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Cavaliers (48-57)  

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Team park
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Player OutGames
SP Jeff Tesreau4
SP John Tudor3
SP Luis Tiant2
SP Frank Tanana1
Player Needing RestWhen?
No upcoming rest needed      
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
2B M.Bishop $13Return to draft
RP B.Caudill $9Return to draft
C D.Dietz $8Return to draft
RP M.Eichhorn $11Return to draft
SP C.Hunter $14Return to draft
OF A.Kaline $13Return to draft
RP J.Kern $8Return to draft
1B D.Mattingly $10Return to draft
SP F.Tanana $13Return to draft
SP L.Tiant $13Return to draft
SP J.Tudor $11Return to draft
SS A.Vaughan $15Return to draft
1B J.Votto $13Return to draft
3B J.Williams $13Return to draft
7/3Black CapsW 8-2  RTesreauWood
7/3Black CapsL 4-3  RMarichalKern
7/3Black CapsW 6-5  RCaudillRomano
7/3@RoyalsW 9-1  RTananaFernandez
7/2@RoyalsL 5-4  RKimHunter
7/2@RoyalsW 4-3  RTesreauReed
7/2DodgersW 9-7  RHouseYoung
7/2DodgersW 7-1  RTiantWhite
7/1DodgersW 5-1  RTananaSchilling
7/1@Red SoxL 3-0  RSuttonHunter
7/1@Red SoxL 13-8  RTaylorTesreau
7/1@Red SoxL 12-4  RSeaverTudor
6/30CardinalsW 9-7  RTiantHrabosky
6/30CardinalsW 7-6  RKernWilhelm
6/30CardinalsL 11-3  RVaughnHunter
6/29@Mud HensL 6-5  RWeyhingTesreau
6/29@Mud HensL 5-2  RGausmanTudor
6/29@Mud HensL 2-0  RSeverinoTiant
6/28White SoxL 8-5  RLigtenbergKern
6/28White SoxW 8-1  RHunterKeuchel
6/28White SoxW 3-1  RTesreauBieber
6/28A'sL 2-1  RSmoltzTudor
6/27A'sW 4-2  RTiantBumgarner
6/27A'sL 11-1  RFordTanana
6/27@GraysL 9-3  RMcQuillanHunter
6/27@GraysL 11-0  RWaddellTesreau
6/26@GraysL 3-1  RMathewsTudor
6/26ABC'sL 11-3  RCicotteTiant
6/26ABC'sL 4-2  RGibsonTanana
6/26ABC'sL 8-1  RSantanaHunter
6/25@BravesL 11-2  RWeimerTesreau
6/25@BravesW 9-1  RTudorKershaw
6/25@BravesL 3-2  RBurnesTiant
6/24StarsL 7-6  RReganTanana
6/24StarsW 3-0  RHunterGreinke
6/24StarsL 7-4  RReganTesreau
6/24@GiantsL 10-8  RFisherCaudill
6/23@GiantsL 6-5  RWorkmanCaudill
6/23@GiantsL 8-5  RPerranoskiTanana
6/23YankeesW 8-7  RCaudillCooper
6/22YankeesW 6-3  RTesreauDarvish
6/22YankeesW 12-1  RTudorShaw
6/22@IndiansL 11-1  RWilsonTiant
6/22@IndiansL 17-11  RDavenportTanana
6/21@IndiansW 6-3  RHunterDrysdale
6/21RedsL 6-2  RRijoTesreau
6/21RedsL 14-1  RMillwoodTudor
6/20RedsW 3-0  RTiantKoosman
6/20@BrownsL 8-2  RSchuppTanana
6/20@BrownsL 4-2  RScherzerHunter
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Trophy Case
 1946 NL Wild Card
 1923 Division Champions
 1918 NL Pennant.
 1918 Wild Card
 1917 Wild Card
 1916 Division Champions
 1916 NL Pennant Winner
 1915 Division Champion
 1914 World Series champions
 1914 Division Champions
 1913 Division Champions
 1912 Division Champions
 1909 N L Wild
 1908 NL Wild Card
 1907 National League Pennant
 1907 National League East
 1906 National League East
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