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Bhgray (Mariners) at 10/26/2020 1:49 PM: Interesting new tactic. Good news for the AL East teams chasing those wildcard spots.
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 10/26/2020 11:03 AM: And their fastest guy is a 7...
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 10/26/2020 11:01 AM: Blue Jays got Caught Stealing 7 out of 8 attempts and still beat us...smh
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/25/2020 7:13 PM: We invest in a lot of velcro.
829er (Twins) at 10/25/2020 7:09 PM: Yamkrrs equipment manager is working overtime
tacomaboy57 (Red Sox) at 10/25/2020 1:48 PM: cant trade draft picks in this league
deyanksfan (Angels) at 10/25/2020 1:07 PM: NEW PLAYERS TO TRADE, looking for draft picks, C Rasheed Reed, RP Wilson Weeds, SP Scotty Starkey, RP Oscar Manziel, RP Dee Yard, SP Nicky Goodwin
deyanksfan (Angels) at 10/25/2020 9:16 AM: PLAYERS ON THE BLOCK FOR CHEAP, LOOKING TO CLEAR CAP... RF/C Brian Chesters, RP Bruno Jefferson, RP Kelly Walker, RP Ethan Earl
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/24/2020 5:17 PM: Watts, Ellie Schwab, Freddy Murphy, and/or Shin Chu available to get clear of $4
Chickenheads (Rays) at 10/24/2020 2:31 PM: Makes sense. The only season I didn’t look at! I typically don’t try to play the current season schedule. Thanks Habs
tacomaboy57 (Red Sox) at 10/24/2020 10:03 AM: Gotta love our pitching staff score eight runs and give up four in the 9th to lose!!
habsco (Blue Jays) at 10/24/2020 9:56 AM: 2020 *
habsco (Blue Jays) at 10/24/2020 9:55 AM: The schedule is from the 020 season that we were supposed to have, not Covid. If you look at the link on the MLB website, https://www.mlb.com/news/2020-mlb-schedule-released The Rays opening day on March 26th was supposed to be against Pittsburgh
chickenheads (Rays) at 10/24/2020 6:31 AM: Bottom line....I have no idea what seasons schedule this is following...because I went all the way back to 2014, and in no season do the Rays start the season playing the Pirates....I'll try to remember to reimport the 2019 season during the off season and see if it's the same or if there was some sort of import error.
chickenheads (Rays) at 10/24/2020 6:29 AM: I know Eric commented about the odd break in the schedule at the All Star Break. I noticed a few games into the 2nd half, there was 1 day where only 1 game was scheduled...which got me thinking....maybe that should have been where the break came. So, I went back and started reviewing the MLB schedules for 2019 (which is what we are supposed to be following)...and beyond.
Sleazye (Giants) at 10/23/2020 7:18 AM: Welp, Joshua Thayer is out for 38 games .... don’t even have Henderson back ....
deyanksfan (Angels) at 10/20/2020 6:15 PM: PLAYERS ON THE BLOCK FOR CHEAP, LOOKING TO CLEAR CAP... RF/C Brian Chesters, RP Bruno Jefferson, SP Logan Bailey, RP Kelly Walker, RP Ethan Earl
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/20/2020 11:37 AM: I can't wait to get the 2d half going. I feel like the Yanjees have a surge in them.
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 10/19/2020 4:48 PM: I'm confident Jackie Bradley hadn't even gotten the news he was signed by Toronto before the Yankees cut him.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/19/2020 4:37 PM: That was an accident. We totally intended to drop him. Nobody in their right mind would trade for him.
habsco (Blue Jays) at 10/19/2020 4:34 PM: The Yankees also placed him on the trade block before dropping him
AJHawk (Brewers) at 10/19/2020 12:30 PM: What a crazy day for Jackie Bradley. He gets picked up off the free agent list by the Blue Jays, gets traded to the Yankees, and then dropped by the Yankees. What a crazy day for Jackie.
habsco (Blue Jays) at 10/19/2020 10:26 AM: Word is Jackie Bradley Jr didn't want to shave his beard in the Bronx so the Evil Empire released him.
pentucket80 (Padres) at 10/19/2020 9:53 AM: Weird times indeed!.
