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Nationals (5-6)  

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DC stadium
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Brent Honeywell4
SP Tommie Hooks3
SP Kris Price2
SP Elmer Gilmore1
SU Mike Timlin1
Player Needing RestWhen?
CF Micah WoodardNow
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
3B T.Boxer $73$0
2B M.Carpenter $96$0
C L.Coleman $32$0
3B A.Forbes $21
SP E.Gilmore $115$0
RP M.Goldsmith $76$0
2B T.Haas $42$0
DH E.Harrison $53$0
RP D.Haskins $34$0
C R.Hayes $33$0
1B J.Helms $76$0
RP J.Henderson $86$0
SP B.Honeywell $74$0
SP T.Hooks $32$0
SS D.Jordan $32$0
OF N.Mazara $102$0
1B D.Ortiz Jr $33$0
SP J.Page $33$0
SP K.Price $12$0
CL L.Price $63$0
RP S.Starkey $43$0
SU M.Timlin $22$0
SP T.Wakefield jr $54$0
CF M.Woodard $21
LF S.Yates $32$0
T.Boxer Prospect
M.Carpenter Prospect
L.Coleman Prospect
A.Forbes Prospect
T.Haas Prospect
E.Harrison Prospect
D.Haskins Prospect
R.Hayes Prospect
J.Helms Prospect
J.Henderson Prospect
D.Jordan Prospect
D.Ortiz Jr Prospect
J.Page Prospect
K.Price Prospect
M.Timlin Prospect
M.Woodard Prospect
S.Yates Prospect
10/14IndiansW 6-2  RHoneywellThompson
10/14IndiansL 1-0  RBaconPrice
10/14@TigersL 8-3  RFulmerPrice
10/13@TigersL 8-0  RDicksonGilmore
10/13@TigersL 4-3  RMengdenPage
10/13White Sox’sW 9-2  RHoneywellGiolito
10/13White Sox’sL 2-1  RCarlos jrStarkey
10/13White Sox’sW 3-1  RPriceMontana
10/13@AstrosL 7-0  RParkerGilmore
10/13@AstrosW 11-4  RPageMatthews
10/13@AstrosW 7-6  RHendersonThayer
Trophy Case
 2019 NL Wildcard #2
 2017 NL East Division
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