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2008 Off-season schedule - all times ET

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****Saturday August 13 progressions, player ageing and unsigned players & expiring contracts become free agents
**** Saturday August 13 Draft commences and pre-ranking is turned on
****Friday August 19 - live draft to finish off 9 pm ET

Free agent bidding starts after rookie draft
****Saturday August 20 @9pm - 1st round bids due
****Sunday August 21 @ 9 pm - 2nd round bids due
****Monday August 22 @ 9pm - 3rd round bids due
****Tuesday August 23 @ 9pm - Final round bids due
Following Free agency, pre-ranking will be turned on, in advance of supplemental draft - slow draft commences

****Thursday August 25 @ 9pm - supplemental draft
****drops will open after Supp draft
****add free agents via waiver system for first five games
****Monday August 29 @ 9am Opening Day

Free agency auction notes:
****Send bids to kds4312 In this format:
OF Joe Smith 5y/5m=25m
OF Joe Smith 5y/5m+1=35m
OF Joe Smith 5y/5m+2=45m
(bids will be rejected if not in this format to ease the Vice Commish workload)

Important notes about bidding:
***Minimum 2 years
****maximum 10 years
****contracts can have $1 or $2 annual increases
***Keep in budget - opening day overages will result in lost players & 1st rd pick forfeit
****trade your way out of overages before Opening Day.
****a free agent player eligible for reserve role can be bid on but the player will need to resigned to a PC contract when activated as per usual (notify Commish you wish to reserve upon receipt of player)
**** if you have top bid after round 3, you can outbid yourself but if no one offers a final round bid, the final bid will revert to your 3rd rd bid

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Reserves/position changes/trades

2008 draft picks traded:
***Red Sox get the Phillies' #1 pick as part of the File/Baldelli trade
***Cards receive 1st rd pick from White Sox (Luis Castilo-Freddy Sanchez-Adrian Gonzalez)
****Yankees have traded first round pick to Red Sox in the 2008 Rookie draft for SP Cloude.
****Cubs send 1st rd pick to Twins as part of the Young-Abreu deal
****Tigers send a 3rd round pick to Cubs as part of the Lee-Hunter deal

2007 Reserves:
SP Tim Lincecum, R, Reds - activated 2008
3B Ryan Braun, R, Yankees
2b Ian Kinsler, Yankees - activated 2008
C Kurt Suzuki Braves
SP Jeremy Guthrie, R, White Sox
DH Billy Butler, R, Yankees
SS Stephen Drew, L, Tigers - activated 2008
SP Shaun Marcum, R, Braves
3B Edwin Encarnacion, R, White Sox
SP John Maine, R, Twins
RP Adam Wainwright, R, Braves
2B Dan Uggla, R, Cubs - activated 2008
C Dioner Navarro, S, Tigers - activated 2008

2007 Position switches:
Cards OF/1B Daryle Ward to 1B/OF.
White Sox OF James Loney, 1b to OF

2007 draft picks with trades
——Cardinals trade Sean Casey to the Pirates for a 1st round pick.
-- -- Cubs send 1st Round Pick to Oakland (Dunn-Greinke)

2006 Reserves:
SS Hanley Ramirez, St Louis - activated 2008
1b Prince Fielder, Reds
OF Nick Markakis, Phillies - activated 2008
SP Justin Verlander, Orioles - activated 2007
C Mike Napoli, Cubs - activated 2008
RP Catt Mapps , Yankees - activated 2008
SP Hole Camels, Indians - activated 2008
C Russel Martin, Giants - activated 2007
3b Aaron Hill, Cardinals - activated 2007

2006 Position Switches:
SP Derek Lowe, R, Pirates

2006 draft pick trades:
- Cubs send a 3rd rd pick to Orioles (Kim-Ayala)
-Braves send 1st rd to Cardinals (Wright)
- Red Sox send 1st rounder to Pirates (Simon deal)
-Cubs send 1st to Reds (Tatis-Paterson )

Position switches 2005:
- Jonny Gomes to OF, Cubs

Reserves from 2005 draft year:
C Joe Mauer, Dodgers - activated 2006
C Brian McCann, Cardinals - activated 2006
RP JJ Putz, Cubs -activated 2007
SP Chris Young, Cardinals - activated 2007
3b Garret Atkins, Cubs - activated 2006
SS JJ Hardy, Cubs - activated 2008
OF Nick Swisher, Tigers - activated 2006
RP Bobby Jenks, Yankees - activated 2007
2b Robinson Cano Giants - activated 2006
DH Adrian Gonzalez, White Sox- activated 2006
3b Freddie Sanchez, White Sox - activated 2006
1b Ryan Howard, Orioles - activated 2006
C Chris Snyder, Orioles - activated 2006
SP Scott Kazmir, Phillies - activated 2006