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 10/19/2020 9:41 AM: Weird timing for this break, Pirates and Braves amid a four game series. We play the first three, take an ASG break, and close it out on the back side. Weird.
ThugDucky (Yankees) at 10/18/2020 7:53 AM: aghast and scandalized...2020, man.
ragingsol (Diamondbacks) at 10/18/2020 7:29 AM: Was aiming for surprised and scrambling, but reads more like aghast and scandalized. Not meant to call anyone out. In a league this competitive, adjustments game-to-game happen a lot more frequently than other leagues.
chickenheads (Rays) at 10/18/2020 6:58 AM: I should have waited and turned off SIMs last night instead of in the morning....knowing I had until 2 PM Sunday to catch the break....Sorry for the confusion
chickenheads (Rays) at 10/18/2020 6:56 AM: Day 122 is the Trade Deadline...which will likely occur on Thursday/Friday, depending on when the season resumes
chickenheads (Rays) at 10/18/2020 6:54 AM: I will SIM games at noon and 6 PM Central to close out the first half
chickenheads (Rays) at 10/18/2020 6:53 AM: Sorry....as Thug stated...I shut off user sims heading into the ASB....and we still follow the 2/8/2/8 Sim Schedule as well.....I should have sent a message as well and not assumed everyone would see the information posted in the Chat Box.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/18/2020 6:51 AM: Probably worth noting the trade deadline is quick approaching. If there are deals to be made, get to negotiating, gents!
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/18/2020 6:50 AM: He posted "All Star break is after day 105" at the same time he notified us that User Sims were turned off. Not knowing the Sim schedule isn't entirely on Chicken.
ragingsol (Diamondbacks) at 10/18/2020 6:14 AM: Many divisions here will be decided by one or two games. Maybe go to eight hour sims before official ASG, if this runaway freight train is in danger of barreling thru roadblocks. Not knowing the sim schedule is far tougher to manage than if the ASG happens a day late.
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 10/18/2020 5:50 AM: oops I spoke too soon thought we were on break...myb
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/18/2020 5:11 AM: I think we have two more games till the ASB. Chick will sim both.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/18/2020 5:10 AM: Sol, user Sims turn off so we don't accidentally blow thru the ASB it gives Chicken more control and time to do what he does.
ragingsol (Diamondbacks) at 10/18/2020 12:19 AM: User Sims are off, but we're still plzying games? This is confusing. I stopped checking my team for All-Star break, but two more games have simmed. How many more phantom games before break?
tacomaboy57 (Red Sox) at 10/17/2020 10:57 PM: Robles hits three home runs against the pirates!
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 10/17/2020 8:42 PM: If we tie...I lose...lol so far..
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 10/17/2020 8:41 PM: First time we've ever been on top of the division....doesn't mean anything.
habsco (Blue Jays) at 10/17/2020 5:08 PM: 26 year old 75 ranked SP Darrin Walker available
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/17/2020 3:16 PM: That was the first time the Yanks put up double digits in a very long time. Maybe all season?
Chickenheads (Rays) at 10/17/2020 12:21 PM: All Star break is after Day 105. User Sims have been turned off for now
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/17/2020 7:45 AM: *hits allowed. And its pretty amazing. That team scores a lot of runs and plays great defense. Looks like a solid combo.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/17/2020 7:45 AM: The pirates have the fewest hits in the league.
ragingsol (Diamondbacks) at 10/17/2020 3:30 AM: Never seen a division change top spot so frequently. AL East is playing barrel rolls with first place, and a decent chance first place will be the only playoff team from the division..
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 10/16/2020 4:53 PM: Matt Hayes last year is not the same as this year either, I rotated it around and am back on Hayes just to see. Some years it hits, others it doesn’t.
