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All Star Rankings

All Star Rankings

Can anyone explain the All Star Rankings? yes I know they are meaningless, but just how are the guys rated?

Look a the link below, how can Charlie Hayes be lower ranked than Matt Williams at 3B??
Hayes has higher AVG, SLG, OPS, More 2B and 3B - RBI and Runs the same

only thing Williams has better is OBP and HR's but only 4-2 in HR while Hayes has 8) 2B and Williams has but 2 -- Hayes 1) 3B -Williams none

And he's lower than Caminiti as well!

Is there some kind of weird formula or is it based on that players value to his team as well as the stats?

Just curious

Re: All Star Rankings

There's definitely a formula since there is a score. Its probably similar to the James/Neyer system or something equivalent. Homers is the difference maker here, but you're literally look at a .5 difference in 10 games. My observation has always been it's the counting stats that contribute most here, similar to a 5x5 rotisserie league.

And if you want to boost, steal bases, caught stealing doesn't seem to impact.

Re: All Star Rankings

Obviously, Charlie has pissed off some of the media and the rankings don't show that column. Kind of surprised since Charlie seemed like a good guy in his time in Philly.

Re: All Star Rankings

The formula is at the bottom of the awards page. HR are highly valued and I think OBP too.

Re: Re: All Star Rankings

I thought those formula's were just for MVP and Cy Young or at least it doesn't say it was for All Star so I didn't assume it was the same

Re: All Star Rankings

Good point. Hayes is ahead for MVP but not All Star. My guess is that still uses the old PC formula which probably heavily favors OBP.