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2027 Off-season Schedule

A lot of beer is drunk in the offseason
**** Sunday November 28th - progressions run, players age, retirements
****Sunday Nov 28th - slow draft commences - 8 hours for 1st rd, 4 hours for 2nd & 3rd. Pre-rank for optimal drafting experience.
****spring training following slow draft
****regular season commences two days after spring training- deadline to submit franchise player requests, position changes, get your roster to 26 in majors and 15 in minors.

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Playoff schedule and seeding - season 2027

Cards narrowly defeat A's
National League seeds:
1. Dodgers - eliminated
2. Cardinals - World Series Champs
3. Rockies - eliminated
4. Reds - eliminated

American League Seeds:
1. Athletics - American League Champs
2. Yankees - eliminated
3. Rangers - eliminated
4. Devil Rays - eliminated

NL Wildcard series to be played on Tuesday Nov 23
****Rockies (.568) vs Pirates (.469): Rockies win 4-1
****Reds (.531) vs Nationals (.488): Reds win 4-2
(best of 7)

AL Wildcard series to be played on Tuesday Nov 23
****Rangers (.636) vs Tigers (.475): Rangers win 4-2
****Twins (.605) vs Devil Rays (.500): Devil Rays win 4-2
(best of 7)

NLDS to be played on Wednesday Nov 24th
****Dodgers vs Reds: Reds win 4-1
****Cardinals vs Rockies: Cards win 4-1
( best of 7)

ALDS to be played on Wednesday Nov 24th
****Athletics vs Devil Rays: A's win 4-2
****Yankees vs Rangers: Yankees win 4-3
(Best of 7)

ALCS to be played on Thursday Nov 25th
***A's vs Yankees: A’s win 4-3

NLCS to be played on Thursday Nov 25th
**** Cards vs Reds: Cards win 4-1

World Series to be played on Friday Nov 26th
***** A’s vs Cardinals: Cards win 4-3

Champions list

Cards garner 2nd Championship with different owner. First owner (Deyanksfan) to get 2nd WS win.
2027 - St Louis Cardinals -Deyanksfan
2026 - Cincinnati Reds - brenzini
2025 - St Louis Cardinals- borg3127
2024 - Cincinnati Reds - nastyboys
2023 -Washington Nationals - thecraftyone
2022 - Detroit Tigers - martiny1979
2021 - Texas Rangers - ConnieMack
2020- Tampa Bay Rays - Deyanksfan

Draft picks traded


-Rockies receive 1st rd pick from Oakland (Giambi)
- Cubs forfeit 1st rd pick for ignoring roster limits
- Red Sox forfeit 1st rd pick for ignoring roster limits
-Reds forfeit 1st rd pick for ignoring roster limits

2026 draft picks traded:

-Twins receive 1st rd pick from Rangers (Tanana)

2025 season draft picks traded:
- none

2024 Season
*A's deal 1st round pick to Giants for RP John Rocker

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11/27/2021 Player Dropped
Hector Rondon dropped by Seattle Mariners
11/19/2021 Player Signed
Trevor Bauer picked up by Tampa Bay Devil Rays
11/11/2021 Player Signed
Frank Snyder picked up by Oakland Athletics
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