Sleazye (Giants) at 10/16/2020 6:44 AM: Ike Maxwell is having a terrible year, on slump buster . I had Borden on it too, and it didn’t seem to help. It can be a crapshoot. Dorsey, a few years ago on it, but like 59 home rubs will missing like 10 games .... you never know , it seems
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/16/2020 4:27 AM: It occurred to me that I've not had a # take effect in yeaaaaaaaaars. Just bad sim luck but I can't find a guy that noticeably changes on it.
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 10/15/2020 8:14 PM: Honestly my goal is to finish above .500 enough to not LOSE $$...$$
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 10/15/2020 8:13 PM: Hurry....we start a 3 game set with the THUGS after the next game...
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 10/15/2020 8:12 PM: We need some Cap relief!!$$
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 10/15/2020 8:11 PM: Colon won't reach 40 SB. If I let him run too much his CS go up big time.
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 10/15/2020 8:10 PM: Somebody give me a Big Bat for one of my Top Notch relievers who still have progression left, so we can squeak by the Evil Empire and now the Junior Empire Rays!!....lol
habsco (Blue Jays) at 10/15/2020 3:51 PM: I have some stars in their prime which would take a big return too
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 10/15/2020 8:37 AM: Moore and Henderson are legit 50/50 watch... power always seems to be the sticking point. Can they muscle up 50?
Sleazye (Giants) at 10/14/2020 6:11 PM: Stars*
Sleazye (Giants) at 10/14/2020 6:10 PM: Well, losing Henderson for 40 games is a huge blow. I may be a seller , though my old starts would take a BIG return
chickenheads (Rays) at 10/14/2020 3:34 PM: others with an outside chance: Colon (BAL) 21/16, Poole (MIL) 19/15, Dennard (TBR) 27/12
chickenheads (Rays) at 10/14/2020 3:32 PM: 40/40 watch: Moore (TBR) 26/32, Harrison (NYY) 24/25, Foster (PIT) 20/20
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 10/14/2020 6:47 AM: That's true...This is about when we (The O's) start really stinking it up though!...lol
Chickenheads (Rays) at 10/13/2020 3:10 PM: It’s a really good race between some really bad teams! The good news is, somebody has to win the Division
Chickenheads (Rays) at 10/13/2020 3:07 PM: Speak for yourself Nettles! It took 76 games, but finally the Beast of the East is in 1st 😂
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 10/13/2020 1:41 PM: It's crazy...A.L. East is changing hands game to game right now. And we aren't that good...lol
DandyChiggins20 (Marlins) at 10/13/2020 11:52 AM: geez every division is so tight. there aren't any teams just running away with it
Sleazye (Giants) at 10/13/2020 11:35 AM: I’m going to need a performance like that against my giants
DandyChiggins20 (Marlins) at 10/13/2020 11:30 AM: sarcasm right
ragingsol (Diamondbacks) at 10/13/2020 8:46 AM: Great game for my plus-arm catcher D. Faust. LAD had 6 steals, 0 CS. All 8 speeds. Great work, Faust.
pentucket80 (Padres) at 10/13/2020 8:44 AM: ......while looking at ARZ through the legs of LA, COL and SF there are some other smells in the mix, lol
pentucket80 (Padres) at 10/13/2020 8:43 AM: Only 3-1/2 out in the NL West, Padres can smell the Division lead!
pentucket80 (Padres) at 10/13/2020 8:40 AM: Welcome home Tacom'
tacomaboy57 (Red Sox) at 10/13/2020 7:51 AM: :-) thanks eric
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 10/13/2020 7:16 AM: OH MAN! Welcome back, Tacoma!
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 10/13/2020 6:12 AM: Just to clarify we would have to end up with $$, not a break even situation.
829er (Twins) at 10/13/2020 6:11 AM: Have to add,brewers probably won't be south of .500 for long.
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 10/13/2020 6:10 AM: RP's Turner & Webb may possibly be available for $$ purposes. Deal would have to save us $ & include quality players from you. (Sorry will not deal to A.L. East..lol)
829er (Twins) at 10/13/2020 6:06 AM: Brewers and twins meet for their annual match up. Both under .500. Don't think that's happened in quite sometime.
thromer (Indians) at 10/12/2020 3:32 PM: Welcome back!
