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Playoff Series Breakdown

For information on playoff seeding, please review the POST SEASON section of the League Rules.

First Round Playoff: Bulldogs @ VaGiants
Game 1VaGiants 4, Bulldogs 3WP: Dominguez
LP: Strop
Game 2Bulldogs 2, VaGiants 1WP: Smith
LP: Moronta
Game 3VaGiants 3, Bulldogs 2WP: Sanchez
LP: Flaherty
Game 4VaGiants 4, Bulldogs 3WP: McHugh
LP: Oh
Game 5VaGiants @ Bulldogs
Game 6Bulldogs @ VaGiants
Game 7Bulldogs @ VaGiants
VaGiants Lead Series 3-1

First Round Playoff: Jokers @ Frogs
Game 1Jokers 6, Frogs 5WP: Betances
LP: Kelley
Game 2Frogs 1, Jokers 0WP: Morton
LP: Teheran
Game 3Jokers 5, Frogs 3WP: Diaz
LP: Kelley
Game 4Jokers 2, Frogs 1WP: Severino
LP: Happ
Game 5Frogs @ Jokers
Game 6Jokers @ Frogs
Game 7Jokers @ Frogs
Jokers Lead Series 3-1