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jsmathiot (Giants) at 5/18/2020 9:29 AM: Thanks SCDEAC
SCDEAC (Tigers) at 5/17/2020 7:00 PM: congrats to the Giants!
jsmathiot (Giants) at 5/16/2020 5:44 AM: Thanks Mike
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 5/15/2020 7:49 PM: Congrats giants!
ab1958 (Yankees) at 5/15/2020 6:49 PM: Does anyone want the Yankees?
Jsmathiot (Giants) at 5/15/2020 2:21 PM: Your Yanks will, soon enough
ab1958 (Yankees) at 5/15/2020 1:17 PM: Can't win the big one.
jsmathiot (Giants) at 5/15/2020 12:45 PM: Thanks guys! And kudos to the Yankees who made it to the WS after traversing a tough AL race for the top.
Baberuth21 (Reds) at 5/15/2020 6:24 AM: Congrats GMen!
Roadmap (Pirates) at 5/15/2020 4:57 AM: Congrats SFG ! 🎉
bobknightrules (Twins) at 5/15/2020 4:43 AM: Congrats Giants!! LOL to the A's move
michael55 (Red Sox) at 5/15/2020 4:42 AM: Congrats to the Giants and jsmathiot on a nice WS win!!!
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 5/13/2020 7:16 PM: I’m so disappointed for blowing a 4 game lead I’ve decided to move the A’s to Oakland
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 5/2/2020 4:47 AM: Injuries are KILLING the Bosox!!!
michael55 (Red Sox) at 4/21/2020 9:49 AM: Good race brewing in the AL with 5 teams neck an neck and two primed to jump back in... NL looks like a two team run!
Bosox13 (Mets) at 4/19/2020 12:18 PM: Will move Koosman to anyone wanting a solid SP for 15 seasons. Need 1 great or 2 solid players with similar seasons available. Any position needed
michael55 (Red Sox) at 4/17/2020 3:13 PM: Injuries are killing the Red Sox season...
michael55 (Red Sox) at 4/15/2020 3:32 AM: Red Sox reeling with SP Tommy John out another 16 gms!!!
michael55 (Red Sox) at 4/13/2020 3:26 AM: Dodgers... Slowly putting together a very good team for the glory years!
Bosox13 (Mets) at 4/12/2020 8:56 AM: 0-11 WOW!!!! Yall just wait until we get hot lol
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 4/1/2020 7:01 PM: We had quite a few owners opposed to lowering stats, so we will keep them the safe.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 4/1/2020 7:00 PM: Also-trades are on
jsmathiot (Giants) at 3/29/2020 6:42 AM: Thanks BKR
bobknightrules (Twins) at 3/29/2020 4:02 AM: Congrats to the Giants
Jsmathiot (Giants) at 3/28/2020 1:30 PM: Truth! Thanks SD
SCDEAC (Tigers) at 3/28/2020 1:19 PM: congrats giants! And yes, that trade was a good one for both of us. Two HOF'ers and each leads new team to a title. Bunning definitely got the best of Mays this series, but Mays was MONEY last season when he got his ring.
Jsmathiot (Giants) at 3/28/2020 10:36 AM: Thanks michael55
michael55 (Red Sox) at 3/28/2020 8:37 AM: Congrats to the Giants on their World Series victory!
jsmathiot (Giants) at 3/28/2020 5:20 AM: Thanks! We made a trade seasons ago, Willie Mays for Jim Bunning; worked out for both of us. Title for the Tigers last year, one for me this year.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 3/28/2020 5:00 AM: Congrats to jsmathiot and the Giants
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 3/27/2020 5:23 AM: World Series sims will start this morning, with at least 4 hours between sims.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 3/27/2020 5:20 AM: Congratulations and good luck to the Tigers and Giants.
michael55 (Red Sox) at 3/20/2020 4:28 AM: Bosox move into AL 2nd place with dramatic bottom of the ninth walk off homer from DH Don Pavletich!
michael55 (Red Sox) at 2/21/2020 2:47 PM: Tough race heating up in the AL...
