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Coach Sauer's Big Bold Predictions:

Coach Sauer's Big Bold Predictions:

Well, I just added up a bunch of teams' numbers in the categories I thought would be most relevant (DWS, FG%, TRB, AST, STL, BLK) and assigned every team a rank for that stat (1 through 10, 10 being the best) then added up all the ranks to give each team a total. Based on those overall team rank totals, and using turnovers as a decider when two teams were very close, I give you...

Your 100%, place your bets, stone-cold lock on the inaugural season outcome:

1. Motor City Bad Boys 41
2. Kansas Scouts 38
3. Pittsburgh Dunkers 36
4. Mission Celtics 35.5
5. Las Vegas Mirage 35
6. New York Highlanders 34
7. New York Legends 30.5
8. Philadelphia Presidents 28
9. Mocanaqua Magnificents 26
10. Jackson Ball Chasers 26

Looks like a lot of you nerds will have a tough row to hoe. Suckers!

Re: Coach Sauer's Big Bold Predictions:

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How did these predictions end up being?

Re: Re: Coach Sauer's Big Bold Predicti

Mirage (gbacci) 30 13 .698 L2
Scouts (naplajoie) 30 14 .682 W7
Dunkers (Followtheson) 25 20 .556 L2
Presidents (Chubbach24) 24 18 .571 L4
Nets (Metsrock2011) 21 19 .525 W1
Bad Boys (Crazysauer) 18 22 .450 L1
Legends (Skooler1) 17 23 .425 W2
Celtics (JoeyT2870) 17 23 .425 L3
Magnificents (Jayslater1) 15 25 .375 L4
Ball Stars (bobknightrules) 10 30 .250 L2

Re: Re: Coach Sauer's Big Bold Predicti

A couple teams changed names and couple teams started going through players like Kleenex in the second half of the season.

I believe the Highlanders became the Nets, and the Ball Chasers became the Ball Stars. My team did VERY poorly compared to my projections and I blame Bill Walton for not shooting the ball often or well despite my best efforts, a kink that was tweaked in the sim towards the very end of the season.

Scouts beat Presidents, Dunkers beat Mirage, Scouts beat Dunkers in the final.