Decade Draft for Season 2

Please selection a number by posting it in the chat so
the other owner can see what #'s have already been selected.
I will post it here as the numbers are chosen. When everyone
has had the opportunity to select number, and this will be first come first serve,
I will do a draft with the decades and I will post the #'s decade that matches
the number you selected. I will take the last open #...

1. pskeane-1910
2. fullerr44-1960
3. Gman-1950
4. maaperson-1920's
5. Lord Hawk-2000
6. jimgriddy-1990
7. Tykyvi-2010
8. McCoy-1980
9. WestVirginiaKid-1940
10. Edgar-1970
11. Duke-1900
12. gossamer-1890

Welcome to the Baseball Through the Decades

Did you every have the opportunity to take a decade, like 1940 through 1949 and build a team.
That's right! You get 10 years to select and build a team using a decade, find yourself one AL
and one NL Team and put yourself together a legend. It is as simple as that. This league is
going to be loads of fun, with simple rules and years to choose from. It will be pure excitement
season in and season out.

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Decade draft history

1. pskeane 1980 to 1989
2. fullerr44 1970, 1960
3. Gman 1910 to 1919
4. maaperson 1900 to 1909
5. Lord Hawk 1930 to 1939
6. jimgriddy 1940 to 1949
7. Tykyvi 1950 to 1959
8. McCoy 1990 to 1999
9. WestVirginiaKid 1920-1929
10. Edgar 1960-1969
11. Duke-2010-2018
12. gossamer 2000-2009

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Thanks I am pretty sure I have caught the issue and fixed it - that was a serious brain teaser...

The next outcome was a strikeout, so the count jumps to 3-2 and those two extra strikes were not getting added after the stolen base attempt. Nice catch!

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