bobknightrules (Twins) at 2/20/2020 3:18 PM: 8 players in the league injured and 3 of them are mine....good grief
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 2/17/2020 5:07 AM: New leaf poll. And if you participate you get a spiffy “I voted” sticker to wear all day. FYI hidden in the small print is diversion of funds from social security and Medicare to build a wall at the Canadian border. So no expansion in Toronto and Montreal (just kidding)
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 2/12/2020 3:27 PM: Relievers should be good
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 2/12/2020 1:32 PM: Just realized I didn’t go through reliever free agents and put them back on their rightful team. I got through a few, and will work on more later as am able to-at work right now.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 2/11/2020 4:41 PM: A’s have some pitchers on the trading block. Looking for OF or 2b
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 2/11/2020 7:24 AM: Congrats tigers
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 2/11/2020 6:43 AM: FYI drops and trades will be turned on tonight so owners can look over their rosters for accuracy.
Bosox13 (Mets) at 2/11/2020 6:19 AM: Lol. That's funny
Michaelbylsma (Angels) at 2/10/2020 6:21 PM: If you need an OF let me know. I have a ton of them and they all suck.
jsmathiot (Giants) at 2/9/2020 6:46 AM: Congrats to the Tigers! Way to get on a roll and take it home
SCDEAC (Tigers) at 2/9/2020 6:10 AM: Thanks guys, I don't think I've ever had a team get as hot down the stretch as the tigers this year- went 36-7 in last 43 games.
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 2/8/2020 8:08 PM: Congrats to the Tigers on their World Series victory!!!
bobknightrules (Twins) at 2/8/2020 5:27 PM: Congrats Tigers
SCDEAC (Tigers) at 2/7/2020 9:00 AM: Thanks Twins- you had a heck of a season and I didn't think I was ever going to catch up with you
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 2/7/2020 3:22 AM: Injuries really hurt Twins down the stretch...
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 2/7/2020 3:21 AM: Man, great race in the AL... congrats to the Tigers for pulling it out!!!
bobknightrules (Twins) at 2/7/2020 2:10 AM: Great job Tigers
bobknightrules (Twins) at 2/6/2020 8:06 AM: Injuries...Aaarghhhhhhhh
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 2/6/2020 8:00 AM: Wow, Tigers finally catch up with the Twins... 4 games to go!!!
jsmathiot (Giants) at 2/5/2020 4:03 PM: Big 3 game series coming up between you guys
SCDEAC (Tigers) at 2/4/2020 6:16 AM: Tigers have won 21 of 24 games and barely made a dent in the standings....Twins just keep winning!
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 1/31/2020 9:25 PM: Where's
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 1/31/2020 9:25 PM: Were's all that Chatter out there!!!
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 1/9/2020 3:41 PM: The leading AL MVP candidate Wes Covington is on the trade block
michael55 (Red Sox) at 12/25/2019 8:39 AM: Merry Christmas, Mr. Potter!!!
Gallo76 (Braves) at 12/19/2019 4:47 AM: Thank you all very much. Congrats to Detroit too.
michael55 (Red Sox) at 12/17/2019 2:19 PM: Nice write up... Thanks!
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 12/15/2019 9:59 PM: Congrats braves
bobknightrules (Twins) at 12/15/2019 4:57 PM: congrats Braves
michael55 (Red Sox) at 12/15/2019 10:50 AM: Congrats Braves!!!
SCDEAC (Tigers) at 12/15/2019 10:02 AM: congrats to the Braves!
ab1958 (Yankees) at 12/13/2019 6:33 PM: Mickey Mantle 1 RBI short of Triple Crown!
Bosox13 (Colt .45s) at 11/1/2019 4:15 AM: Lol Congrats to the Nats.... Harper is getting what he deserves. Pockets full of money and no ring
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 10/31/2019 4:27 AM: No NAT's WON!!! I wonder just what Bryce Harper mite be thinking this morning???