2005 Draft pick trades:
Braves received 2nd rd pick from Red Sox (Texiera)
Cards receive Red Sox 1st pick via Sheets trade with Cubs. (Cubs receive 1st rd pick from Red Sox (Cloude-Jacome)
Cubs receive 1st and 2nd from Braves (Smoltz-Smith)
Cubs receive 1st rd pick from Indians (Bagwell-Sanchez)
Cards receive Cubs 2nd rd pick
Cubs receive White Sox 1st rd pick (Koskie-Ensberg)
White Sox receive Cubs 3rd rd pick (Koskie-Ensberg)

Position changes for 2004
Hideo Nomo Cubs from RP to SP

Reserves for 2004
OF Grady Sizemore -Cubs - activated 2005
OF Alex Rios - Phillies - activated 2006
1b Justin Mourneau - Indians - activated 2006
SP Cliff Lee - Indians - activated 2005
SP Eric Bedard - Giants - activated 2007
1b Adam Laroche- Cubs, traded to Red Sox - activated 2006
OF Matt Holliday - White Sox - activated 2006
3b David Wright - Braves - activated 2007
SS Johnny Peralta - Cards - activated 2005
SS BJ Upton - Orioles - activated 2007

Position changes for 2003
Ryan Klesko, Cubs, OF/1B to 1B/OF

Reserved in 2003
1B Mark Teixeira, Braves (traded to Red Sox, traded to Cubs) - activated 2005
RP Brad Lidge, Braves - activated in 2004
DH Travis Hafner, Indians - activated 2004
SP Dan Haren, White Sox ( traded to Red Sox 2004) - activated 2005
SP Jake Peavy, White Sox activated 2005
OF Miguel Cabrera, Giants - activated 2005
SP Rich Harden, Giants - activated 2005
SS Jose Reyes, Reds - activated 2006
2B Brian Roberts, Phillies - activated 2005
RP Carlos Silva, Indians - activated 2004
SP Dontrelle Willis, Yankees - activated 2005
OF Carl Crawford, Cubs, traded to Tigers - activated 2005

2004 draft:
Pirates send 1st rounder to White Sox (Mark Buerle)

Traded picks in 2002 (for 2003 draft)
Cubs trade #1 to Dodgers (Lieberthal/Coppinger)

Position changes for 2002
John Wetteland, Braves, SP to RP

Reserved in 2002
SP Carlos Zambrano, Yankees - activated 2005
OF Vernon Wells, Giants - activated in 2003
RP Carlos Silva, Yankees - activated 2005
OF Corey Patterson, Cardinals - activated in 2004
SP Brett Myers, Reds - activated 2005
2B Mark Ellis, Indians - activated in 2003
RP David Riske, Braves - activated in 2003
DH Aubrey Huff, White Sox -- activated in 2003

Traded picks in 2001 (for 2002 draft)
Dodgers trade #1 and #2 pick to Tigers (Valentin,Veras/File)
Cubs trade all 3 picks to Athletics (Piazza,Miranda/Petrick)
Red Sox trade #2 and #3 pick to Athletics (Jacome/Abner)
Red Sox trade #1 pick to Giants (Bere/Febles)

Position changes for 2001
Placido Polanco, Red Sox, 3B/SS to SS/3B
SP Jeff Pico, Phillies, contract cut and dropped by new owner
Steve Cooke, Reds, SP to RP

Reserved in 2001
RP Eric Gagne, Giants - activated in 2003
SP Mark Mulder, Reds - activated in 2002
2B Marcus Giles, Orioles - activated in 2003
SP AJ Burnett, Yankees - activated in 2002
2B Alfonso Soriano, Cardinals - activated in 2002
SP Johan Santana, Cardinals - activated 2004
OF Milton Bradley, White sox - activated in 2003
SP Ben Sheets, Cubs - activated 2004
SP Ted Lilly, Red Sox - activated in 2002
RP Luis Vizcaino, White Sox - activated in 2002
2B Michael Young, Twins - activated 2004
C Johnny Estrada, Twins - activated 2004
SP Odalis Perez, Braves - activated in 2002

Traded picks in 2000 (for 2001 draft)
Yankees trade #3 pick to Reds (Burnitz,Dotel/Hrbek)
Cubs trade #2 pick to Tigers (Poole/Encarnacion)

Reserved in 2000
SP Barry Zito, Reds - activated in 2002
SP Adam Eaton, Giants - activated in 2001
1B Pat Burrell, Giants - activated in 2002
OF Juan Pierre, Cardinals - activated in 2001
SS Melvin Mora, Red Sox - activated in 2003
OF Lance Berkman, Braves - activated in 2001
RP Byung-Hyun Kim, Orioles - activated in 2001
RP Mark Buehrle, White Sox - activated in 2001
SP Wade Miller, Twins - activated in 2001

Position changes for 2000
B.J. Surhoff, Cardinals, 3B/C to C/3B
Neifi Perez, Reds, SS/2B to 2B/SS
Hal Morris, Braves, 1B/OF to OF/1B
Floyd Youmans, Cardinals, SP to RP

