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Kendall blasts off, leads Yankees to win

Jason Kendall blasted 2 homers, lifting the Yankees to a 14-5 win over Atlanta. Tim Salmon had a big game as well, knocking in 3 runs for New York while recording 3 hits. Jim Thome had a big game as well, knocking in 3 runs for New York while recording 3 hits. | Box

Fryman leaves it all on the field in losing effort

A big game from Travis Fryman couldn't lift the Braves to victory. New York prevailed by a score of 7-5, despite 3 hits and 3 RBIs by Fryman. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

J. Kendall, Yankees .5003 HR6 RBI
T. Salmon, Yankees .4712 HR6 RBI
J. Thome, Yankees .3811 HR7 RBI
A. Rodriguez, Yankees .3162 HR4 RBI
M. Piazza, Braves .4002 HR3 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

L. Berkman, Braves 5 for 22 (.227)
M. Alou, Yankees 4 for 21 (.190)
T. Helton, Braves 3 for 19 (.158)
B. Boone, Yankees 1 for 16 (.063)
A. Belle, Braves 3 for 18 (.167)

Leaders: OPS

J. Bagwell, Cubs 1.162
F. Tatis, Reds 1.082
C. Delgado, White Sox 1.023
R. Klesko, Cubs 1.006
R. White, White Sox .986

Leaders: SO/9

K. Wood, Orioles 10.5
H. Nomo, Cubs 9.3
D. Gooden, Cardinals 9.1
P. Martinez, Tigers 8.9
G. Stephenson, Twins 7.9

2002-03 schedule of activities

OFF-SEASON IS ON-HOLD UNTIL 10/27. New schedule to be posted here by then. Thanks for your patience.

Reserves/position changes/trades

Traded picks in 2002 (for 2003 draft)
Cubs trade #1 to Dodgers (Lieberthal/Coppinger)

Position changes for 2002
John Wetteland, Braves, SP to RP

Reserved in 2002
SP Carlos Zambrano, Yankees
OF Vernon Wells, Giants
RP Carlos Silva, Yankees
OF Corey Patterson, Cardinals
SP Brett Myers, Reds
2B Mark Ellis, Indians
RP David Riske, Braves

Traded picks in 2001 (for 2002 draft)
Dodgers trade #1 and #2 pick to Tigers (Valentin,Veras/File)
Cubs trade all 3 picks to Athletics (Piazza,Miranda/Petrick)
Red Sox trade #2 and #3 pick to Athletics (Jacome/Abner)
Red Sox trade #1 pick to Giants (Bere/Febles)

Position changes for 2001
Placido Polanco, Red Sox, 3B/SS to SS/3B
SP Jeff Pico, Phillies, contract cut and dropped by new owner
Steve Cooke, Reds, SP to RP

Reserved in 2001
RP Eric Gagne, Giants
SP Mark Mulder, Reds - activated in 2002
2B Marcus Giles, Orioles
SP AJ Burnett, Yankees - activated in 2002
2B Alfonso Soriano, Cardinals - activated in 2002
SP Johan Santana, Cardinals
OF Milton Bradley, White sox
SP Ben Sheets, Cubs
SP Ted Lilly, Red Sox - activated in 2002
RP Luis Vizcaino, White Sox - activated in 2002
2B Michael Young, Twins
C Johnny Estrada, Twins
SP Odalis Perez, Braves - activated in 2002

Traded picks in 2000 (for 2001 draft)
Yankees trade #3 pick to Reds (Burnitz,Dotel/Hrbek)
Cubs trade #2 pick to Tigers (Poole/Encarnacion)

Reserved in 2000
SP Barry Zito, Reds - activated in 2002
SP Adam Eaton, Giants - activated in 2001
1B Pat Burrell, Giants - activated in 2002
OF Juan Pierre, Cardinals - activated in 2001
SS Melvin Mora, Red Sox
OF Lance Berkman, Braves - activated in 2001
RP Byung-Hyun Kim, Orioles - activated in 2001
RP Mark Buehrle, White Sox - activated in 2001
SP Wade Miller, Twins - activated in 2001

Position changes for 2000
B.J. Surhoff, Cardinals, 3B/C to C/3B
Neifi Perez, Reds, SS/2B to 2B/SS
Hal Morris, Braves, 1B/OF to OF/1B
Floyd Youmans, Cardinals, SP to RP

Traded picks in 1999 (for '00 draft)
Reds and Yankees swap 2nd round picks (Johnson/Dotel,Karsay)
Yankees trade 2nd round pick from Reds to Indians (Bush/Farnsworth)
Cubs trade #2 pick to Orioles (Alvarez/Clark)
Cubs trade #1 pick to Giants (Goodwin/Anderson)
Cards trade #2 pick to Giants (Lankford,Avery/Grieve,Kapler,Pulsipher)
White Sox trade #1 pick to Giants (Mercker)