Bosox13 (Colt .45s) at 10/29/2019 12:48 PM: Yes Thanks.... Houston won!!!! We are #1
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 10/29/2019 3:18 AM: Thanks!!!
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 10/28/2019 8:05 PM: Posted
michael55 (Red Sox) at 10/28/2019 12:31 PM: Good question... What is the draft order???
Bosox13 (Colt .45s) at 10/27/2019 5:58 PM: What is the draft order please
jsmathiot (Giants) at 10/18/2019 7:22 PM: Congrats to the Twins!
bobknightrules (Twins) at 10/17/2019 1:59 PM: Thanks all. Many hard seasons in this league finally paid off
SCDEAC (Tigers) at 10/17/2019 1:23 PM: NIce work Twins!
michael55 (Red Sox) at 10/17/2019 12:47 PM: Congrates to Mr. Knight and the Twins... nice job!!! Good show from Mike1670 and the Cubs
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 10/17/2019 12:30 PM: Congrats Bobknight and the twins
leej (Mets) at 10/17/2019 11:27 AM: congrats Twins
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 10/16/2019 3:09 AM: ... old times that's...
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 10/16/2019 3:08 AM: Bosox finish 2 games above 500 and finish 5th... for you old times tha that's a 1st division finish!!!
bobknightrules (Twins) at 10/16/2019 2:16 AM: Good luck to you as well Cubbies
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 10/15/2019 7:36 PM: Good luck in the series twins
Gallo76 (Braves) at 8/29/2019 8:06 AM: Thanks, Mike.
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 8/27/2019 8:18 AM: Congrats braves!
JimMcCoy (Indians) at 8/26/2019 10:05 AM: I need RPs..lets talk.
Gallo76 (Braves) at 8/25/2019 11:03 AM: Tough series, excellent recap.
Gallo76 (Braves) at 8/25/2019 10:56 AM: Thank you!
RoyalsBlues (Athletics) at 8/25/2019 6:45 AM: It was pretty impressive. Congrats to Gallo, as well as ab1958 on great seasons. I've included a series recap on the home page for any who might be interested.
michael55 (Red Sox) at 8/25/2019 5:56 AM: Congrates gallo' and the Braves!!! Great comeback!!!
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 8/24/2019 3:51 PM: Heading back to New York, with the Yankees taking a 3-2 differential.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 8/24/2019 9:09 AM: The Series is tied one a piece heading to Milwaukee. Day off has been granted.
michael55 (Red Sox) at 8/16/2019 8:55 AM: Bosox not to far behind mb...
michaelbylsma (Angels) at 8/13/2019 3:49 PM: Anyone notice how bad the Angels are? My goodness!!! A 15 game losing streak, a 10 game streak, a 9 game streak, a 6 game streak and five 5 game streaks!!!
Bosox13 (Colt .45s) at 8/1/2019 8:53 AM: OF John Wojcik is hitting over .300 and wants a home for the playoffs. Astros need everything for return.
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 7/29/2019 5:43 AM: Swing!!!
Baberuth21 (Reds) at 7/27/2019 6:49 PM: Here batter batter
michael55 (Red Sox) at 7/26/2019 4:49 AM: ZZZZZ... Where's all the chatter out there!!!
Bosox13 (Colt .45s) at 7/25/2019 2:20 PM: Quiet in Houston....
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 7/20/2019 5:42 PM: Earl Wilson hurls a no-hitter against the KC Athletics... 1-0!!!
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 7/18/2019 8:07 AM: Com'on man... make some trades!!! Do something to get things going!!!
Michael55 (Red Sox) at 7/18/2019 8:06 AM: Where's all that Chatter out there!!!
michael55 (Red Sox) at 7/13/2019 8:46 AM: PLAY BALL!!!
ab1958 (Yankees) at 7/11/2019 5:45 PM: let's draft!
Bosox13 (Colt .45s) at 7/3/2019 12:34 PM: Welcome, Glad to be here. Now let's play ball!!!!
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 7/1/2019 4:42 PM: Thanks for joining bosox13. Shout out to michael55 for helping out with the final spot!