Traded picks in 1999 (for '00 draft)
Reds and Yankees swap 2nd round picks (Johnson/Dotel,Karsay)
Yankees trade 2nd round pick from Reds to Indians (Bush/Farnsworth)
Cubs trade #2 pick to Orioles (Alvarez/Clark)
Cubs trade #1 pick to Giants (Goodwin/Anderson)
Cards trade #2 pick to Giants (Lankford,Avery/Grieve,Kapler,Pulsipher)
White Sox trade #1 pick to Giants (Mercker)

Position changes for 1999
Terry Shumpert, Braves, 2B/3B to 3B/2B

Reserved in 1999
OF Torii Hunter, Cubs - activated in 2001
SP Joe Mays, Dodgers - activated in 2001
3B Eric Chavez, Cardinals - activated in 2001
OF Carlos Lee, Cardinals - activated in 2000
SP Roy Halladay, Yankees - activated in 2001
SP Octavia Dotel, Yankees - activated in 2002
SP Tim Hudson, Reds - activated in 2000
SS Miquel Tejada, Orioles - activated in 2000
2B Placido Polanco, Red Sox - activated in 2001
3B Troy Glaus, Red Sox - activated in 2000
SP Javier Vazquez, White Sox - activated in 2001
2B Jose Vidro, White Sox - activated in 2000
SP Freddy Garcia, Orioles - activated in 2001
OF J.D. Drew, Phillies - activated in 2001
SS Christian Guzman, Cubs - activated in 2001
2B Luis Castillo, Tigers - activated in 2000
1B Doug Mientkiewicz, Twins - activated in 2001

Traded picks in 1998 (for '99 draft)
Athletics trade #2 pick to Yankees for RP Veres
Cubs trade #2 pick to Yankees (Wetteland,Santiago/Perez,Hundley)
Cardinals trade 1st round pick to Red Sox (Casey,Easley/Lowe)
Red Sox trade 2nd round pick to Cardinals (same trade)
Dodgers trade 1st and 2nd round picks to Red Sox (Guzman/Pettite)
Red Sox trade the above 1st and 2nd rounders from the Dodgers to the Indians (Alou)
Yankees trade 1st round pick to Red Sox (Guillen,Righetti/Vizcaino)
Indians trade 2nd round pick to Braves (Sweeney)

Positions changes for 1998
Greg Swindell, Tigers, SP to RP
Kevin Orie, Phillies, 3B/SS to SS/3B
Kevin Young, Cubs, 1B/3B to 3B/1B
Bobby Bonilla, Braves, OF/3B to 3B/OF
Butch Huskey, 1B, contract dropped by Indians (new owner option)

Reserved in 1998
1B Todd Helton, Braves - activated in 2000
3B Aramis Ramirez, Braves - activated in 2001
OF Richard Hidalgo, Indians - activated in 2001
OF Geoff Jenkins, White Sox - activated in 1999
RP John Johnstone, White Sox - activated in 1999
1B Sean Casey, Cards - activated in 1999
RP Gabe White, Yankees - activated in 2000
RP John Rocker, Phillies - activated in 1999
RP Bobby Chouinard, Orioles - activated in 1999
OF Maglio Ordonez, Tigers - activated in 1999
SP Bartolo Colon, Tigers - activated in 2001

Traded picks in 1997 (for '98 draft)
Cubs trade #2 pick to Braves (Boggs)
Red Sox trade #2 pick to Indians (Mussina/Pena)
White Sox trade #1 pick to Dodgers (Magrane/Stanton)
Dodgers trade #2 pick to White Sox (same trade)

Position changes/player moves for 1997
RP Julio Solano, contract dropped by new Tigers' owner
Craig Biggio, Yankees, C/2B to 2B/C

Reserved in 1997
OF Vladimir Guerrero, Indians - activated in 1998
OF Andruw Jones, Orioles - activated in 1998
C Mike Lieberthal, Dodgers - activated in 1999
OF Brian Giles, Twins - activated in 1999
3B Fernando Tatis, Cardinals - activated in 1999
OF Phil Nevin, Dodgers - activated in 2000
SP Matt Morris, Orioles - activated in 1998
SP Jeff D'Amico, Giants - activated in 2000
SP Derek Lowe, Red Sox - activated in 1999
RP Keith Foulke, Phillies - activated in 1999
1B Dmitri Young, Tigers - activated in 1998
SP Kevin Millwood, Red Sox - activated in 1999
RP Juan Acevedo, Red Sox - activated in 1998

Reserved in 1996
C Jason Kendall, Yankees - activated in 1999
SP Chan Ho Park, Twins - activated in 1997
OF Johnny Damon, Twins - activated in 1999
SS Derek Jeter, White Sox - activated in 1998
OF Jermaine Dye, Cardinals (traded to Reds) - activated in 1999
OF Darin Erstad, Red Sox (traded to Cubs) - activated in 1997
1B Butch Huskey, Indians - activated in 1997
SP Ugueth Urbina, Indians - activated in 1998
1B Carlos Delgado, White Sox - activated in 1998
1B Jason Giambi, Reds - activated in 1999
OF Roger Cedeno, Tigers - activated in 1998
SP Alan Benes, Tigers - activated in 1997

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