Position changes for 1999
Terry Shumpert, Braves, 2B/3B to 3B/2B

Reserved in 1999
OF Torii Hunter, Cubs - activated in 2001
SP Joe Mays, Dodgers - activated in 2001
3B Eric Chavez, Cardinals - activated in 2001
OF Carlos Lee, Cardinals - activated in 2000
SP Roy Halladay, Yankees - activated in 2001
SP Octavia Dotel, Yankees - activated in 2002
SP Tim Hudson, Reds - activated in 2000
SS Miquel Tejada, Orioles - activated in 2000
2B Placido Polanco, Red Sox - activated in 2001
3B Troy Glaus, Red Sox - activated in 2000
SP Javier Vazquez, White Sox - activated in 2001
2B Jose Vidro, White Sox - activated in 2000
SP Freddy Garcia, Orioles - activated in 2001
OF J.D. Drew, Phillies - activated in 2001
SS Christian Guzman, Cubs - activated in 2001
2B Luis Castillo, Tigers - activated in 2000
1B Doug Mientkiewicz, Twins - activated in 2001

Traded picks in 1998 (for '99 draft)
Athletics trade #2 pick to Yankees for RP Veres
Cubs trade #2 pick to Yankees (Wetteland,Santiago/Perez,Hundley)
Cardinals trade 1st round pick to Red Sox (Casey,Easley/Lowe)
Red Sox trade 2nd round pick to Cardinals (same trade)
Dodgers trade 1st and 2nd round picks to Red Sox (Guzman/Pettite)
Red Sox trade the above 1st and 2nd rounders from the Dodgers to the Indians (Alou)
Yankees trade 1st round pick to Red Sox (Guillen,Righetti/Vizcaino)
Indians trade 2nd round pick to Braves (Sweeney)

Positions changes for 1998
Greg Swindell, Tigers, SP to RP
Kevin Orie, Phillies, 3B/SS to SS/3B
Kevin Young, Cubs, 1B/3B to 3B/1B
Bobby Bonilla, Braves, OF/3B to 3B/OF
Butch Huskey, 1B, contract dropped by Indians (new owner option)

Reserved in 1998
1B Todd Helton, Braves - activated in 2000
3B Aramis Ramirez, Braves - activated in 2001
OF Richard Hidalgo, Indians - activated in 2001
OF Geoff Jenkins, White Sox - activated in 1999
RP John Johnstone, White Sox - activated in 1999
1B Sean Casey, Cards - activated in 1999
RP Gabe White, Yankees - activated in 2000
RP John Rocker, Phillies - activated in 1999
RP Bobby Chouinard, Orioles - activated in 1999
OF Maglio Ordonez, Tigers - activated in 1999
SP Bartolo Colon, Tigers - activated in 2001

Traded picks in 1997 (for '98 draft)
Cubs trade #2 pick to Braves (Boggs)
Red Sox trade #2 pick to Indians (Mussina/Pena)
White Sox trade #1 pick to Dodgers (Magrane/Stanton)
Dodgers trade #2 pick to White Sox (same trade)

Position changes/player moves for 1997
RP Julio Solano, contract dropped by new Tigers' owner
Craig Biggio, Yankees, C/2B to 2B/C

Reserved in 1997
OF Vladimir Guerrero, Indians - activated in 1998
OF Andruw Jones, Orioles - activated in 1998
C Mike Lieberthal, Dodgers - activated in 1999
OF Brian Giles, Twins - activated in 1999
3B Fernando Tatis, Cardinals - activated in 1999
OF Phil Nevin, Dodgers - activated in 2000
SP Matt Morris, Orioles - activated in 1998
SP Jeff D'Amico, Giants - activated in 2000
SP Derek Lowe, Red Sox - activated in 1999
RP Keith Foulke, Phillies - activated in 1999
1B Dmitri Young, Tigers - activated in 1998
SP Kevin Millwood, Red Sox - activated in 1999
RP Juan Acevedo, Red Sox - activated in 1998

Reserved in 1996
C Jason Kendall, Yankees - activated in 1999
SP Chan Ho Park, Twins - activated in 1997
OF Johnny Damon, Twins - activated in 1999
SS Derek Jeter, White Sox - activated in 1998
OF Jermaine Dye, Cardinals (traded to Reds) - activated in 1999
OF Darin Erstad, Red Sox (traded to Cubs) - activated in 1997
1B Butch Huskey, Indians - activated in 1997
SP Ugueth Urbina, Indians - activated in 1998
1B Carlos Delgado, White Sox - activated in 1998
1B Jason Giambi, Reds - activated in 1999
OF Roger Cedeno, Tigers - activated in 1998
SP Alan Benes, Tigers - activated in 1997

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10/14/20212002 Player Awardsfoghorn
1B Carlos Delgado, White Sox

1B Jeff Bagwell, Cubs
Bagwell also was a Triple Crown Winner for 2002

AL CY Young
RP Ugueth Urbina, Indians

NL Cy Young
SP John Smoltz, Cubs

1B Josh Phelps, Tigers

OF Bobby Kielty, Braves
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Of all the #’s to look at, Rk is low on the priority list.
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