Bosox13 (Colt .45s) at 7/1/2019 3:44 PM: I'm in!!!!
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 6/29/2019 5:18 PM: Michael55 has joined the league, taking over the Red Sox. Still waiting to get someone to take on the Colt 45s and then we can get moving.
Fightingtigers (Cardinals) at 6/28/2019 12:10 PM: Thanks
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 6/28/2019 3:36 AM: I apologize for the delay-not much free time the past couple days, but I will begin working on off-season tasks this weekend
leej (Red Sox) at 6/25/2019 11:21 AM: congrats Cards
bobknightrules (Twins) at 6/25/2019 5:50 AM: congrats to the Cards!
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 6/24/2019 9:47 PM: Welcome Jim, congrats cards!
Roadmap (Pirates) at 6/24/2019 7:00 PM: Welcome JimMcCoy and Congrats to Cards !
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 6/24/2019 9:52 AM: Home teams have have every game this post season
ab1958 (Yankees) at 6/23/2019 4:13 PM: Frank Robinson missed triple crown by 1 percentage point in batting and 1 HR.
JimMcCoy (Indians) at 6/18/2019 5:53 PM: Thanks..looking forward o this league
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 6/18/2019 5:39 PM: I would like everyone to welcome jimmccoy. The league is now full.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 6/18/2019 5:38 PM: He’s pretty impressive. Looks like a repeat MVP is basically in the books.
ab1958 (Yankees) at 6/16/2019 7:39 PM: Frank Robinson looking for Triple Crown.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 6/15/2019 9:21 AM: I will leave the league private for a few days before opening up to the public
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 6/15/2019 9:20 AM: We had an owner that had to leave the league as a result of real-life reasons. At this time, the Reds are open if anyone would like to switch teams. I also would appreciate if owners pass the word in other leagues to fill the open slot,as well as the open slots we will have next season.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 5/31/2019 8:12 PM: Thanks, Lee. It’s exhausting for me, and I can’t imagine how my wife gets through the day. But it’s pretty amazing.
leej (Red Sox) at 5/28/2019 9:47 PM: congrats on the baby commish raising a child is a lot of work, but so worth it
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 4/27/2019 7:55 PM: Welcome LilPadre. We are now at capacity
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 4/27/2019 4:38 PM: We have one more team to fill and then get set up for the expansion draft
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 4/27/2019 4:06 PM: Welcome Michael! I’ll switch you over.
Michaelbylsma (Senators) at 4/27/2019 2:27 PM: Thanks for the add. I’d prefer the Angels, please.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 4/25/2019 5:27 AM: Sent you a message before seeing this. I’ll switch you over. Welcome scdeac!
SCDEAC (Senators) at 4/25/2019 4:44 AM: Can I have Detroit please? thanks!
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 4/24/2019 5:12 PM: I’ve asked a few owners in some of my other leagues, as well as made this league public. As of now there are no bites. I encourage owners to put some feelers in their leagues so we can get filled up. Once we have a full league, we will get started on the expansion draft and move forward from there
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 4/17/2019 7:14 PM: Congrats Os
leej (Red Sox) at 4/17/2019 2:07 PM: congrats O's
Baberuth21 (Indians) at 2/26/2019 5:12 AM: I have Cs available for comparable IF
bobknightrules (Senators) at 2/25/2019 2:07 PM: Congrats Braves
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 2/23/2019 2:51 AM: Congrats braves
Baberuth21 (Indians) at 2/21/2019 11:21 AM: Congrats Gallo! Really tough WS, you deserve the title
Gallo76 (Braves) at 2/20/2019 10:55 AM: Baberuth21 squeezed every single win he could out of the Indians all year. Congratulations on a terrific season.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 2/19/2019 6:58 PM: Braves are repeat Champions. I will get the homepage updated in the next couple days.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 2/19/2019 3:14 PM: We are going to a game 7. It will be summed about 9 pm cst
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 2/18/2019 1:11 PM: Day off has been granted as we head to Cleveland.