Sleazye (Giants) at 10/12/2020 10:11 AM: Thrilled to have Tacoma back .... love it !
829er (Twins) at 10/11/2020 5:39 PM: good to have you back tacoma
tacomaboy57 (Red Sox) at 10/11/2020 12:23 PM: life is still a bit crazy .. but ive cut out afew things and just play the game so lets see what havoc i can cause in the AL EAST!!
ragingsol (Diamondbacks) at 10/11/2020 12:02 PM: Tac is back. Good to see.
Chickenheads (Rays) at 10/11/2020 11:52 AM: Welcome back Tacoma! Glad to see you return.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/11/2020 11:50 AM: Duuuuuuuuude! Welcome home.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/11/2020 11:49 AM: TACOMA!!!!!!!!!
tacomaboy57 (Red Sox) at 10/11/2020 10:30 AM: hello everybody!!! :-)
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 10/11/2020 7:38 AM: FYI, I know I have been asked when the next update was coming. I think the first one this year will come out around the All-Star Game, and another towards the end of the year.
ryno42 (Red Sox) at 10/11/2020 2:38 AM: Hi everyone. I am parting ways I am in too many leagues. I hope I left the Red Sox in a good position (players at least not the record) for the next owner. see you around PC.
habsco (Blue Jays) at 10/10/2020 3:47 PM: LOL Thug😂
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/10/2020 12:44 PM: Three of my top four highest ranked players are all hovering near or below the .220 mark. Uggggghhhh
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/10/2020 7:10 AM: Cole Stone had six QS in his first six starts. He's had three in the last nine. *Noooooope, Habs.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/10/2020 6:37 AM: *no Habs, he's not available for trade. 😀
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/10/2020 6:36 AM: Robbie Patrick had six QS in his first six starts. He's had three in his last nine.
thromer (Indians) at 10/10/2020 3:43 AM: Indians launch 8 home runs in one game.
ragingsol (Diamondbacks) at 10/9/2020 9:58 AM: I've never found myself disappointed by a SF loss.
Sleazye (Giants) at 10/8/2020 1:18 PM: another disappointing loss
thromer (Indians) at 10/7/2020 12:25 PM: Cool! And a W.
Chickenheads (Rays) at 10/7/2020 12:06 PM: Cleveland starter...
Chickenheads (Rays) at 10/7/2020 12:06 PM: Level and starter Tucker the non traditional 1 Run allowed No Hitter!
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 10/7/2020 8:35 AM: Good notes, chicken. The Pittsburgh faithful are glad they invested in young Eaton. It was really hard to pass on 100 ranked Meeks (who is doing great).
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 10/7/2020 8:33 AM: Totally agree with 829er... Patrick and Thomas may be legends when it's all over, but Fernandez, Thayer.. and to a lesser extent guys like Johnny Washington, Rocco Larson, Denver Armstrong, etc. Those guys were all-stars and MVPs immediately and played til they were 40. This is a new generation here.
Chickenheads (Rays) at 10/7/2020 7:00 AM: Eaton has a shot at Saves...and already posting impressive ROY credentials. 19 Saves and Only 1 Blown Save
Chickenheads (Rays) at 10/7/2020 6:57 AM: Wilson looks to be taking another run at the K record
Chickenheads (Rays) at 10/7/2020 6:54 AM: Fletcher on pace for RBIs as well
Chickenheads (Rays) at 10/7/2020 6:47 AM: 1/3 into the season, Neal on pace to break the single season Average....a record that has stood since the 2020 season
Chickenheads (Rays) at 10/7/2020 6:41 AM: When your teams are as bad as what Thug puts together, you get lots of #1 picks in the draft 😊
829er (Twins) at 10/6/2020 3:31 PM: Nice players both. But not even close. This two were dominant year in year out. They had no peers.
