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adding players mid draft is ridiculous

adding players mid draft is ridiculous

i don't get it. how can you add a bunch of guys to a draft pool with 1-2 rounds left, especially P's. those of us with a full staff are at a significant disadvantage.

i respect and appreciate all this site offers, but this just makes no sense.

justin turner
paul goldschmidt
carlos correa
jd martinez
blake snell
jacob degrom

all taken in round 23...

same team was able to grab gerrit cole, josh hader, aaron nola, and walker buehler as FA.

Re: adding players mid draft is ridicul

Send me the league ID and I will resolve by dispersing players.

Re: Re: adding players mid draft is rid

not sure how that will work.....it was a daily draft, and games have started already?

Re: Re: adding players mid draft is rid

i appreciate you responding to my post. it is league 244.

Re: adding players mid draft is rid

Not sure what you can do -- the same thing happened in my league 271 draft. It's a similar issue in all of my leagues where all of a sudden one team grabbed all the new great players in free agency. I don't want to take away from the great move people made to grab these players first. I guess I would say that if it is possible to add new players only at the beginning of a new season, then I do think that is more fair.

Re: Re: adding players mid draft is rid

In he example you supplied Jamin, are you saying a bunch of new Players were added at no set and pre-determined time and who ever noticed them first just got to claim them?

That would be insane. It has to be a glitch in the matrix or something

Re: adding players mid draft is rid

In the all-time leagues there were 3 very good, but not superstar, players all added at once, and in all of my leagues the first team to notice got all 3 players.

Now I'm actually sympathetic to the idea that there's probably no perfect way to add new players. My guess is that the sim is set up where you need to add players to all the all-time leagues at the same time.

I also do want to give credit to the people who noticed the new players first. I didn't notice in time in any of my leagues. But the guys who noticed are really good guys and really good competitors :) In past years I've picked up a small percentage of the new players every time Gbacci adds new players to the league pool.

I'm just wondering if there's some way to do this in the future so that one or two teams doesn't end up adding all the players to all their teams in all of their leagues. Maybe give the new players to the teams in last place? Or limit transactions to one per day?

I do think the best way to do it would be to add the players when the league rolls over into its new year. I just am guessing that this would not be possible.

Still loving pennantchase!

Re: adding players mid draft is rid

Just had a similar incident in one of my ATG leagues, though it happened 128 games into the season. Out of nowhere, one owner, who'd managed an improbably favorable draft, suddenly rostered three high-ranking 2018 pitchers (J. Hader Rnk 89, J. DeGrom Rnk 80, B. Snell Rnk 76) who were not in the free agent pool all year and were ranked up to 25 points higher than the available crop of so-sos.


Re: Re: adding players mid draft is rid

If you send me the league where someone grabbed them all, I will disperse them to the worst teams. (I took care of Nuroc's league.) Unfortunately there's no great way to do it, so this does happen from time to time, usually only once or twice per year.

Re: adding players mid draft is rid

it does happen once in awhile. i know last week or whenever mookie betts was added it just becomes a timing thing, and whoever gets there first gets him.

no great way to deal with it.

but in that league i grabbed him right away and just kept him in my minors the last 2-3 weeks of the season.

Re: Re: adding players mid draft is rid

IDC! I'm just happy for more SP's!!!