Baberuth21 (Indians) at 2/18/2019 10:44 AM: Good luck Braves!
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 2/17/2019 4:37 PM: Milwaukee looks to defend their title against the Indians. Good luck to both teams.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 2/17/2019 11:06 AM: Game will be played about 6pm cst
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 2/17/2019 10:55 AM: Cleveland will play KC I. A single game to decide the AL Pennant
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 2/15/2019 5:27 PM: AL still up in air. Senators had the lead for most of the season but are 2 games back, Indians back 1, and somehow A’s in the lead.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 2/15/2019 8:58 AM: Doesn’t look like he’s going to get there, but 83 so far is crazy
Gallo76 (Braves) at 1/27/2019 10:17 PM: George Crowe (Braves) is on pace to hit 100 homers.
Jrusso (White Sox) at 1/25/2019 8:22 AM: Can I have the Reds please
RoyalsBlues (Athletics) at 12/29/2018 6:33 PM: Speaking of milestones, I've been thinking about starting a Hall of Fame vote. I think this league has been going long enough to support that, almost 30 years.
fightingtigers (Cardinals) at 12/29/2018 12:33 PM: Musial reached 3000 hits
Gallo76 (Braves) at 12/28/2018 5:34 AM: Thanks, Blues, leej, and Mike
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 12/28/2018 1:50 AM: Congrats Gallo!
leej (Red Sox) at 12/27/2018 9:03 PM: congrats Braves
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 12/27/2018 4:40 PM: Congrats to Gallo76 and his Braves for winning the World Series
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 12/27/2018 10:14 AM: Going to game 7. And still a home team has not won.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 12/27/2018 4:27 AM: Heading back to Milwaukee, the Braves take a 3-2 lead. Visiting team has won each game this far. Day off granted, next sim about noon CST
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 12/26/2018 10:50 AM: Yankees taking a 2-0 lead back to New York for game 3. Day off has been granted.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 12/24/2018 9:20 PM: Official congrats to the Yankees and Braves on making it to the WS.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 12/23/2018 3:11 PM: Yankees officially clinch the AL. They will face off with the Milwaukee Braves in the WS
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 12/13/2018 9:36 AM: Damn Yankees
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 11/19/2018 6:53 PM: Chicago considers electing Ernie Banks for mayor in the 1949 election.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 11/19/2018 1:31 PM: Whatever I can do to win!
Baberuth21 (Indians) at 11/19/2018 5:21 AM: Thanks for the jinx Royalsblues, Indians 1-7 since your post :-P
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 11/17/2018 7:19 PM: Just a heads up, I'm in BFE West Virginia so my service may be spotty for the next several days
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 11/17/2018 4:53 AM: Parity in the NL with 7 teams either 5-4 or 4-5. Indiana haven't lost and A's 8-1 behind them.
fightingtigers (Cardinals) at 11/10/2018 9:40 AM: Thanks. Yankees were tough.
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 11/9/2018 8:25 PM: Congrats Cards!
bobknightrules (Senators) at 11/9/2018 5:36 AM: congrats to the Cards !!!!! Thank goodness 57 is over but 58 is not looking much better for the Sens
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 11/9/2018 4:11 AM: Cards win in 7!
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 11/8/2018 5:44 PM: World Series is turning out to be a good one. NY tied up the series and heading to game 7
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 11/6/2018 6:39 PM: Despite ending the season 27 games back, this A's team did something their real life counterparts never did-have a winning team in KC. I guess that's what happens when you don't trade all of your good players to the Yankees for has-beens and never-will-be's. Didn't seem to bother the Yankees though lol
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 10/28/2018 4:02 PM: In the name of fairness we should consider taking 50% of your team and giving those players to the rest of the league!
