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Correa baffles Phillies, Reds win

Ed Correa struckout 9 Philadelphia batters in a 6-3 win for the Reds. | Box

Clark powers Cardinals to win over Dodgers

Will Clark blasted 2 homers, lifting the Cardinals to a 7-1 win over Los Angeles. | Box

Big game for Puckett lifts Orioles to victory

Kirby Puckett drove in 4 runs, carrying Baltimore to a 11-7 victory over the Twins. | Box

Ready delivers in clutch, Yankees win

Randy Ready drove in 4 runs, carrying New York to a 7-2 victory over the Red Sox. | Box

Red-hot Hall can't overcome Dodgers onslaught

A 5-RBI game from Mel Hall couldn't lift the Cardinals to victory. Los Angeles prevailed by a score of 12-10. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

K. Puckett, Orioles .3603 HR15 RBI
M. Hall, Cardinals .5223 HR12 RBI
J. Kruk, Cardinals .2905 HR9 RBI
D. Murphy, White Sox .3162 HR10 RBI
W. Clark, Cardinals .2803 HR8 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

M. Nokes, Dodgers 3 for 29 (.103)
C. Lemon, Red Sox 3 for 28 (.107)
D. James, Reds 6 for 29 (.207)
W. Backman, Yankees 1 for 22 (.045)
R. Jordan, Indians 4 for 22 (.182)

Leaders: OPS

D. Mattingly, Reds 1.089
T. Brunansky, Indians 1.075
B. Horner, Braves 1.043
R. Gedman, Indians 1.032
D. Porter, Pirates 1.025

Leaders: SO/9

D. Gooden, Cubs 8.1
S. Fernandez, Braves 7.6
S. Sanderson, Pirates 7.3
D. Cone, Cubs 6.4
R. Clemens, Twins 6.3

Player and Pitcher Changes

Teams may change the starting position of one position player once each season, but this can only be done by making a player's secondary position his primary position. (Players with "IF" listed as secondary position can not be changed. Must be a defined secondary position, such as 2B or OF, for switch to be made.)

A team may also request to convert one pitcher per year from starting pitcher to relief pitcher, or from relief pitcher to starting pitcher. In order to convert a SP to a RP, the player must be at least 30 years old heading into the season in which the conversion is requested. Stats for the pitcher will be reduced roughly in half to reflect IP and number of hits, runs, etc. ERA and WHIP numbers will remain about the same. Stamina will also be reduced in half.

In order to convert a RP to a SP, there must be historic precedent for such a change in "real" baseball (player started as RP and then became SP for MLB team), and the pitcher must have been used mainly as a SP in MLB for at least 3 years in his career (based on G and GS posted for those years). The baseline stat to be used for the pitcher conversion will be the career per game averages for all games, according to baseball-reference.com. A pitcher's stamina and on fire statistics will be determined by looking at the imported historic figures used by Pennant Chase for that player and averaging those numbers during the years in which the pitcher was used primarily as a starter. The commissioner reserves the right to deny the conversion request if career stats overvalue a player due to statistical quirks.

New owners to the league may drop one contract player from their roster, but only if that team has NOT already dropped a player that year. (So if a new owner signs on and drops a player and then leaves the league that same season, the new owner who then takes on the franchise will not be eligible to drop a contract.)

Player changes for 1989
Dave Stewart, Phillies, RP to SP
Eric Wilkins, Cardinals, SP to RP
Danny Darwin, Cubs, SP to RP
Paul Molitor, Cubs, 2B/SS to SS/2B

Player changes for 1988
Jerry Ujdur, Indians, SP to RP
Randy Ready, Yankees, 3B/2B to 2B/3B
Juan Berenguer, Cardinals, SP to RP
John Kruk, Cardinals, 1B/OF to OF/1B

Player changes for 1987
Wally Backman, Yankees, 2B/SS to SS/2B
Steve Baker, Cardinals, SP to RP

1989 League Contracts and Salaries

Contract status for all teams for the 1989 season (updated 10/14/19). This shows your salary commitments for the 1989 season against the total team cap of $200mil. Your total committed for the next season (1990) can be seen under the "Contracts" link on the web site. Keep in mind that you must also be under cap for any FUTURE seasons, as well, so careful when signing or acquiring players. (Any moves or trades that put you over cap for this or future seasons will be disallowed.)

Also shown is the total number of players you have under contract for 1989 (includes expiring contracts that are shown on your team page). You can only have 30 CONTRACT PLAYERS on your roster for the season, so you can see from this chart how many openings you have when bidding on free agents.


TEAM – 1989 contracts / $ currently available -- Players under contract (30 max)

Athletics -- $192 of $200 / $8 - 24
Braves -- $196 of $200 / $4 — 23
Cardinals -- $200 of $200 /$0 — 17
Cubs -- $190 of $200 / $10 -- 23
Dodgers -- $163 of $200 / $37 — 16
Giants -- $176 of $200 / $24 — 27
Indians -- $170 of $200 / $30 — 23
Orioles -- $198 of $200 / $2 -- 25
Phillies -- $171 of $200 / $29 — 30
Pirates -- $200 of $200 / $0 — 27
Red Sox -- $190 of $200 / $10 — 25
Reds -- $195 of $200 / $5 — 24
Tigers -- $122 of $200 / $78 -- 17
Twins -- $166 of $200 / $34 — 19
White Sox -- $193 of $200 / $7 — 29
Yankees -- $198 of $200 / $2 — 26

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