported a real schedule... as my league is still in the 1980’s, I can’t do this. Every team plays everyday, are days off granted on some regularity or is it as if real baseball was played every day , putting more pressure on your bench?

2nd question, if I wanted to eliminate inter-league play , do I have to temporarily make the league only AL and NL (with only one division in each league) ... run the schedule build with “Click if you only want to add games within division” selected , and then re add the divisions ... or is there a more simple way to achieve build a schedule with 4 divisions but no inter-league play ?

Re: Schedule build, days off

You don't have to put them into one division because the automated schedule builder has a link up higher allowing you to choose which league you want the schedule for with the option of "All Leagues" if you want interleague play.