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 10/28/2018 4:01 PM: That's impressive!
fightingtigers (Cardinals) at 10/26/2018 9:13 AM: Cards on a 30-5 run.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 10/14/2018 8:00 PM: Welcome Maxzubnik. As always, 10 days before he can trade.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 10/14/2018 9:00 AM: The Reds are looking for a new owner. The lease spread the word it any good owners you know. Extra salary cap money for any referrals.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 9/26/2018 6:33 PM: One thing Ratchan did at the beginning of the league(out of necessity) was to have each team reduce their roster to 20 before the supplemental draft. I felt it made for a more interesting off season. Any thoughts on bringing something like this back to the mix?
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 9/25/2018 7:41 AM: First sims will be early Thursday morning with a Wednesday for owners to get their lineups set
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 9/25/2018 7:40 AM: Supplemental draft will be run at about 4 pm pacific, with free agency turned on at 5 pacific. That is the hope anyway, unless I get held up at work.
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 9/25/2018 7:11 AM: Welcome all!
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 9/24/2018 6:40 AM: Welcome Rayfleet! We now have a full league. As Ray was previously in the league, I will waive the 10 day no trade rule.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 9/23/2018 2:58 PM: Welcome Lpaul. Everyone it's, he cannot trade for 10 days.
Lpaul (White Sox) at 9/23/2018 12:47 PM: Can I have the Orioles please ?
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 9/21/2018 4:17 PM: Got it Rwash. Please not rwash cannot trade for 10 days
rwash (White Sox) at 9/21/2018 2:34 PM: please switch me to reds
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 9/20/2018 6:16 PM: Mm about the no-trade rule for BabeRuth21. I goofed and forgot he was the previous owner
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 9/20/2018 5:44 PM: BabeRuth21 has joined. In keeping with the rules he cannot trade for 10 days.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 9/20/2018 3:59 PM: I have now made the league public. Hopefully this is attract (good) owners. I will soon make an offseason schedule to get 1957 started.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 9/19/2018 6:05 PM: I'm planning on going public tomorrow or the next day since I'm not getting much interest from my other leagues. I would like to have a full league before going on, but if it takes too long I will take care of the open teams until we fill up
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 9/19/2018 6:00 PM: I should mention, if anyone wants to switch teams to one of the open ones, let me know
Gallo76 (Braves) at 9/16/2018 12:07 PM: Well-run league with good owners. Thanks to all.
Royalsblues (Athletics) at 9/16/2018 6:58 AM: If someone is willing to be commish I can help by being vice. I don't have time to take on the full load, but would hate to see a successful league shut down
ratchan (White Sox) at 9/15/2018 9:42 PM: Nobody has shown interest in being commissioner, so I think I willl shut down this league.
ratchan (White Sox) at 9/14/2018 5:12 AM: Thank you for being in my leagues.
leej (Red Sox) at 9/14/2018 4:58 AM: thanks for your time ratchan
ratchan (White Sox) at 9/11/2018 8:31 PM: "news" story (it is not so new at this point.)
ratchan (White Sox) at 9/11/2018 8:30 PM: I will get started on preparations for 1957 as soon as I can. For now, please enjoy reading and re-reading the new story above.
ratchan (White Sox) at 9/9/2018 10:00 PM: Thanks, cuBs.
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 9/9/2018 9:27 PM: Congrats white Sox!
ratchan (White Sox) at 9/7/2018 5:33 PM: The White Sox have clinched their first AL pennant since 1935!!!
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 9/3/2018 12:26 AM: Late 2010’s to boot.
ratchan (White Sox) at 9/2/2018 2:15 PM: 2010's? You must be patient.
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 9/2/2018 11:11 AM: I never specified which decade.....
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 9/2/2018 10:23 AM: The State of Pennsylvania just denied our request for entry.
ratchan (White Sox) at 9/1/2018 3:14 PM: REMINDER - The trade deadline is after game 110.
ratchan (White Sox) at 8/30/2018 10:22 PM: Yes, the 60's were pretty sweet for Cubs, if I recall.
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 8/30/2018 9:46 PM: We’re looking forward to a new decade.
ratchan (White Sox) at 8/30/2018 7:35 PM: Indeed you are. I had failed to notice that. Even though our teams are in the same city, it can be hard to see you way down there from up here in the penthouse.
