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How to (FINALLY) Change Your Team Logo

How to (FINALLY) Change Your Team Logo

Considering how many times you'll see multiple seasons cycle through Auto Leagues, yet the same (usually wrong) logo remains unchanged. Dude, you're the Yankees with an Indians logo, or maybe you're the Angels with a Red Sox logo. I just don't get it. Lol

Even a generic PC logo is better than trotting your Astros out there with a Phillies logo.

Taking the time to pick a logo takes far less time than constructing your team. In case there's anyone who simply didn't know how to change a logo.

Is the following list patronizing? You betcha. Lol

1. Google '(Team xyz) Logos' Images.

Sportslogos.net is a great site. They have literally every single logo in a team's history available to download.

2. Download an image. Any .jpg, .gif, .png image is acceptable.

3. Go to 'Edit Team Details' on your (My) Team Page.

4. Click on 'Logo Uploader'

5. Click 'Choose File'. It will be in your Documents, or Recent Downloads, etc.

6. Check the 'Acknowledge Terms of Use' box.

7. Click 'Upload Selected Image'.

And presto ! You have bright, shiny, clearly visible logo that FITS YOUR TEAM !

Of course, this may not annoy some the way it annoys me. I'm aware that some get annoyed by the way many of us go with the years we are using in 'Favorite Teams' Autos in place of a Team's (entire) City name. But just in case the never-changing logos were simply due to lack of information. Its neatly listed above for your convenience. :)

Re: How to (FINALLY) Change Your Team L

I love the ability to upload logos, because you can come up with some very creative team names & mascots simply by thinking of a topic, type whatever it is plus logo along with it, and you're bound to find something cool!

Re: Re: How to (FINALLY) Change Your Te

Exactly! You don't have to even be a logo **** like I am. You can get very creative. Occasionally, I get a good chuckle from what guys come up with. I tried All-Time Greats in two leagues awhile back. Won a ring in one. I think I'm more proud as an 'Office' fan (and Scranton/W-B area native) that "People Person's Paper People" is now etched onto my page forever than I am of the win. Lol