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Mantle unloads, Ridgebacks still lose

Mickey Mantle blasted 3 homers, but it wasn't enough to lift the Ridgebacks over the Mutiny. Lake Michigan won by a score of 9-6. Earl Averill hit 2 homers in the game for the Mutiny. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

L. Gehrig, Mutiny .4094 HR12 RBI
M. Mantle, Ridgebacks .3504 HR7 RBI
E. Averill, Mutiny .4503 HR6 RBI
F. Thomas, Mutiny .3532 HR5 RBI
R. Carew, Ridgebacks .3331 HR4 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

K. Caminiti, Ridgebacks 0 for 19 (.000)
E. Collins, Ridgebacks 3 for 20 (.150)
R. Cano, Mutiny 5 for 19 (.263)
J. Bench, Mutiny 2 for 20 (.100)
T. Cobb, Ridgebacks 4 for 17 (.235)

Leaders: AVG

J. Jackson, Hammers .322
R. Carew, Ridgebacks .312
T. Williams, Fighting Irish .307
T. Cobb, Ridgebacks .301
J. McGraw, Mutiny .301

Leaders: WHIP

C. Sale, Mutiny 1.07
B. Gibson, Offenders 1.11
Z. Greinke, Gaggle 1.17
P. Martinez, Fighting Cows 1.19
J. deGrom, Hammers 1.19

2022 World Series

The #3 seeded Ridgebacks will take on the top-seeded Mutiny in the 2022 World Series starting Sunday night. The upstart Ridgebacks will try to win after just a few years in the league, while the Mutiny are looking to break a decade-long title drought.

Congrats to this year's award winners. Mark McGwire of the Cows takes home his second career MVP. Bob Gibson of the Offenders wins his third career Cy Young. Mike Trout of the Slugs, shockingly, is an SBL rookie and wins ROY.

Round 2
The Ridgebacks and Gaggle had a great series, while the Irish busted out of their slump. We move to round 2 where the Bombers attempt to stay hot and the Mutiny attempt to avoid a second straight upset in the semi-finals. Good luck to those remaining! Games will start Sunday.

Extra-inning win by Gaggle sets playoff field

The Gaggle pulled off an 11th inning, 1-0 victory on the last day of the regular season to seal the final Wild Card and eliminate many teams vying for that last spot. The Swingers, Hammers and Offenders will all have to look toward 2023.

In the East, a furious finish by the Bombers allowed them to steal the division over the Irish. The Irish land in the 4th seed by virtue of their season series record over the Cows. Those two 70-win teams will face off in the first round. On the other side of the bracket, the second-half surging Gaggle will take on the Ridgebacks, coming off their first ever division title.

The Mutiny were knocked off by a 6th seed last year - could the Gaggle be this year's Slugs? They'll have to survive the Ridgebacks first. And what to make of the surging Bombers and the slumping Irish in the playoffs? Are the Cows a contender, and can the Mutiny fend off all the competition this time around for their first title in over a decade? It's time to find out!

Play off seeds

#1 Mutiny
#2 Bombers (14-4 series win over Irish)

First Round
#3 Ridgebacks vs #6 Gaggle
#4 Irish vs #5 Cows

2022 - No Lockouts Here! Time to sign players

Get your players signed for 2022! We can start the slow draft once everyone has signed players.

This year, the slow draft will automatically advance every seven hours if a pick has not been made! Everyone will get a warning message when they are on deck as well.

If you do get auto-picked and want a different player, let me know, and if that player is still available I can manually change the pick.

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