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 8/30/2018 6:58 PM: We’re creeping our way back though.
ratchan (White Sox) at 8/30/2018 2:11 PM: Yes. I noticed that you had departed the Pennsylvania section of the standings.
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 8/30/2018 6:52 AM: Cubs are considering getting to .500, holding off on Altoona plans at the moment.
ratchan (White Sox) at 8/29/2018 5:22 PM: REMINDER - The all-star break is coming up after game 82.
ratchan (White Sox) at 8/27/2018 4:03 PM: Scranton Cubs? Altoona Cubs? Harrisburg Cubs? Hmm...
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 8/27/2018 7:02 AM: Cubs are considering relocation into PA.
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 8/17/2018 6:32 AM: Congrats Dodgers!
ratchan (White Sox) at 8/17/2018 12:11 AM: Boring series.
RayFleet (Redlegs) at 8/15/2018 12:12 PM: Big three-game New York/Boston series coming up!
ratchan (White Sox) at 8/10/2018 7:50 PM: REMINDER - The trade deadline is after game 110.
Roadmap (Pirates) at 8/1/2018 4:51 PM: Wow .. Pirates no-hit by Cardinals Schmidt 1st game of the season..
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/29/2018 9:07 PM: You waited a whole season to say that.
fightingtigers (Cardinals) at 7/29/2018 7:48 PM: Down goes Frazier!!!
Gallo76 (Braves) at 7/29/2018 6:07 AM: Thanks, Mike.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/28/2018 2:19 PM: Only if you thiink you are too soft to take the ribbing.
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 7/28/2018 6:53 AM: Should I say my goodbyes now to the group? ;)
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/28/2018 2:46 AM: Glad to hear it, 1670. I guess I'll have to rib you more sinc eyou like it.
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 7/28/2018 2:26 AM: Congrats Braves! No worries from my part Ratchan. I enjoy your leagues and ribbing.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/27/2018 2:16 PM: I would also like to add that, despite what Mr Hartley says in his user feedback about me (owners with access to the Commish Tools can view it), I never had any issues with him about trade offers being declined. Much of what he wrote is true (the parts about me needling him), but I have no idea what he is taling about regarding trade problems.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/27/2018 2:12 PM: I would like the league to know that I did purposely try to irritate BuddyHartely. He never did anything to warrant the boot, but I was so sick of the guy that I decided to pick on him to drive him to quitting. Mission accomplished.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/27/2018 2:03 PM: Peace, at last.
BuddyHartley (Indians) at 7/27/2018 7:51 AM: Due to an obvious personal dislike on the part of the Commissioner, for whatever reason, I'll remove myself from his league. No idea what his problem is, but there is no point being in a league where the commissioner insists on constantly throwing snide remarks at one owner. I've enjoyed the league and the competition, but really don't need this kind of unasked for personal BS.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/27/2018 4:49 AM: With both leagues decided, I will now sim the rest of the season.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/27/2018 4:49 AM: The Yankees have clinched the AL, so it is now official. The team from Cleveland will not be extending its world series losing streak to six.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/27/2018 1:42 AM: Milwaukee has clinched the team's first ever NL pennant.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/26/2018 8:54 PM: On the other hand, if you feel it is getting a bit old you may want to try another league. There are many to choose from.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/26/2018 8:50 PM: I am glad you can handle it, because I intend to continue giving you grief.
BuddyHartley (Indians) at 7/26/2018 8:46 PM: I've taken it with good grace to this point, but its getting a bit old.
BuddyHartley (Indians) at 7/26/2018 8:45 PM: But Post-Seasons are still a crapshoot, though I do obviously know how to prepare for them. **** happens. But if you get your jollies by highlighting the negatives of the Indians every time you get the chance, then go for it. That's why you are the commissioner. You set the tone.
