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New fave team budget leagues

New fave team budget leagues

Just a word of advice , if you are the last owner to join , you will only have a few hours to pick your team . And believe me you will need it. I think this might be the way to go in the future imo

Re: New fave team budget leagues

Yes, I really like this format, but you definitely need time to review and build your team. Not something you can throw together.

Re: New fave team budget leagues

No joke. I was unfortunately the last team in a league and really felt the pressure as it was also my first time in such a league. I totally forgot to pick a backup catcher. Haha. I pray for Posey to stay healthy.

Re: Re: New fave team budget leagues

I recently sent this to Guy:

Just drafted my 1st 2 teams and have to following input for you:
1. The ability to sort SP's by 100 IP+ would be really useful.
2. Same for sorting hitters by dWAR and speed. This would be especially useful when drafting role players for the bench (def. subs, pinch runners)

A lot of time wasted on both these.

Otherwise, I love it - you can be really creative now in how you put together a team !!

I've spent a LOT of time drafting my 1st 4 teams due to the above - and they should be somewhat simple fixes.

- The Sheik