habsco (Blue Jays) at 10/6/2020 3:01 PM: Robbie Patrick is the new Jose Fernandez and Bryan Thomas is the new Kris Thayer :( Ya hate to see it
829er (Twins) at 10/6/2020 7:54 AM: Yankees and brewers have been the dominant teams in either league for so long. Different methods in building a team. Both successful. I think yanks got to ride on the shoulders of fernandez and Thayer for so long. Kind of a Phil jackson situation. Not enough credit if you win. A dumbass if you lose.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/6/2020 4:33 AM: The Yankees are garbage.
thromer (Indians) at 10/4/2020 9:42 PM: According to http://bit.ly/pc256-history Milwaukee was under .500 in the 2011 season. Data is a little spotty going back that far.
ragingsol (Diamondbacks) at 10/4/2020 9:31 PM: The webmaster guffed it on this one. He changed the logic to affect Endurance of the 2020 MLB players, and it spread across all private leagues, skyrocketing dozens of players in every league to 200 endurance.
habsco (Blue Jays) at 10/4/2020 8:04 PM: What's up with the Endurance ( EN) being changed to 200 for a bunch of players?
Sleazye (Giants) at 10/4/2020 1:00 PM: The brewers have been good since I joined the league . Impressive run. It’s about time
AJHawk (Brewers) at 10/4/2020 10:16 AM: Been a rough year for the Crew. Injuries killing us.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/4/2020 6:55 AM: I remember his rebuilding year about a fake decade ago. Re-tooled his entire team in on season and -- I believe -- finished 2d or 3d but over .500
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/4/2020 6:54 AM: Can anyone remember the last time MIL was under .500 and third in division? Not throwing shade, that just underscores how frickin good AJ has been for that frickin' long.
habsco (Blue Jays) at 10/3/2020 8:02 PM: best RP in the league 5.2 H9 Alfredo Wright is available
habsco (Blue Jays) at 10/3/2020 6:07 PM: .921 if we want to be exact
habsco (Blue Jays) at 10/3/2020 6:07 PM: Jay Scott is available. 930 OPS
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/3/2020 1:48 PM: Eli Colon pops of 18 DL days, plays a couple games, heads right back for another 10.
Sleazye (Giants) at 10/3/2020 1:44 PM: 2.5 games separate the 1st and last place teams in the NL west , it’s early but really interesting (not necessarily good)
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/2/2020 6:40 AM: Well. Played.
AJHawk (Brewers) at 10/2/2020 6:21 AM: That was a pretty sweet deal there Thug, must have been some keen negotiations. Kinda wish I was in the room where it happened.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/2/2020 5:19 AM: Y'all remember that part in "Hamilton" where he sing and danced "they invited me to the Constitutional Convention"? That's me after remaking my bullpen.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/2/2020 4:54 AM: That's a hard one. Dang, man.
ragingsol (Diamondbacks) at 10/2/2020 12:44 AM: gd injuries
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 10/1/2020 4:04 PM: Seth Peterson no hitter. Don’t hate that!
ThugDucky (Yankees) at 10/1/2020 2:27 PM: Jamal Barr is a 26 year old A progressing SP with # eligibility and a verrrrry good K/9. If you're a team that's needing a #SP candidate, let me know. He gets a start soon but I doubt he'll get under the 5.00 ERA mark.
Sleazye (Giants) at 10/1/2020 12:47 PM: Well, the giants are what they are. A .500 team. It was a nice run
Chickenheads (Rays) at 10/1/2020 12:14 PM: LOL Thug.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/1/2020 11:53 AM: AJ, the Pittsburgh Pirates set up a GoFundMe to keep Freddy out if the closer role
AJHawk (Brewers) at 10/1/2020 10:25 AM: Watching my guy Freddy Meeks makes me so sad. 28 years old and 14 saves away from the all time leader. He was a salary cap casualty for me and is not longer in the closer position in Texas. Will he ever get the saves record?
Thugducky (Yankees) at 10/1/2020 8:00 AM: Looking at the lead stories thinking some very inappropriate responses....
Sleazye (Giants) at 10/1/2020 7:35 AM: Why bring up the evil, speaking of them only feeds the darkness
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 9/30/2020 9:55 PM: Remember that time we said, "Where is that old evil empire swagger?" Don't look now.
