List of No Drop Players

OF Aldrete, Mike (San Francisco Giants)
3B Asadoor, Randy (Los Angeles Dodgers)
2B Backman, Wally (New York Mets)
SS Barberie, Bret (Montreal Expos)
SP Benes, Andy (San Diego Padres)
3B Boggs, Wade (Atlanta Braves)
3B Bonilla, Bobby (Pittsburgh Pirates)
3B Brown, Chris (Atlanta Braves)
SP Bystrom, Marty (Philadelphia Phillies)
OF Cangelosi, John (Los Angeles Dodgers)
RP Carman, Don (Philadelphia Phillies)
1B Clark, Will (San Francisco Giants)
OF Daniels, Kal (Cincinnati Reds)
OF Davis, Chili (San Francisco Giants)
OF Davis, Eric (Cincinnati Reds)
RP Dawley, Bill (Houston Astros)
SP DeLeon, Jose (Pittsburgh Pirates)
RP Dibble, Rob (Cincinnati Reds)
OF Dykstra, Lenny (New York Mets)
RP Eckersley, Dennis (Chicago Cubs)
SP Fernandez, Sid (New York Mets)
CL Gideon, Brett (Pittsburgh Pirates)
SP Gooden, Dwight (New York Mets)
1B Grace, Mark (Chicago Cubs)
SP Greene, Tommy (Atlanta Braves)
SU Guante, Cecilio (Los Angeles Dodgers)
OF Gwynn, Tony (Cincinnati Reds)
SP Heathcock, Jeff (Houston Astros)
SU Howell, Ken (San Diego Padres)
1B Hrbek, Kent (Pittsburgh Pirates)
RP Jackson, Mike (Philadelphia Phillies)
OF James, Dion (Atlanta Braves)
3B Jefferies, Gregg (New York Mets)
1B Jones, Tracy (Cincinnati Reds)
RP Jones, Barry (Pittsburgh Pirates)
RP Kerfeld, Charlie (Houston Astros)
1B Kruk, John (San Diego Padres)
2B Lind, Jose (Pittsburgh Pirates)
RP McCullers, Lance (San Diego Padres)
2B Miller, Keith (New York Mets)
1B Morris, Hal (Cincinnati Reds)
RP Murphy, Rob (Cincinnati Reds)
CL Myers, Randy (New York Mets)
SP Nabholz, Chris (Montreal Expos)
CL Niedenfuer, Tom (Los Angeles Dodgers)
RP Pena, Alejandro (Los Angeles Dodgers)
RP Pena, Hipolito (Pittsburgh Pirates)
3B Pendleton, Terry (St. Louis Cardinals)
3B Ready, Randy (San Diego Padres)
SP Rijo, Jose (Cincinnati Reds)
SP Rincon, Andy (St. Louis Cardinals)
OF Roberts, Bip (San Diego Padres)
RP Robinson, Ron (Cincinnati Reds)
SP Russell, Jeff (Cincinnati Reds)
RP Schiraldi, Calvin (Los Angeles Dodgers)
OF Smith, Dwight (Chicago Cubs)
CL Solano, Julio (Houston Astros)
OF Stone, Jeff (Philadelphia Phillies)
2B Treadway, Jeff (Cincinnati Reds)
SP Valenzuela, Fernando (Los Angeles Dodgers)
SP Wetteland, John (Los Angeles Dodgers)
OF Young, Gerald (Houston Astros)