NL Rewind 1993

1992 NL Rewind Champion: The Cincinnati Reds


1992 Runner-up, The Houston Astros (Strutter)
1991 Champion, The Pittsburgh Pirates (Roadmap)

Welcome to NL Rewind 1992

Coachosbone, with thoughts of Miami Vice and bad pop music, started this league in 1980 and although he seems to have gone the way of parachute pants and Members Only jackets, we honor him by continuing on. We are currently in 1992.

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3/23/2020 Player Dropped
Darrin Jackson dropped by Chicago Cubs
3/23/2020 Player Dropped
Dave Henderson dropped by Chicago Cubs
3/23/2020 Player Dropped
Willie Wilson dropped by Chicago Cubs
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4/3/2020 PC (March) Madness ChampionGusPC13
Lol. Fine. I misread your statement above when you said he won 6 straight 7 game series. Either way, a well earned victory. I’ll just be quiet here at the bottom of the heap! 🤭🤐😆😂🤣😂
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