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/30/2020 3:16 PM: Wow, that’s crazy
kirbyplace (Athletics) at 9/30/2020 12:38 PM: nine beanballs in last athletic rangers game. Come on man.
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/30/2020 7:48 AM: Take a look at that NL West (shameless plug for the division)
ryno42 (Red Sox) at 9/29/2020 4:25 PM: Eric - i'll have the new pitching coach talk to the staff they need to bring the pain on WPs to the batters not the dirt or backstop. ;-) lol
ryno42 (Red Sox) at 9/29/2020 4:21 PM: Nice recall on Ankiel.. yup he got the yips. knoblauch yips, he was a yankee so it was ok. bunch of players got em.
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/29/2020 9:48 AM: People in the media compared him to Koufax before he even start a game in the Bigs, hows that for pressure?
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 9/29/2020 9:46 AM: Not going to lie... as a Red Sox fan, it was still hard to watch. I genuinely felt bad for him. Shocked how well he turned his career around as an OF.
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/29/2020 9:14 AM: As a Cardinal fan.... the Rick Ankiel comment. That was so hard to watch. His stuff was electric ... truly , what could have been. Pretty incredible story all around , making it back as a hitter with real pop and his cannon in right field . Almost makes you wonder what could have been, had he focused on hitting from the start
thromer (Indians) at 9/29/2020 8:33 AM: seeing Cleveland at the top of the power rankings feels surreal
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 9/29/2020 8:23 AM: Fact check, the Red Sox actually have the 2nd fewest HBP, but the 2nd most WP. Those WP must be Rick Ankiel style wild.
ryno42 (Red Sox) at 9/29/2020 7:22 AM: As the Owner of the Red Sox I've decided to hire a witch doctor to raise George Bamberger the 60-70s Orioles Great Pitching Coach from his grave even his decaying zombie body will smell better than this crappy pitching staff. We'll address the Hitting if this is successful. stay tuned. also when playing the Sox it is advised you wear a helmet(brain bucket) like Olerud as a precaution
Thugducky (Yankees) at 9/29/2020 5:03 AM: Apologies, ryno. Didn't mean to sound defensive. Just talking thru my thought process. It's all good fun. Good luck to you as well. .
ryno42 (Red Sox) at 9/29/2020 4:43 AM: ? I said nice trade for a rp.? no need to defend. His contract expires after next year so he probably won't hurt you. No worries mate it's a game. good luck.
829er (Twins) at 9/29/2020 2:01 AM: And that explains that.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 9/28/2020 6:17 PM: His age, contract price and length, and last year production don't exactly scream front line RP anymore. But he does have a high rank.
ryno42 (Red Sox) at 9/28/2020 4:21 PM: NooIce job Yankees grabbing a 97 Ranked RP for 3 backup F potential players. Bullpen is getting better mate.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 9/27/2020 8:27 PM: It's out looking for a bullpen. It'll be back later.
829er (Twins) at 9/27/2020 8:05 PM: Where is that evil empire swagger?
Thugducky (Yankees) at 9/27/2020 10:05 AM: Yes. At least I hope so because I won’t make the playoffs otherwise.
kirbyplace (Athletics) at 9/27/2020 3:52 AM: Is the AL east the new NL east?
Thugducky (Yankees) at 9/27/2020 12:14 AM: [texas enters the chat] “I’m your huckleberry.”
Thugducky (Yankees) at 9/26/2020 12:09 PM: Kris Thayer called: "Oakland couldn't score 10 runs in a game if the Yankees spotted them 9."
kirbyplace (Athletics) at 9/26/2020 11:24 AM: Emmett Fletcher upset with lead story. Guarantees athletics will score at least 10 runs in game against yankees rookie pitcher Diaz pitches.gainst yankess where rookie L
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 9/26/2020 8:38 AM: Matt Hayes... slumpbuster activated in 3...2...1... #
thromer (Indians) at 9/25/2020 7:14 PM: slunpbusters!
Thugducky (Yankees) at 9/25/2020 10:43 AM: I'm working some late nights for the next few days. But that may give me a time to freshen up a Chasing History story.
