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When 100% Steal Doesn't Happen

When 100% Steal Doesn't Happen

I do not normally put the "Settings" to 100% steal of second. But, in this league I have. And, yet, the player doesn't.


Mondesi. 3rd inning and 8th inning. He doesn't steal either time he gets on base, not on the first chance he gets. Why isn't 100% actually 100%? And, he is part of a double play just to aggravate me more.

Why? I've noticed it all season, but I've tried to avoid the subject thinking it was my eyes or something. The Catcher isn't a plus-arm, but that wouldn't matter anyway because I have it set to steal 100% on anyone at any time. And, yet, he doesn't.

Help. Why does the sim hate Mondesi?

Re: Re: When 100% Steal Doesn't Happen

That 100% really just means 100% chance of the sim considering steal for him. But they don’t always steal on the first pitch, and sometimes the batter does something before the steal. It’s just 100% chance to enter the sim odds of actually trying to steal.

Re: When 100% Steal Doesn't Happen

That's right, it's still limited to ensure some realism. Otherwise you have Billy Hamilton with 250 SBs in a single season, or odd stuff like that.

I have noticed in some cases it would make more sense for the CPU to steal, so I have it on my list to look at tweaking the odds based on situation. But 100% means exactly what Yankee said, it's the highest percentage possible to consider a steal.

Re: Re: When 100% Steal Doesn't Happen

Interesting that we are personifying the sim.

It's a bit of misdirection, then, to say it is 100% to steal. Would there be a wild uprising if the number was capped at 85 instead of 100, with the same explanation given here? Rhetorical question.

If Mr. Sim wouldn't mind "considering" a steal before the twit behind my speed guy hits into a double play, then that would have me believing the sim isn't anti-Mondesi. In that league, the evidence says the sim is anti-maths.

Re: When 100% Steal Doesn't Happen

Could be just anti-Raging. That would be my guess. lol