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Huge night for Turner carries Cubs to victory

Jerry Turner was on his game, knocking in 3 runs in Chicago's 7-1 victory over the Giants. Turner also had 3 hits in the game. Dwight Gooden struckout 10 San Francisco batters in the contest. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

D. Porter, Pirates .4002 HR7 RBI
D. Murphy, Cubs .3682 HR6 RBI
R. Stennett, White Sox .3532 HR6 RBI
G. Gross, Red Sox .3532 HR6 RBI
J. Turner, Cubs .4002 HR5 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

D. Gladden, Indians 5 for 23 (.217)
R. Leach, Indians 5 for 22 (.227)
J. Presley, Indians 5 for 20 (.250)
A. Wiggins, White Sox 3 for 17 (.176)
M. Barrett, Athletics 4 for 17 (.235)

Leaders: SLG

B. Horner, Braves .730
D. Porter, Pirates .710
C. Cedeno, Phillies .602
A. Trevino, Athletics .577
R. Gedman, Indians .568

Leaders: H/9

S. Fernandez, Braves 6.9
D. Eckersley, Pirates 7.0
D. Blair, Giants 7.0
A. Wirth, Giants 7.0
D. Righetti, White Sox 7.1

1986-87 Post-Season and Off-season Schedule

-TU-SA, 5/14-5/18 - Voting for 1986 Player Awards.
-SA, 5/18 – Final regular season games.
-SU, 5/19 - One-game playoffs for playoff berths, if needed; Day off for playoff teams to set rosters. Player Awards announced.
-MO, 5/20 - Division Championship games 1-4 in AL and NL; sims run at 7 am, noon, 6 pm and 10 pm (ET). Playoff teams given 2 days rest before start of DCS. (Any teams involved in one-game playoff only get 1 day of rest.)
- TU, 5/21 – DCS games 5-7 in AL and NL, as needed; sims at 7 am, noon and 6 pm (ET). (DCS games 1&2, 6&7 at home field of Division regular season leader. If tie for 1st, home field decided by head-to-head record or run differential, if head-to-head tied. Teams get 1 day rest for travel when a Series moves from one city to another.)
- WE, 5/22 – LCS games 1-4 in AL and NL; sims run at 7 am, noon, 6 pm and 10 pm (ET). Playoff teams given 2 days rest between end of DCS and the start of the LCS, plus extra days if a DCS does not go the full 5 games.
- TH, 5/23 – LCS games 5-7 in AL and NL, as needed; sims at 7 am, noon and 6 pm.
(LCS games 1&2, 6&7 at higher seeded team. Teams get 1 rest day for travel when a Series moves from one city to another. )
- FR, 5/24 – WS Games 1-4; sims at 7 am, noon, 6 pm and 10 pm (ET).
(NOTE: WS teams will be given 2 days rest between the end of the LCS and the start of the WS, plus extra days if an LCS does not go 7 games.)
-SA, 5/25 - WS Games 5-7, as needed; sims at 7 am, noon, 6 pm.
(WS games 1&2 and 6&7 at NL Park. Teams get 1 rest day for travel when Series moves from one city to the next).
- SU, 5/26 –10 pm ET deadline for signing rookies and unsigned free agents, and for signing players to a franchise or career contract. All players not under contract will be returned to FA pool after the 10 pm deadline. You may NOT exceed salary cap for upcoming year or successive years in signing players to contracts, and you may not exceed limit of 30 players under contract for any one season (see rules). Rookie listing on Rookie Holding Team cleared; rosters cleared; progression run; free agents moved to holding team; rookie list moved to free agent listing for ranking purposes prior to rookie draft. Draft room opened so that teams can begin selecting players for the Rookie Draft.
-MO, 5/27 – Day off to prepare rankings for Rookie Draft.
-TU, 5/28 - Rookie Draft concludes with live draft at 10 pm ET; 3 rounds total in 1987 draft; teams select in reverse order of finish; owners present for the draft will have 60 seconds to make a pick; owners not present will have picks made for them based on owner’s or computer’s ranking. When draft is concluded the Free Agent pool repopulated with unsigned free agents and rookies.
-WE-SA, 5/29-6/1 – Free Agent Bidding.
Free agent bidding will be over 4 days. All bids posted on a player will be posted each day so that everyone can see how everyone else is bidding. (Leading bid each day will include years/bid/raise (if any) and total. Other bids will just show total.) To win a player, you have to have the top bid for a 1-day period, from one update to the next. Bidding will close each day at 10 pm ET and if you are not outbid during the proceeding 24 hours, you win the player. If you are, you have the next period to re-up your bid. On the last day (Day 4), team with leading bid gets the player. On Day 2, or 3 or 4, if your bid was not the leading bid on a player you can choose not to re-bid and use that money on another player. But if yours is the leading bid, you can not alter or reduce that bid even if no one else is bidding. You also CAN NOT re-up your bid if you have the leading bid, except on the final day of bidding.
-SU, 6/2 - Day off to evaluate players left in free agent pool.
-MO, 6/3 - Supplemental Draft; live draft at 10 pm ET; 3 rounds; owners present for the draft will have 60 seconds to make a pick; owners not present will have picks made for them based on owner’s or computer’s ranking. When draft is concluded the Free Agent pool repopulated with unsigned free agents and rookies.
-TU, 6/4 –FA Pool opens to all teams at 10 pm ET; first-come, first-served; teams must fill rosters to minimums as per rules.
- WE, 6/5 – Day off to set rosters.
- TH-SU, 6/6-6/9 -- 1987 ST games begin; 24 games per team over 4 days; 1987 regular season to begin approximately TH, 6/13.

