NL Rewind 1990

1989-1990 Offseason schedule

Tuesday, Apr. 23: Progressions completed.
Wednesday, Apr. 24: Imports completed.

Saturday, April 27, noon EST.
DEADLINE to be at 45 players.
Slow draft will begin immediately. Any team not at 45 players or less will be skipped. You may prerank. If you prefer, you may notify the commissioner to draft from your preranked list. This will help us move the draft along smoothly and start the season sooner.

Official daily drafting time is between 9am and 1am EST. Teams will have eight hours to pick, excluding time between 1am to 9am EST. You may pick during that time but these hours do not count towards your eight hours if you cannot.

PLEASE NOTE that if you miss your window, but have preranked, you will have a player selected off your list. However, if you fail to prerank and also miss your window, you will not receive a player.

Teams may go over 45 players to a maximum of 48 during the draft. However, those teams will need to be at 45 before open free agency begins.

Open Free Agency: TBD, May 10 at the latest.

SEASON START: Tentatively no later than May 11, 2019.

Welcome to NL Rewind 1990

Coachosbone, with thoughts of Miami Vice and bad pop music, started this league in 1980 and although he seems to have gone the way of parachute pants and Members Only jackets, we honor him by continuing on. We are currently in 1990.

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4/9/2019League expiredwillbhere
One by one, Coach's leagues expire.

We are in the pennant stretch. Please do not sim as we might then have to ask for rollbacks. The playoffs have not started. Still about 14 games to play.

Right now, I do not have access to commish tools. It will be a while before I could renew this league as I have to await my first pay here and then wire money back to the states. So please be patient.
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4/24/2019 Player Placed On Trade Block
Dennis Cook placed on trade block by San Francisco Giants
4/24/2019 Player Dropped
Fred Lynn dropped by San Diego Padres
4/24/2019 Player Dropped
Orlando Mercado dropped by New York Mets
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4/24/2019Bad News Bears League wants YOU!GusPC13
The Bad News Bears League has one opening to fill - the Charlestown Chiefs are available again. In this league, there are NO Star Players. No Ruth, Gehrig, Trout, Pedro, or Kershaw. Only mediocre players battling it out for the fame they never found in real life. We're starting Season 4 in a few days. We've had 3 different champions, and there is a lot of parity in the league. In Season 3, the 8th Seed in the playoffs won it all (New York Knights), beating the 7th Seeded Mudville Nine in the World Series. The first two WS champs missed the playoffs this past season - that's how unpredictable the league is.

If you're interested, find the BNBL on the Join Leagues page under Custom Leagues. Check out the Rules Page, and then jump in! Great group of owners and lots of fun!
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