Eddie Cicotte Memorial Baseball League (1969)

Off-Season Schedule

7-7 7 pm PT Deadline for Non-expansion teams to move unprotected players to minors. Maximum 20 protected players are allowed in the majors. Please do not move players within organization after this point.
7-8 6 pm PT Expansion teams send first 20 picks. Please send only one from each non-expansion team’s minor league roster, as only one player will be drafted from each non-expansion team in the first 5 rounds.
7-8 7 pm PT First 5 rounds on Expansion Draft is run and results posted.
7-8 Drafted players will be moved.
7-10 6 pm PT Expansion teams send final 40 picks. Please send only two from each non-expansion team’s minor league roster as no more than 2 players from each team will be drafted in rounds 6-13.
7-10 7 pm PT Rounds 6-13 will be run and results posted
7-11 Drafted players will be moved

7-11 7 pm PT Trades and drops turned on
7-14 7 pm PT Deadline to drop to at most 28
7-16 7pm PT supplemental draft (5 rounds)-must have room on your roster
7-16 7:15 pm PT free agency turned on
7-17 early morning season starts
Times are approximate and subject to change with my work schedule and baby duties, but I’ll try to stick to it.

Please check your rosters for accuracy.

1969 Expansion Draft 21-52

1. Montreal Gene Michael (LAD)
2. Seattle Ellie Hendricks (BAL)
3. San Diego Joe Lahoud (CIN)
4. Kansas City Dean Chance (CAL)
5. Kansas City Mike Nagy (BOS)
6. San Diego Jesus Alou (SF)
7. Seattle Ron Hanson (BAL)
8. Montreal Mudcat Grant (NYM)
9. Montreal Roy Face (PIT)
10. Seattle Don Wert (DET)
11. San Diego Bill Sudakis (LAD)
12. Kansas City Barry Moore (WAS)
13. Kansas City Hawk Taylor (NYM)
14. San Diego Bob Veale (PIT)
15. Seattle Joe Sparma (DET)
16. Montreal Felipe Alou (SF)
17. Montreal Gary Neibauer (ATL)
18. Seattle Tony Cloninger (ATL)
19. San Diego Richie Scheinblum (CLE)
20. Kansas City Lou Klimchock (OAK)
21. Kansas City Jack Bladschun (PHI)
22. San Diego Steve Hargan (CLE)
23. Seattle Jim Davenport (BOS)
24. Montreal Dave Ricketts (STL)
25. Montreal Frank Fernandez (NYY)
26. Seattle Steve Kealey (CAL)
27. San Diego Ivan Murrell (OAK)
28. Kansas City Dan Osinski (HOU)
29. Kansas City Bill Voss (CHW)
30. San Diego Ty Kline (NYY)
31. Seattle Ted Kubiak (CHW)
32. Montreal Byron Browne (CHC)

1969 Expansion Draft 1-20

1. Montreal Jim Hardin (BAL)
2. Seattle Bob Robertson (PIT)
3. San Diego Ollie Brown (SF)
4. Kansas City Jim Bouton (StL)
5. Kansas City Marty Martinez (ATL)
6. San Diego Wayne Garrett (NYM)
7. Seattle Ray Fosse (CLE)
8. Montreal Vern Gieshert (CAL)
9. Montreal Allan Foster (NYY)
10. Seattle Andy Kosco (MIN)
11. San Diego Tom Hutton (LAD)
12. Kansas City Syd O’Brien (BOS)
13. Kansas City Bob Humphreys (DET)
14. San Diego Deron Johnson (OAK)
15. Seattle Paul Casanova (WAS)
16. Montreal Roberto Pena (CHC)
17. Montreal Jim Beaucamp (HOU)
18. Seattle Tommy McCraw (CHW)
19. San Diego Barry Lersch (PHI)
20. Kansas City Zoilo Versalles (CIN)

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