NOTE: Rookies and unsigned free agents currently on your roster that you wish to sign for 1987 must be signed by 10 pm ET Sunday, May 26. You may sign them using money for 1987 budget, but be careful not to exceed that budget, or the budget for future years. Once rosters are cleared and progressions are run in advance of the Drafts and FA bidding, team pages and contract pages will advance to reflect budgets for teams for 1988. DO NOT use those figures when bidding on free agents. Your cap money and money available for bidding will be listed on the home page. You CAN NOT exceed cap money available. Bids or signings that put you over cap will be disallowed. Also, signings that put you over the max of 30 contract players per team will be disallowed.

Traded picks

Here's the list of picks that have been traded, including those for 1987 Rookie Draft. Please let me know if I have missed anything. (Updated 5/11/19)

Cubs trade 1st round pick in 1987 to Dodgers (Diaz/Darwin, Durham)
Cubs trade 2nd round pick in 1987 to Tigers (Wirth/Comer, Witt,
Giants trade 1st round pick in 1987 to Cubs (Wirth/Howell)

Giants trade 1st round pick in 1986 to White Sox (SP Balor Moore)
White Sox trade 2nd round pick in 1986 to Cardinals (RP Larry Demery)
Cubs trade 2nd round pick in 1986 to Indians (Robinson/Darling, Wynne, Hudson)

Franchised Players and Career Contracts

Read over the rules for Franchising a player (extending his contract by one year) if you are interested in doing so for players currently under contract. Salaries for a franchise player are the average of the top 6 salaries at each position. Here is the salary scale for each position if you wish to franchise a player for next year. These are updated for 1987. Salaries for franchised players count against your cap for the upcoming season. (Updated 5/6/19)

C - $14
1B - $16
2b - $15
3b - $17
SS - $12
OF - $20
SP - $27
RP - $15

Franchised for 1986:
Rennie Stennett, 2B, White Sox
Charlie Moore, C, Braves
Bob Lacey, RP, Indians
Kip Young, SP, Twins
Dennis Eckersley, SP, Pirates
Butch Wynegar, C, Dodgers
Jason Thompson, OF, Dodgers

