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5/23/2022Trade OfferedJessebd
You have been offered a trade. Visit the Trade Center from your My Team page to view the offer. (If no offer appears, it was already retracted by the sending owner.)
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5/22/2022 Trade
Freddy Meeks to St. Louis Cardinals
Jackie Easley to St. Louis Cardinals
Timmy Hess to St. Louis Cardinals
Austin Harrison to St. Louis Cardinals
Jasper Tucker to St. Louis Cardinals
Garry Prior to St. Louis Cardinals
Bill Gibson to Cleveland Guardians
Jason Ballard to Cleveland Guardians
Stephen Cruz to Cleveland Guardians
Paul Hinds to Cleveland Guardians
Carey Anderson to Cleveland Guardians
5/22/2022 Player Placed On Trade Block
Marlon Lopes placed on trade block by Cincinnati Reds
5/21/2022 Trade
Basil Price to Cleveland Guardians
Buddy Reynoso to Cleveland Guardians
Sherman Galvin to Texas Rangers
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5/23/2022 Hello , grammar police....mrbubbles1967
I asked two guys drinking beer in the parking lot and all I could get out of them was goo loo koo koo goo loo koo koo , goo loo koo koo goo loo koo koo
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