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Is Dwar as impactful as SLG?

Is Dwar as impactful as SLG?

Has anyone noted how much Dwar effects certain players in simulations? Is it as impactful as SLG for example? (High SLG really translates into lots of HRs). Has anyone seen certain defensive trends surrounding Dwar or fielding since the RF changes? The SPs in my league are garbage so I’m hoping to prop them up with DWar if that works. What type of impact do you believe I can experience with high Dwar players? If I’m stacking Dwar, do you think it is still worth picking up a negative Dwar player if they have good batter stats or will it throw everything off? Thanks!

Re: Is Dwar as impactful as SLG?

finding teams with good solid dwar players rob teams of at least 200 runs per season or more

Re: Is Dwar as impactful as SLG?

DWar has the problem of not being able to be clearly defined as to what it actually does in game flow.

PC says that a + Dwar increases a players ability to turn a batted ball which would normally be a hit, into an out, I can't agree, I also can't substantiate it, but feel other plays, such as (ball hit sharply wherever) which result in errors a LOT, also turn into double plays when hit to high (+2 or more) Dwar defenders.

I wish I could provide more, but that's one guys take, I'm sure others have opinions as well, but, I do wish DWar had some effect on Rank, THAT would answer a lot

Re: Re: Is Dwar as impactful as SLG?

Tacoma, I do believe you mean 200 HITS or more.

Teams with high dWAR players in key positions like CF and SS can rob upwards of 500 hits per year or better.

You want to have a good mix. Hits Saved isn't a complete picture of defense either. Lousy FLD% will still cause additional errors. Too many defensive players with no offense won't choke an opposing team like you think. I've done that experiment for gits and shiggles before.

It isn't an aggregate number like RF was.

A team full of mashers with terrible defense can cost you the same runs you're adding offensively. Having individual defense in the SIM is/was such a huge step in the right direction.

Re: Is Dwar as impactful as SLG?

Thank you guys for your answers, they are very helpful.

In the league I'm talking about, the Dwar on most players doesn't go above +2. Do you believe that a Dwar of +or- 0.5 to 1.0 will have much effect in CF, SS or other positions?

Additionally regarding CF, which player in theory would be better defensively?

1) OF with .997 field, normal arm and +2.3 Dwar
2) OF with .994 field, + strong arm and +1 Dwar

I'm not entirely certain how the strong arm will interact with the other defensive factors.

Re: Re: Is Dwar as impactful as SLG?

Dwar is pretty well defined. Guy has said before, multiply the number by 10 then divide by 3. So basically, multiply by 3.33. A 1.0 dwar player will turn 3.3% of the hits in his are into outs. But Keirmeier and his 5.0 dwar will change 16.5%. Meanwhile a - 1.0 dwar is going to turn some outs into hits, but at 3.3%, that's only 1 of every 30 on average. So a great hitter is more than overcoming that. But anytime I have an OF not hitting well, I'd rather have an even worse hitting but high dwar (or arm) player in there that at least is accomplishing something.

Re: Is Dwar as impactful as SLG?

Thank you for the math on Dwar. I have never seen that on site. Is there any similar math to a strong arm?

Re: Re: Is Dwar as impactful as SLG?

#1 OF is far better defensively.

The strong arm of #2 will only factor in occasionally to throw out a guy at the plate. There has never been any math given as to the percentage of time an OF's plus arm will cut down a runner because, presumably, the speed of the runner plays a part in the calculation.

But, the strong arm doesn't throw out anyone at 2nd or 3rd base, so it's only on the occasion there is a play at the plate. A strong arm, in my estimation, will get a runner at most 33% of the time there is a play at the plate.

OF #1's higher fielding percentage and more than 100% higher Dwar will be far more useful over the season than #2's strong arm.

Re: Is Dwar as impactful as SLG?

Arm also keeps runners from extra bases, like 1st to 3rd and 2nd to home, sometimes they won’t test the arm. I’ve had many fast runners on 2nd stay at 3rd on single to center because of arm. But I still like player 1 better for possibly turning a hit or two into outs. However, if your pitchers allow a lot of base runners, maybe because your other players have bad dwar, that strong arm could come in handy. Choices are great!