The Simple and Fun Favorite's League

Draft Order

1. George923......AL#1 2015 Yankees NL 1972 Cards HOF 1921 Babe Ruth and 1908 Christy Mathewson
2. Whg383..........AL#2 1943 Tigers NL 1926 Pirates HOF 1910 Walter Johnson and 1936 Lou Gehrig
3. maapearson....NL#1 1968 Mets AL 1969 Senators HOF 1913 Walter Johnson and 1901 Nap Lajoie
4. loser63...........NL#2 1984 Cards AL 1999 White Sox HOF 1968 Bob Gibson and 1927 Lou Gehrig
5. Duke...............AL#3 1924 White Sox NL 2015 Dodgers HOF 1965 Sandy Koufax and 1997 Mike Piazza
6. Deyanksfan.....NL#3 1918 Giants AL 1930 Yankees HOF 2000 Pedro Martinez and 1953 Ted Williams
7. Spaniels..........NL#4 2000 Rockies Al 1972 Orioles HOF 2004 Randy Johnson and 1954 Willie Mays
8. pskeane..........AL#4 2019 Astros NL 1952 Pirates HOF 1920 Babe Ruth and 1997 Pedro Martinez
9. Dommod.........AL#5 1968 Orioles NL 1987 Padres HOF 1999 Pedro Martinez and 1939 DiMaggio
10. dzach.............NL#5 1966 Cards AL 1967 Orioles HOF 1923 Babe Ruth and 1908 Addie Joss

League New Format.

Owners choose two teams from opposite leagues who have both have played full game seasons from 1900-2019. The MLB seasons of 1994 and 1981 are ineligible because of the strike shortened seasons. However, the win total for both chosen teams can't exceed 162. On your first pick, you will choose both your team selections and one of your HOF Players. There will be 2 five team division. The first team you choose will determine what division you will be in. You get two HOF Players. One pitcher and one position players of your choice. The draft order will be based on last season standings. There will be no FA's or supplemental draft.
The format will change every season, with the league champion choosing the new format

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Hardin baffles Expos, Oracles win

Jim Hardin struckout 10 Montreal batters in a 3-2 win for the Oracles. | Box

Johnson's 10-K performance not enough

Randy Johnson whiffed 10 batters, but the Oracles managed to beat the Expos, 3-1. | Box

Gibson's 11-K performance not enough

Bob Gibson whiffed 11 batters, but the Expos managed to beat the Oracles, 4-3. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

T. Helton, Expos .3682 HR5 RBI
L. Walker, Expos .4001 HR3 RBI
B. Ruth, Oracles .1881 HR4 RBI
O. Cepeda, Oracles .2940 HR3 RBI
J. Javier, Oracles .2671 HR1 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

T. Goodwin, Expos 1 for 19 (.053)
P. Blair, Oracles 2 for 20 (.100)
J. Cirillo, Expos 2 for 19 (.105)
J. Hammonds, Expos 4 for 18 (.222)
D. Maxvill, Oracles 3 for 16 (.188)

Leaders: HR

T. Williams, GiantsYankees 69
B. Ruth, Pirates 56
Y. Alvarez, Pirates 49
B. Ruth, Oracles 48
F. Howard, Senators 45

Leaders: SO

P. Martinez, GiantsYankees 307
G. Cole, Pirates 292
R. Johnson, Expos 289
J. Verlander, Pirates 286
P. Martinez, Pirates 280
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