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 9/25/2020 10:01 AM: Not a lot of those out there, AJ. It will be interesting to see if any of these prime players that are around 400-500 can make a push for it in a few seasons.
DandyChiggins20 (Marlins) at 9/25/2020 8:55 AM: id move Gino smith ducky
AJHawk (Brewers) at 9/25/2020 8:47 AM: Kelvin Morton with his 1,000th stolen base.
Thugducky (Yankees) at 9/25/2020 8:17 AM: Anyone looking to move veteran RP? Three of five losses have come at the hands of my likely-too-young bullpen.
ryno42 (Red Sox) at 9/25/2020 7:52 AM: BoSox struggling on every front but excited to NOT be in the West (just saying the west didn't get the memo). I love mediocrity I mean parity.
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/25/2020 7:52 AM: another loss, and no help from my half asleep ass screwing up the lineup. Good work , lol. I really have no idea what to make of my , mostly bad, giants this year. I I was far from certain we’d make the playoffs , but under 500!? The season is still young, I guess
829er (Twins) at 9/25/2020 7:34 AM: Oh boy. I think twins might be really bad. Those old vets in Tampa with that pedigree i imagine will start rolling anytime now. All they need is 4 game series with twins.
Chickenheads (Rays) at 9/25/2020 6:55 AM: Does anyone else start a season wondering if you’ve just played three pretty good teams or if YOUR team is responsible for them looking so good? I’m hoping it’s the former
Chickenheads (Rays) at 9/25/2020 6:53 AM: Twins/Rays fans hoping we are playing the condensed 2020 season this year in lieu of the full regular season!
829er (Twins) at 9/24/2020 10:27 AM: Padres seem to be handling lofty expectations well. Twins ranked to high at 21.
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/24/2020 8:58 AM: 6-1 and a 5 game injury , doesn’t seem too bad
pentucket80 (Padres) at 9/23/2020 5:48 PM: Oh great, Padres get the Madden jinx.
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/23/2020 9:58 AM: Giants are in trouble
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 9/23/2020 7:10 AM: We have 5 "hitters" that actually have an average. Everyone else is @ .000. Gonna be a long season...lol
Warrior (Cardinals) at 9/22/2020 1:30 PM: Cards #30 Do not know about that?
Warrior (Cardinals) at 9/22/2020 1:29 PM: Wow we are supposed to be the worst,heading to Vegas right now to lay down money we are not that bad.😁😁😁😁😁
ryno42 (Red Sox) at 9/22/2020 1:18 PM: Nice slugfest in the Red Sox opener. Good luck everyone.
Chickenheads (Rays) at 9/22/2020 12:57 PM: Good thing you have a day off!
AJHawk (Brewers) at 9/22/2020 12:56 PM: 6 hour sims? or 8 hours?
Warrior (Cardinals) at 9/22/2020 11:45 AM: Cards offense needs improvement but always good to be in contention and win on the road.
Warrior (Cardinals) at 9/22/2020 11:43 AM: I would like to thank my whole Cardinals bullpen for winning our opening day 19 inning game even the reliever who let in a run in the 19th.
Bhgray (Mariners) at 9/22/2020 8:17 AM: Woohoo Opening Day! Good luck all.
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 9/22/2020 7:41 AM: Happy Opening Day everyone! Good luck this season!
AJHawk (Brewers) at 9/22/2020 5:24 AM: Opening Day today! Good luck everyone!
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 9/21/2020 11:53 AM: Dean Marsh, what could have been if you weren’t out for 45 games. I appreciate the votes. Does not take away from Ladd’s tremendous season!
habsco (Blue Jays) at 9/20/2020 10:46 PM: I'm glad Robbie Patrick got a bit worse this year, if only he can get worse every year :)
habsco (Blue Jays) at 9/20/2020 10:46 PM: Thank you to all those who voted for Cameron Lucas
chickenheads (Rays) at 9/20/2020 8:40 PM: 3 way tie for AL RPOY...should have given them all a 0 for the bonus :)
chickenheads (Rays) at 9/20/2020 8:39 PM: AL milking FIRE bonus points out of the commissioner!