BuddyHartley (Indians) at 7/26/2018 8:43 PM: As to post-seasons, I once lost 10 Auto-League Post-Seasons in a row. My record is now 18 Rings in 37 Postseasons, so just under 50%. In Custom Leagues, I just won a Ring in Legendary Losers, so I have 4 Rings in 10 Postseasons, so a clean 40%. I'd put that record up against the vast majority of owners on PC.
BuddyHartley (Indians) at 7/26/2018 8:37 PM: At the time I left the Browns, II wasn't actually planning to return to the league. But yes, the Indians did offer more tools to work with, then did the hapless Browns. Though in real life, the Indians only won the AL Pennant in 1948 and then in 1954, so it wasn't like they were a lock to win anything. 1949-1953 was the 5 year Yankee Dynasty years, when they won not only the AL Pennant, but won 5 consecutive World Series as well.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/26/2018 4:26 PM: And, by the way, one thing an owner can do beyond "keep[ing] his fingers crossed" is exactly what you did, give up on the hopeless Browns and switch to far more talented team in Cleveland. That was a very bold move. A bit weak, but definitely bold.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/26/2018 4:19 PM: When you can rationalize like that, nothing will get you down. That's terrific!
BuddyHartley (Indians) at 7/26/2018 12:57 PM: I never lose any sleep about a lost post-season series. A short 7 game series can go either way, and there is little an owner can do about it, other then to prepare as best he can, and then keep his fingers crossed.
BuddyHartley (Indians) at 7/26/2018 12:54 PM: Exactly! To lose 6 World Series in a row, you FIRST have to GET to the World Series! LOL
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/26/2018 5:34 AM: I guess this means you won't be losing your 6th straight world series, either.
BuddyHartley (Indians) at 7/26/2018 3:01 AM: They seem to have regained their footing somewhat, but with just 20 games remaining in the season, it would take a total collapse from the Yankees at this point for Cleveland to win their 7th Consecutive AL Title.
BuddyHartley (Indians) at 7/25/2018 3:17 AM: Very strange stretch for the Indians, as they go from an 11 game winning streak to losing 10 of their next 11. From a 1 game lead, to 7 games back.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/24/2018 9:26 PM: Cleveland just ran into a brick wall known as the Chicago White Sox.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/21/2018 7:26 PM: At the all-star break, Pennsylvania is 77-169. Things seem to be looking up for those three teams. Of course, what other direction could they possible look at this point?
leej (Red Sox) at 7/20/2018 5:05 AM: I'll trade anyone If the price is right
BuddyHartley (Indians) at 7/19/2018 7:33 AM: 40 days! Tough one leej! Same deal as last season.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/19/2018 5:27 AM: Maybe trade him to the White Sox.
leej (Red Sox) at 7/19/2018 5:03 AM: Williams hurt again ,crap
BuddyHartley (Indians) at 7/19/2018 1:32 AM: Senators have been hot out of the gate, but will they be able to sustain it through the 2nd 60 game stretch?
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 7/17/2018 6:48 AM: Quite a tear, comparatively.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/17/2018 1:13 AM: Pennsylvania has gone on a 7-14 tear to improve to 24-90 on the season.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/16/2018 2:21 AM: Pennsylvania update - Now 17-76.
Roadmap (Pirates) at 7/15/2018 5:32 PM: I’m up to moving lol Need to shake things up ..
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/14/2018 8:17 PM: Teams from Pennsylvania are a combined 13-59. This might be a new low. Hard to say, though, as there have been some pretty rough seasons in that state. Maybe one of those teams should consider a fresh start further west.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/14/2018 3:34 PM: The White Sox just handed the Orioles the worst loss in team history, 18-0.
BuddyHartley (Indians) at 7/13/2018 3:32 AM: Fortunately the 1st 50 games of any league are seldom a good reflection of the final league standings.
Mike1670 (Cubs) at 7/12/2018 11:19 PM: Spooner and friends will turn it around. Somehow the Cubs beat Spooner, do you know something’s not right in Brooklyn.
ratchan (White Sox) at 7/12/2018 6:57 PM: What's wrong with Brooklyn? Th..