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Indians (6-5)  

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Indians Stadium
RHB: No Effect
LHB: Mild Disadvantage
Player OutGames
SP Lucas Thompson4
SP Mark Leiter3
SP Doug Jordan2
SP Jacob Harris1
RP Cameron Bacon1
CL Jack Pena1
Player Needing RestWhen?
RF Wally HydeNow
RF Sal NashIn 3 games
RF William HensonIn 4 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
RF W.Hyde $3Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
RP C.Bacon $34$0
C T.Barnhart $31
C P.Bridges $36$0
3B R.Colon $22$0
1B D.Eaton $21
SP J.Harris $42$0
CF E.Hayes $31
RF W.Henson $32$0
SP D.Jordan $22$0
SP M.Leiter $81
SS F.Lindor $92$0
SP D.Meeks $84$0
RF S.Nash $72$0
RP A.Payne $21
CL J.Pena $84$0
2B J.Ramirez $142$0
3B A.Rendon $41
RP C.Robinson $13$0
SP L.Thompson $31
RP S.Wallace $66$0
RP R.Walsh $31
3B A.Waltrip $53$0
SP K.Wright $69$0
P.Bridges Prospect
R.Colon Prospect
D.Eaton Prospect
W.Henson Prospect
W.Hyde Prospect
D.Jordan Prospect
D.Meeks Prospect
A.Payne Prospect
L.Thompson Prospect
S.Wallace Prospect
R.Walsh Prospect
10/14@NationalsL 6-2  RHoneywellThompson
10/14@NationalsW 1-0  RBaconPrice
10/14BrewersW 5-1  RJordanHorn
10/13BrewersW 5-1  RThompsonMosley
10/13BrewersW 13-6  RWrightWatson
10/13@CubsL 6-3  RSealsThompson
10/13@CubsW 5-1  RLeiterGodley
10/13@CubsW 11-5  RJordanCrede
10/13GiantsL 7-1  RBucannonThompson
10/13GiantsL 15-2  RGriffinWright
10/13GiantsL 6-2  RCeaseThompson
Trophy Case
 2023 AL Wildcard #1
 2020 World Series Champions
 2020 AL Central Division
 2018 World Series Champions
 2018 AL Central Division
 2017 World Series Champions
 2017 AL Central Division
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