Warrior (Cardinals) at 9/20/2020 11:40 AM: Ranked 111,Cardinals are ready to roll!
ryno42 (Red Sox) at 9/19/2020 12:35 AM: all ranked and ready
pentucket80 (Padres) at 9/18/2020 11:26 AM: Hmm, the San Diego Cicadres...that could work!
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/18/2020 6:18 AM: Holy hell the draft is over ,
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/17/2020 7:45 PM: Spot on
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 9/17/2020 7:39 PM: I feel like the last few seasons there have been two quality teams left out in the NL. With the new blood in the NL East, if one of those teams pulls away the NL will get insane quickly.
Chickenheads (Rays) at 9/17/2020 11:44 AM: Player mods to the right on 9/17 —— reduce FIRE to 30
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/17/2020 9:30 AM: It’s really intriguing . I missed the boat. A good team in the NL west is going to be left out of the playoffs .... at least one
AJHawk (Brewers) at 9/17/2020 8:41 AM: Agreed Eric, Good to see all the action.
829er (Twins) at 9/17/2020 5:35 AM: Padres,the cicadas of the show. Every 7 years look out. They make noise
pentucket80 (Padres) at 9/16/2020 10:56 AM: Padres team motto: "way over 100 wins or bust"
ericdc20 (Pirates) at 9/16/2020 8:40 AM: Lots of trades this offseason. Seems like it busier than most. Seems like we have some aggressive upstart owners (which is awesome, I once was one) and some teams that are trying to put that final piece in place. I expect it to be incredibly competitive. Those days of teams way over 100 wins may be behind us.
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/15/2020 8:02 AM: lol
pentucket80 (Padres) at 9/15/2020 6:32 AM: entering new comment in the Chat Box
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/12/2020 8:14 PM: De La Soul. What a reference
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 9/12/2020 7:51 PM: What about the Dodgers? They have to be better than the dodger because they have strength in numbers.
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 9/12/2020 7:49 PM: And it only hurts us!...lol
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 9/12/2020 7:49 PM: Only problem is my team gets out the gate quick and then stink bombs the whole cafeteria...lol
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 9/12/2020 7:47 PM: De La Soul if you don't know!
Nettles9 (Orioles) at 9/12/2020 7:47 PM: Oodles and oodles of O's you know!
DandyChiggins20 (Marlins) at 9/12/2020 3:29 PM: no sorry the dodger are the best team in baseball
Thugducky (Yankees) at 9/12/2020 3:10 PM: 😂😂😂
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/12/2020 2:21 PM: All in good fun, fully expect the Yankees to be good again
829er (Twins) at 9/12/2020 8:56 AM: Ouch
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/12/2020 7:48 AM: One great team doesn’t make a division, especially when you have a team like the Yankees weighing it down
Thugducky (Yankees) at 9/12/2020 5:18 AM: Well Tampa just went back to back, so I'm leaning towards "is."
pentucket80 (Padres) at 9/11/2020 3:33 PM: I think there will be quite a few rising upstarts this season. Time for a regime change. Lol
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/11/2020 3:29 PM: The NL West is going to be interesting, it was already VERY competitive and your Padres took a huge step forward
Pentucket80 (Padres) at 9/11/2020 2:41 PM: Agreed. My money is in the NL West for some time to come.
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/11/2020 12:12 PM: Was... for sure.
Pentucket80 (Padres) at 9/11/2020 11:33 AM: is ...or was
Sleazye (Giants) at 9/11/2020 9:56 AM: Clearly you’ve all paid off the umpires
Thugducky (Yankees) at 9/11/2020 5:52 AM: AL East has 11 World Series rings. Just a PSA for anyone wondering which division is easily the most dominant.
Chickenheads (Rays) at 9/9/2020 10:29 PM: Normal will be welcomed! Stay safe and enjoy!
829er (Twins) at 9/9/2020 9:10 PM: lefty keep your head up
Pentucket80 (Padres) at 9/9/2020 8:39 PM: So, flew to Atlanta ..