St. Louis

Cardinals (15-14)  

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Busch Stadium
RHB: Mild Boost
LHB: Mild Boost
Player OutGames
SP Joe Magrane4
SP John Martin3
SP John Fulgham2
SP John Tudor1
RP Ricky Horton1
RP Dave Shipanoff1
Player Needing RestWhen?
1B Gerald PerryIn 2 games
SS Garry TempletonIn 2 games
2B Ken OberkfellIn 3 games
OF Bernard GilkeyIn 5 games
3B Terry PendletonIn 5 games
OF Gene RoofIn 5 games
Trophy Case
 1988 Eastern Division Champ
 1987 Wild Card
 1986 East Division Champ
 1985 NL Rewind Champs
 1985 Wild Card
 1984 NLEast Champs
 1983 NL Champs
 1983 NL East Champion
 1982 NL East Champion
 1981 Distant Replay Champions
 1981 Wild Card
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