Stonebrook Baseball League

Ramirez shines, Offenders still lose to Leschi

Manny Ramirez collected 4 hits last night, but it wasn't enough for the Offenders. The Ridgebacks won the contest, 6-5. | Box

Mutiny can't contain Walker, fall 10-5

Larry Walker was on his game, knocking in 3 runs in San Diego's 10-5 victory over the Mutiny. Walker also had 3 hits in the game. | Box

Goslin shines, Squids still lose to Berkley Ridge

Goose Goslin collected 4 hits last night, but it wasn't enough for the Squids. The Bombers won the contest, 8-3. | Box

Bagwell sparks 5-1 win for Swingers

Jeff Bagwell's hot bat helped the Swingers to a 5-1 win over the Banana Slugs. Bagwell collected 4 hits in the game. | Box

Ridgebacks overcome brilliant outing by Gibson

Hits were hard to come by against Bob Gibson last night, but the Ridgebacks pushed across enough to defeat the Offenders, 2-1. Gibson allowed just 4 hits over 9 innings in the loss. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

L. O'Doul, Bombers .4351 HR8 RBI
T. Helton, Hammers .5003 HR5 RBI
L. Gehrig, Mutiny .5882 HR5 RBI
A. Belle, Banana Slugs .5000 HR7 RBI
W. McCovey, Gaggle .4002 HR4 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

B. Herman, Banana Slugs 1 for 20 (.050)
J. Burkett, Sharks 3 for 20 (.150)
B. Dickey, Hammers 3 for 20 (.150)
J. Jackson, Hammers 1 for 19 (.053)
A. Simmons, Swingers 4 for 22 (.182)

Leaders: RBI

L. Walker, Sharks 117
F. Thomas, Mutiny 112
H. Wilson, Hammers 110
B. Ruth, Fighting Cows 105
T. Helton, Hammers 103

Leaders: Wins

M. Scherzer, Mutiny 14
J. Pfiester, Bombers 13
D. Gooden, Swingers 12
B. Snell, Banana Slugs 12
G. Alexander, Bombers 11

SBL 2021 Draft to kick-off soon!

Believe it or not, another baseball season is around the corner. Please sign your contracts ASAP. Note there are a couple minor changes this season:

- Pitcher's Homeruns Allowed is going to be a new stat that is used in the sim. Homeruns are still heavily weighted toward batter stats, but there will be some benefit on the pitcher side as well. This will also likely have the effect of reducing power a bit across the league.

- Slump Buster - we have never used the Slump Buster feature in SBL, but I think it would add some interaction to the season. You would be allowed to add a player to slump buster if they drop below certain stats, and only for a max of 20 days.

- To show you the relative value of players, players are now ranked on offense and defense. Defensive ranks consider the player's dWAR (which is used to rob hits) and fielding percentage. Another stat displayed is expected OBP. This shows how the competition in the SBL impacts a player's real-life OBP. These stats are all informational and don't impact sim results.


3/28 - Sign Contracts

3/29 - Slow draft opens (we can open sooner if everyone signs contracts sooner)

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7/22/2021All-Star Selectionsgbacci
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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7/25/2021 Player Dropped
Matt Mantei dropped by Western Springs Hammers
7/25/2021 Player Signed
Ryan Pressly picked up by Western Springs Hammers
6/13/2021 Player Signed
Owen Wilson picked up by Lake Michigan Mutiny
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9/17/2021 Best of the Best Fav Teams LeagueREVEJB
Just an FYI, you are the Marlins for 1 season, then will not be them again, will draft new franchise each year. Wanted to clarify you will not have to be Miami for good. Also BEST league out there.
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