Franchised for 1985:
Bernie Carbo, OF, Braves
Charlie Moore, C, Braves
Dennis Blair, SP, Orioles
Dave Parker, OF, White Sox
Gary Thomasson, OF, Indians
Bob Lacey, RP, Indians
Dan Driessen,3B, Tigers
Jerry Hairston, 1B, Tigers
1B Jason Thompson, 1B, Dodgers
Fred Lynn, OF, Yankees
Mike Schmidt, 3B, Yankees
Dennis Eckersley, SP, Pirates
Bump Wills, 2B, Pirates

Carlos May, New York, 1979-88 ($10mil/$7mil in 1984)
Joe Rudi, Detroit, 1980-86 ($8mil/$6mil in 1984)
Vida Blue, St. Louis, 1980-89 ($21mil/$14mil in 1985)
Thurman Munson, White Sox, 1981-87 ($7mil/$4mil in 1985)
Cesar Cedeno, Phillies, 1982-91 ($13mil/$9mil in 1987)
Bobby Grich, Pirates, 1983-89 ($9mil/$6mil in 1987)

1986 League Contracts and Salaries

Contract status for all teams for the 1986 season (updated 5/12/19). This shows ONLY your salary commitments for the 1986 season against the total team cap of $200mil. Your total committed for the next season (1987) can be seen under the "Contracts" link on the web site. Keep in mind that you must also be under cap for any FUTURE seasons, as well, so careful when signing or acquiring players. (Any moves or trades that put you over cap for this or future seasons will be disallowed.) Also shown is the total number of players you have under contract for 1986 (includes expiring contracts that are shown on your team page). You can only have 30 CONTRACT PLAYERS on your roster for the season, so you can see from this chart how many openings you have when bidding on free agents.


TEAM – 1986 contracts / $ currently available -- Players under contract (30 max)

Athletics -- $200 of $200 / $0 --25
Braves -- $183 of $200 / $17 - 23
Cardinals -- $178 of $200 / 22 -- 18
Cubs -- $167 of $200 / $33 -- 20
Dodgers -- $178 of $200 / $22 -- 15
Giants -- $193 of $200 / $7 -- 27
Indians -- $184 of $200 / $16 -- 26
Orioles -- $178 of $200 / $22 -- 27
Phillies -- $124 of $200 / $76 -- 22
Pirates -- $194 of $200 / $6 -- 25
Red Sox -- $197 of $200 / $3 -- 29
Reds -- $162 of $200 / $38 -- 27
Tigers -- $77 of $200 / $123 -- 18
Twins -- $148 of $200 / $52 -- 29
White Sox -- $198 of $200 / $2-- 28
Yankees -- $180 of $200 / $20 -- 28

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Latest Message
5/19/20191986 Player Awardsfoghorn
Alex Trevino, C, Athletics

Darrell Porter, C, Pirates

AL Cy Young
Dave Righetti, SP, White Sox

NL CY Young
Dennis Blair, SP, Giants

AL Rookie of the Year
Kirby Puckett, OF, Orioles

NL Rookie of the Year
Eric Davis, OF, Phillies

Thanks to the 10 owners who participated in the voting. Congrats to the award recipients. Selection of Alex Trevino as AL MVP ended string of 10 straight years that the award had gone to NYY Carlos May; and in the NL, selection of Darrell Porter ended string of 7 straight years that Cesar Cedeno of the Phils had earned the award. Interesting that 3 of the top 5 AL MVP candidates were catchers, and 2 of the top 10 in the NL were catchers. Backstops played a big role in this year's league.

Making life difficult for the catchers in the NL was rookie Eric Davis, who set a league record for rookies with 98 stolen bases on his way to earning the NL Rookie of the Year honors.
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5/15/2019 Player Placed On Trade Block
Glenn Hoffman placed on trade block by Chicago Cubs
5/11/2019 Trade
Ken Howell to Chicago Cubs
Alan Wirth to San Francisco Giants
5/7/2019 Player Signed
Wayne Tolleson picked up by Chicago White Sox
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